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  • This is the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen.

  • It reminds me of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

    • You’re being sarcastic, right?

      • I was going to say it reminded me of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. is that what you had in mind?

        • In what way? I was just there two months ago and this doesn’t resemble any part of it. I assume you’re referring to the carved stone screens, but still… no.

    • While I haven’t yet been to Istanbul (I’ve heard it’s lovely), I definitely thought at first glance that you were referring to TOGAPI, the Pokemon.


      • If you haven’t been to Istanbul, you should definitely put it on your travel radar. I’ve traveled a lot, and it’s definitely my favorite city. Between the food, the architecture, the blend of ancient and chic modern flavors, and the passionate people, it is a must see.

        • I wasn’t a big fan. There are some things that are worth seeing (the Hagia Sofia is amazing!) but most of the people are incredibly rude. The city is full of con artists and thieves. Most of us have city smarts but it’s annoying to have to constantly worry about that stuff while on vacation. And don’t get me started on the Grand Bazaar… if you’ve been to outdoor markets in other old cities it’s a huge disappointment.

          • I concur that the city is full of hustlers and more than any place I’d ever been, I felt like I had a target on my back as a “wealth” American. I met plenty of good honest people too, however, all in all, I had a much more positive experience elsewhere in Turkey.

          • Full of con artists and thieves? When were you there?? And have you been to India, Morocco, Egypt, or Thailand (eh, well Bangkok at least)? They make Istanbul look like shangri-la when it comes to the hustler department.

          • I agree. If you think Istanbul is full of “con artists and thieves” you obviously haven’t traveled that widely. Try walking down 7th street by the MCI center sometime.

          • Well, I’ve been to India. I do hope to make it to the other places you mentioned someday. And I agree with NateDogg that other parts of Turkey are much nicer.

  • I love it. There really aren’t a lot of nice-looking examples of the mid-century modern style in DC.

  • It looks like a building burka.

  • Everything past Rita’s to the corner should be blown up as a public service to the people of Park View.

  • Does this building have a problem with climbers?

  • Looks like a 3-storey Florida carport.

  • Less Cold War, more likely a response to the fear that gripped commercial corridors in the city after the 1968 riots.

    • This kind of facade predates the riots. they wouldn’t have kept the plate glass door if it was part of that kind of renovation. This is more mid- to late 50s covering what was thought to be old fashioned, while still getting some daylight.

  • Those rogue knitters who leave things on trees around town could/should have a field day with this.

  • I’m into it. You could paint it into a sweet mosaic.

  • According to this flickr posting (which, you know, is where I get all my news), there was a raze permit pending for this building back in 2010. What happened to that?


  • Good location for a redevelopment. The adjacent and slightly less odd building (3328) was sold in 2010 for about 390k. Maybe someone is trying to acquire both. if so, a much taller/denser structure would be possible which would be great at this location.

  • Wow! Look at that corner: a post office, a dollar store, a low income dental clinic, a laundromat, a corner market, a couple carryout stores, and a hair braiding salon.

    Somebody better buy up those “Old DC Era” establishments and open up a few craft beer serving establishments! Smoke and Barrel II! Cash money!

  • If the patterns were painted in a few different colors it could be pretty gorgeous

  • Oh the block lattice isn’t THAT bad. There is a place for this kind of facade in our city, in small doses and done well. This clearly is not be the prime example, but the lattice itself is not what makes this building ugly. The metal screens over the windows next door, the weird proportion of the brick around the door, the tacked on little metal box (what is that??) and the shrub, oh the shrub, is utterly depressing.

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