Historic 1900 “Eliot” Building, home to 11-M Laundry, For Sale at the Corner of 11th and M St, NW

The listing says:

“Historic 1900 “Eliot” building, prominently sited on the corner of 11th and M Street within walking distance to the Verizon Center, METRO and the Convention Center. Great opportunity for any new venture on this busy intersection. Currently used as a thriving coin operated laundromat on the first floor with two rental apts on the 2nd and 3rd floors.”

It’s going for $2,999,000.

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  • diploj

    This is great. I hope it leads to a revitalization on 11th St that hasn’t really arrived yet. So long as nothing takes away El Riconcito — that plays is awesome.

  • I wonder if this includes the lot behind it, which has huge development potential. If not, it is priced too high.

    • That’s kind of what I was thinking. The rental apartments probably generate ~$2,000-$5,000 in revenue each month. I have no idea what retail income would be, but it seems like it would be tough on a $3 million loan.

      A development company could of course convert and resell.

  • I know there are environmental remediation issues with dry cleaners….anyone know if that’s the case with landromats? I’d assume it isn’t, but just curious.

  • This building has actually been on the market for over a year. It does not include the parking lot behind- that’s another owner. The price is way to high for just the building, which is a on a tiny lot.

  • Parking lot is separate. Parking lot is actually 7 building lots all owned by E & L Associates of Cabin John, MD. Corner building is a stand alone in a historic district, so what you see is what you get. E & L can do something big with or without the corner building, but right now they must be happy sitting in Cabin John and counting their parking receipts.

    • Seems way too high. I would say probably a million too high. Someone who is sitting tight, with a small corner of a bigger lot that is looking to cash in when a developer wants to buy both the parking lot and this house and put in an 8 story condo building would be my guess.

  • We used to live in those apartments! Undoubtedly that is why it is considered “historic”.

    It was a nice place to live but I always wondered why someone didn’t tear down the building and put up something bigger.

  • My friend used to live in the second floor unit. The kitchen is carpeted. Yes, the KITCHEN.

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