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  • I don’t understand the concept of paying $10 for a pizza that you have to bake yourself.

    • Actually, take-n-bake pizza places are quite popular in middle-America. There were several new places with similar operations in my Texas hometown. That said, not sure if this model really working in DC proper.

    • ah

      That’s my view too, and it’s more like $15. You’re paying close to the same price as delivered pizza, and it’s not as good as even the typically mediocre delivered pizza in DC.

      • They didn’t even have any pre-baked pizza or slices for people off the street when i check it out, I couldn’t fathom the validity of their business plan… What would make you go there when you can simply go to a supermarket and buy the same ingredients and everything else you’d need?

        I’m tired of kitschy restaurants taking up space where more useful ones could be placed. I’m also tired of PotBelly not having a wider selection of fixings beyond standard brown mustard. What era is this? Ancient Russia? Reducing options is good for saving cost, but not at the expense of keeping customers happy. Pay attention to what your customers want/ask for, not to some stylized “niche market” that you can’t climb out of…

        • clevelanddave

          Yes, I’m sure you spent many hours mulling over their business plan, fathoming all the details. Maybe something like installing an oven for 35,000 and venting for another 15,000 prevented them from offering you slices? It is a different concept. The pizza is better than anything you’d find in a ice chest and most delivery pizza. Try making a crust from scratch- it isn’t rocket science but it does take a while. Bet you never even tried it. And BTW in Ancient Russia you’d be eating gruel and thinking Pot Belly was a gift from the gods.

        • Someone is a little too worked up over take and bake pizza. Calm down, take a 5 minute break, and start again.

          The life stresses you endure. Not enough fixings at Potbellys, too many kitschy restaurants.

          But you are correct, not enough mustard options at Potbellys = Ancient Russia

  • Its GREAT pizza. Sad that this location is closed (I think it happened a few weeks ago)- they delivered, but the one on 14th only does pickup.

  • They must have run out of dough!!!

  • Speaking of Cosmo Kramer ideas, is the Coffee Table Book About Coffee Tables shop still open?

  • They have locations in Spring Valley and Chevy Chase too, and their pizza is AMAZING. Shame they couldn’t make it in Georgetown.

  • Their pizza is OK— if you cook it correctly, which is not that easy to do. Undercook it and you’re eating raw dough; overcook it and its burnt cheese. It doesn’t work great as a walk-up carryout though. I hated schlepling a big raw pizza 10 minutes to my house in the hot sun. The concept seems like it would work much better inside a grocery store. The Whole Foods on P would make more money off of me if they offered a reasonably priced and reasonably sized uncook carryhome pizza.

    • I agree. Tried it once but didn’t think it was so great that I would arse it down there to pick up a pie then come home and cook it.

    • “The Whole Foods on P would make more money off of me if they offered a reasonably priced and reasonably sized uncook carryhome pizza.”

      They do. They are cheaper and better.

  • We have found the 14th st pizza very good when compared to anything we have had delivered over the past 15 years in the Thomas Circle neighborhood. If you follow the instructions and let the oven reach the specified temperature and you don’t rush it or forget about the time, the crusts have been consistently very good, again when compared to a delivery pizza. But as we all know pizza tastes are very subjective.

    • figby

      If Pete’s APizza or any other really good local place delivered to my block, I wouldn’t bother with the weirdly over-salty HomeMade Pizza. But in this pizza wasteland, it’s much better than most delivery and the crust is quite good — including the whole wheat.

  • I also heard this morning Armand’s is closing.

  • I also heard this morning that Ford shut down production of the Edsel.

  • It’s kinda like that place that sells you different breads and different cheeses which you can take home and make your own grilled cheese sandwich for $10. Eventually the employees lost the will to live and committed mass suicide.

    • I want to open a place that sells you different types of cereal and milk that you can take home and put in a bowl and eat. Best idea since the Jump to Conclusions mat!

      • As long as it has a pretentious name, like “Artisanal Heirloom Grains With Non-GMO Organic Dairy, and Co.” you can rest assured that there will be a line down the block almost as deep as Georgetown Cupcake’s.

  • Someone should open a store that only sells cold cereal a la carte

  • ThunderCheese

    I tried the location on 14th on Friday for the first time and really liked it. It is fresh– they don’t even roll out the dough until you order. I prefer to cook the pizza longer than most places do so I am the type of customer they want. Next time I will order ahead (online?) because it takes awhile to make.

  • I realize it’s somewhat out of reach for those of you who can’t drive, but Costco sells really good take-and-bake pizzas.

  • I was pretty skeptical of this place, but I actually tried one and it was very tasty. It’s kind of cool to have a nice gourment pizza made up for you that you can then eat fresh out of your own oven. However, the logistics of it, since I don’t live especially close, make it a very occasional kind of thing, when I have good delivery and takeout options.

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