Heads Up: While Resident Suns, Laptop Stolen Off Back Deck

A commenter writes this morning:

This past Saturday at about 2:30 pm I was sunning on my back deck on the 600 block of Kenyon St, when my computer was stolen from me. I was working on my computer and listening to music (headphones, which of course I really regret). A few minutes after flipping onto my back I felt my deck shake a bit, when I turn to look I see arms grabbing my computer and it disappearing over the side of the deck. I was feet from the railing and my computer was under a table to shade it. There was even an adirondak chair between my computer and the railing. Previously, I saw a group of guys looking up at me, but I didn’t think too much of it. I am 100% confident it was them. They saw me as an easy target went and got a chair and a towel to cover his face and grabbed my computer by leaning over the railing, grabbing the monitor, and then bailing down the alley. Looking back at it, I am so mad at myself for so many reasons, but as having never been robbed before I didn’t really have my guards up. I had my roommates call 911 and I chased after him in my car, but obviously lost him. My deck backs up to the alley between Kenyon and Luray/Lamont st and I wanted to send this out to warn people that thieves are extremely desperate and ballsy. My computer was inches from my head and connected to the headphones I was wearing and he just grabbed it. I am extremely happy that he didn’t do anything to me, but I wish I didn’t have to lose all of my music and photos either. I filed a police report but as computer thefts are so common, I do not expect much to come of it.

I also had a friend recently robbed and the guy took all of their computers from their house. I want to remind everyone to download a program to be able to track your valuable devices after a theft and to back up your files onto an external hard drive frequently. Before its too late!

And if you find a 2011 white Macbook for resale let me know!

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  • It’ll be on sale on Craigslist by the end of the week. Report it stolen with the so that the ISIN is recorded

  • “Sighhh”

    I don’t really know how many times it has to be said, if it ain’t nailed down in this town, it is going to walk, ESPECIALLY in a place like Columbia Heights.

    I live in Columbia Heights off of Kenyon, have a 9 foot pooner steel door covering the back and two 8 foot board and batten fences along the side. You can’t see in or over any of it into my back yard area and still some local ghetto thug trolling the alley climbed the fence to take a bike I had in the back yard that wasn’t locked.

    Luckily I was right around the corner, surprised him and grabbed h is leg as he tried fleeing over the fence. He was arrested and I am sure back on the street within hours, but point is…LOCK UP YOUR STUFF

  • Thanks for sharing this news. There seem to be so much crazyness going on around us. However, nothing surprises me anymore. I am on my guard at all time, even in my sleep. LOL

  • for those looking to troll craigslist without the hassle of doing it yourself… you can use http://www.list-alert.com to set up an on-going search of things for sale. Your stuff might turn up…

    • Thanks boxblox! This is helpful. I have been checking craigslist every few hours, but this will be a bit more efficient.

  • Wow. That IS ballsy. Somebody will likely come along and tell you you shouldn’t have had it on the deck in the first place (and you shouldn’t have been laying out in the sun haha), but it’s not like you were walking down the street waving it around, or as if you left it unattended. That stinks.

    My BF is always on me about using my laptop on the porch. I think because it’s set up and away from the sidewalk I’m fine, but maybe not.

    • FYI – there was an MPD 4D report about a robbery that involved a man coming up on to a woman’s porch to steal the iPad she was using. Another reminder to be aware of your surroundings.

      • I remember that! We live in 4D and saw that, what, just last week? I couldn’t really tell from the MPD whether it was definitely on her porch or what. We’re quite a ways up and off the sidewalk, and with a fence gate they’d have to open, but I guess crazy gon be crazy regardless.

        • The woman was definitely on her porch. One of the other listserv members emailed 4D staff and asked if the suspect came on to private property to rob the complainant and 4D staff answered yes.

          • Yeah, I remember someone asking if it was a porch or stoop and MPD confirming it was private property, I just wasn’t completely clear it was on her porch. Clearly, I am in denial. :p

      • Guess that’s why porches and shotguns have such a strong cultural connection.

    • Our deck is quite high off the ground too, but the issue is that part of our fence blew down in that crazy storm a few weeks back. So before I was hidden and somewhat protected on the deck, but without the fence I was in view of people walking by. I would definitely not use any electronics outside anymore. People are obviously a bit too desperate.

  • Please describe the computer in detail and the guys, thanks.

    • It was the last model of the Macbook before they discontinued them last year, so the white Macbook from 2011. It has a extensive music library that I cherish and the background photo is a live satellite image of the world. If someone thinks they have it or seen it I can give you the serial number to verify.

      The guys that walked by and looked up at me were dark-skinned african american males in there mid to late 20’s or early 30’s. One guy had thin braids that were up in a bun, he was wearing a white t-shirt. The other guy had a short buzzed hairdo and creepy eyes. He was real ugly and the eyes were kinda buggy with pronounced bags. I honestly feel like I see these guys in the neighborhood all the time and didn’t feel threatened by them. When I told the police about them they said it would only matter if I saw the guy who actually stole my computer, not the ones walking by and looking up at me mere minutes before the robbery. The problem with that is the guy who grabbed my computer had a white towel covering his head, so I can’t id him except that he was wearing a white tshirt and black jeans, had very dark skin, tall, and slender build. Whoever did it took someones chair from their back yard and propped it alongside our deck and leaned over the railing, so he obviously saw me and my computer and came back with the towel and chair. Legally, I understand why the cops can’t do anything with the ids of the guys walking by first, but realistically I know that they have to be linked.

  • Vultures… it is sad that people feel it that anything goes. And the same sad song continues with the lack of consequences and horrible parental guidance.

  • Please know that external hard drives are also frequent burglary grabs. It’s worth a bit to the robber, but usually way more to you! I highly recommend Carbonite for easy, automatic offsite backup. Bonus – it lets me access all of my computer’s files from an iphone app.

  • I live a block away (on Keefer), and had a similar experience a few weeks back. Only this time, it was a Comcast truck parked in the alley between Keefer and Lamont, and someone decided to break in and steal the repairman’s laptop while he was servicing my home, in broad daylight. Very gutsy!

  • Sorry this happened to you. Hopefully you’ll find it on Craigslist.

  • OK, I finally understand the dude rubbing his head. I feel the exact same way after reading these posts!

    I am sorry about your loss and it sounds scary. But it is giving me a headache.

  • If only conceal carry were allowed, you could have whipped out your handgun with laser sight and popped him as he ran down the alley.

  • That’s why I have Orbicule Undercover installed on my Macbook Pro. Unlike “Find my Mac” and other softwares, this works behind the scenes and can’t be deleted by thiefs. The software actually grabs images of the thief and send those pics and locations to the company, which you can then work with to get to the police.

  • Allison

    Reminds me of something I saw at Safeway yesterday. So the store is running this big campaign to upgrade people’s Safeway cards to the “Just For You!” program. They had two netbooks sitting on a table near the front of the store COMPLETELY unguarded; no employee in sight. I mean damn, I could have grabbed one of those things and walked out so easy. So dumb.

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