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  • That house has the potential to be a gem, but it is a neglected wreck in its current condition. Slapping on a new coat of paint over rotting wood, or letting the front porch deteriorate so badly that it literally falls off one day is a shameful way to “maintain” a house of that history and potential.

  • This house is kept so poorly, it will soon fall into slippage and permanent damage. The owner should be fined for not keeping this place with sufficient care.

  • I agree with the other posters. This house is tragic, and the owner should be slapped silly for letting it rot away. The photos are misleading in that they make it look like it’s in better shape than it is. Notice the front porch, which is no longer there.

    If you can’t afford your house, sell it, make several hundred thousand in profits and buy something you can maintain! Stupid mo****f****r.

  • This house should be nominated for that Horse’s A$$ award instead. It could be a gorgeous home. The paint job did wonders to the home… although if they only painted over rotten wood, it will only make it look pretty for so long.

  • This was built around 1875, making it one of the oldest extant houses in The Park. An early resident was Benjamin Butler of Ohio. Despite Butler’s upbringing in a staunchly anti-slavery family, he was a great proponent of keeping the community gated, which kept out the colored rabble from Howardtown. His estate built the neighboring rowhouses in 1901.

  • This house is a dump on the inside as well and is not maintained at all by its negligent owners. They should be ashamed!

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