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  • I think the info on this one is a bit mixed up… The big place in the pictures, which is currently up for sale is #821 (giant storefront window) is not the same house shown in the virtual tour #819… The one in the virtual tour looks more like the one next to it. Both look like stunning renovations though.

  • Cafe Putain eh? “The Whore that smells” is what that says in French.

    It also says “Always closed.”

    Putain can also mean f*ck

    • PDleftMtP

      The street art on the building was great – I remember it.

    • yeah, that was painted there because it was a big spot for the ladies of the night to service their johns about ten years ago. the neighbor did that and he was always extremely attentive and took care of the dilapidated lot.

      fwiw, it is disgusting that the owner of that sh*thole got to sit on it for years, do nothing, let it destroy and blight the corner, leak into the neighbors house (there were issues with the common walls/drains if I am not mistaken, as well as rats) – the city never did ANYTHING to him, let him skirt the laws and tax loopholes, and now he is going to make a killing on the sale.

      FUDC govt. Or rather should it be DC saying FU to the homeowners?

      /my two cents and a long pointless rant, I am tired and ready for a drink/

  • Beautiful renovation(s)!

    Love the look. Great location too.

  • I miss the mural too. Always made me laugh and reflected the historic nature of the hood. But I like the renovation too. Agree that its unfortunate the slumlord gets to profit after years of corrupt negligence. We are dealing with a slumlord too, at 1640 new jersey. He has been cited so mny times by the city, including for seeping sewage that stunk up the neighborhood for a year, ut always prevails and has been able to keep his section 8 rental revenue. Any advice on how to get this creep out is most appreciated. He toldus he thinks his house is worth as much as the others on the block. He’s got no intention of selling for less than $500k.

  • This is awful! Gentrification is ruining our city!

  • Gentrification is killing the city?!? You see what the place looked like and the “business” that thrived at the location? Say what you want about gentrification but I’m not sure how replacing a dilapidated whore house can be seen as anything other than a net gain for dc! I wish the new owners the best…they will be an improvement for our neighborhood!!!

  • Any info on what is going into the other side (RI Ave) of the same building? Progress is slow, looks like a cafe/bar set up would be possible.

  • Didn’t the mural also read, (around the corner) “Bienvenue a Shaw–Slum historique?” Hahahahaha

  • I’m the next-door guy who painted the “murals” — essentially doing the Giuliani thing to give the impression that someone cared about the properties. It did have the effect of keeping the transcient prostitutes away after I painted it. The original owner bought the place vacant (except for the whores), and rented the whole suite of buildings in a seven-year plague to the Nubian Islamic Hebrews (Google: Nuwaubians), and then let the place go fallow after that (whereupon the crack whores moved in). The Nubes’ copulation room was at 819 Q, which sold for and eye-popping 639K. The corner property, 821 Q, where the males cult members slept downstairs in cramped bunk beds sold for seven something. That owner, however, sold the property at rather bargain prices, thanks to the city finally enforcing the punitive vacant property tax law, to Michael Sussman and his developer, Roger Leventer, who did the marvelous and much appreciated renovations. I wish them and the new occupants all the best in their endeavors.

  • The old “worship space” where the Nubes preached their space ship theology on 9th and Rhode Island is slated to become a high-end old fashioned barber shop (the dream of the 1890s is not only alive in Portland) according to the guy who wants to develop it and who moved in and transformed the old pizza joint (and before that fencing operation) on the opposite corner of 9th and Q into a beautiful custom-crafted home (much to the Park Service’s and E. H. Norton’s consternation).

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