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  • That’s my block, and I LOVE that house!

  • If only they still built them like that.

    • Yeah, the amount of detail in the brickwork and around the window is incredible.

      What’s not incredible is the in-window AC unit.

  • While window units are not the best, they sometimes are very necessary and a great way to cut down on your cooling bill.

  • Yea…she’s a beauty. I live on this block also and walk by it all the time. Sadly, the owner does very little to maintain it’s structural and cosmetic integrity, and it is falling apart. There’s even a tree growing out of gutter next to the window AC unit above. Hard to tell in the picture, but that isn’t a branch from the crepe myrtle tree…it’s a little tree in its own right.
    The owner is very reclusive and never has a blind or curtain open at all. In fact, I’m surprised you weren’t scolded for taking a picture of the property…she has been known to do that.
    Still…it’s an amazing house, and will hopefully one day, be restored to its original beauty. Just a matter of time I think.

  • One of my favorite house of the days ever!

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