Good Deal or Not? “tons of potential” edition

This house is located at 913 Columbia Road, NW:

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The listing says:

“2BR, 2BA rowhouse in NW. Investors dream come true. This home has tons of potential, needs a little TLC to make it shine. Located close to schools, shopping, Columbia Heights Metro station and much more.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $369,900.

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  • Ridiculous. Way overpriced!

  • Sherman and Georgia seem to me to be making slow but sure progress. I can see how 3-5 years from now the chance to have bought this place for $370k will have been good a deal. But it depends on these neighborhoods making further progress.

  • seems ok — it certainly needs work, but it does look livable. And livable homes under 400k rarely come up in Col Heights / Park View.

  • There is just no inventory in DC right now so house prices have been sky high.

  • The location is great, just off of 11th and it seems livable. I think it’ll gain value in the future, but it seems to need some TLC to give it some character.

  • Maybe $250,000

    • $250k? Crazy talk. In that location you can’t get a shell of a home for $250k, especially on that side of Sherman Ave. This looks far from fancy, but definitely livable. It might be slightly overpriced, but it’ll go for close to that, I am certain.

  • I think we’ve seen worse photos/listings but I can’t remember when. No way to tell if it’s a good deal – these houses – I’ve looked at a couple – have pretty small bedrooms and no really useable basement.

  • almost $430 bucks a sq/ft for that tiny house, in THAT condition, in THAT location?

    Geeeetouttta here!

  • Gonna need a lot of work. Wouldn’t be worth it to me as an investor if it was over $270k. The houses next to it (all with dated siding) reduce the overall appeal of that block. It’s gonna need new electrical & plumbing, pretty much guaranteed. Based on just what I see, it looks like the entire house is wood construction, and I’d rather knock it down and re-build like they did by 9th & Euclid, 1 block down from there.

  • Cute house and good location but the price seems way high for what looks like a gut job. Also, what hideous slobs the owners are! They couldn’t even neaten up a little for the pictures? If that’s any indication of how they care for the house then that’s scary.

    • I’d be very surprised if this were owner-occupied… looks like (messy) tenants to me.

      (Not to say that owners can’t be slobs, but unlike tenants, they have a vested interest in trying to make a place look good in order to sell it.)

  • No way! Nice space, but they will need to knock $20,000 if they hope to sell a fixer upper.

  • God price but not if you’re an “investor”. An investor wants to turn a profit fast, but if you want to live in it and have time, you’ll be lucky to get a place in Columbia Heights/Pleasant Plains at this price. Sure you might want to pump $20k as TLC, but after that you’ll be doing good (especially with such low mortgages)!

  • My family use to live next door at 915 Columbia Rd, NW back in the early 60’s. The neighborhood has changed for the good.

  • It’s a little over-priced for sure, but I think some folks would be surprised at how little work this property actually needs. The mini-split AC in the bedroom is a good sign, and the sleeping porch *looks* relatively okay. Although the bath room may be a crap shoot…{rim shot}

    • austindc

      Agreed, maybe a bit high, but not much. Pretty darn good location too. It’s kind of cute in my opinion.

      Also, lol on the crap shoot!

  • looks temporary… as though it could drive off at any moment…. remember that scene from Blind Date with Kim Basinger and Bruce Willis? Yeah.

  • this is a dump

  • If you think this is overpriced, you haven’t been looking for a house around here recently. Half decent location, half decent condition, less than 400k — it will be gone by the end of the week. There was a place near Petworth metro two weeks ago. 385k, I think. No central air, kitchen needed completely redone. There were 25 offers in less than 2 days. Yeah. This place looks pretty good.

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