Good Deal or Not? “travertine bathroom with a rain head shower” edition

This house is located at 726 Gresham Place, NW:

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The listing says:

“This charming home features a first floor with an open floor plan and 9.5′ ceilings, exotic cherry wood floors, recessed lighting, in-ceiling speakers and tons of natural light. The basement has 8′ ceilings and a 7.1 surround system. The 2nd floor has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms including a master suite with a travertine bathroom with a rain head shower and a floor to ceiling master closet.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is going for $475,000.

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  • Not a fan of that exterior; but the location and interior look good…those 8′ ceilings in the basement are a blessing. Good Deal

  • I like “natural light emanates the master bedroom.” Illuminates maybe? I almost like the kitchen but think the layout could be problematic with the refrigerator being on the other side of the island from the sink and stove. Bad design. Also, how do you open the french doors in the master bedroom? Looks like the bed is in the way. But probably a good deal nonetheless.

  • i give the house itself a 7/10. The location? 1/10. Not sure I’d feel too comfortable in that area. But the interior is great (except for the bathroom with the green tile) and can’t beat the price. My 2 bedroom condo was more than that

    • What, issues with the location? It’s Columbia Heights/pleasant plains. It’s near Mama Chuys, Dolcinea and tennis courts. Doesn’t seem like a bad area at all.

      • Since 2010 there have been 54 violent crimes (including 3 murders), 12 auto thefts, and an arson case all within 1000 feet

        • Yes, that area is high in crime. Keep repeating that to yourself so that I will get the contract bid. This is probably the best value on a completed house in DC at the moment. It’s done quite nicely, love everything except for the yellow wall paint. Good job, and great price.

          • Did you bid on it, Jack? Good luck to you if you did. I hope you get it.

          • agreed…go ahead and pass on it b/c of homicides from 2 yrs ago (there have been 0 in the past yr) and kick yourself when shells start going for $400k in that area…some of you ppl have no vision

          • Yup, just bought a remodel in the area. Closing in September. Development on all sides. Nowhere for this area to go but up. Super stoked.

          • Jack5, I thought you already had a house and were looking for a short-term rental to live in while it was being remodeled. Am I confusing you with someone else, or did you decide to buy a second house instead?

          • why would i repeat it to myself? i don’t want the place.

          • If I had the money I’d buy it… That’s what I’ saying there… LOL. I already have more house than i can handle just up the street, but I will buy in this area again in November when my current house is done! 🙂

        • gotryit

          I live nearby, and don’t find the level of crime to be intimidating.

    • I live ON Gresham. It’s a great block, it has a lot of character and many characters. As a white, female I feel very safe and apart of the community. Frankly, it’s many of the other gentrifiers that are unfriendly and create discomfort. The house is lovely and the street is wonderful, IF you make an effort to know your neighbors. (Step 1: learn names)

  • I like the kitchen cabinets but yes that refrigerator is out of place.

  • Bedrooms all seem small, including the master. The refrigerator bothers me less than the high storage.

  • Is that formstone on the exterior? I like the house on the inside, but not too sure I would live in that area. But that is a lot of house for the money. Nice kitchen too. Except for the drawers in the upper cabinets. That’s a head scratcher.

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