Good Deal or Not? “sweet stainless & granite kitchen” edition

This house is located at 1307 Florida Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“Wonderful 2005 renovation into a nice wonderful 1350 sq ft 2br/2.5ba with high ceilings, gleaming hdwd floors, sweet stainless & granite kitchen. South facing and parking is at your rear door . Bonus – separately metered studio inlaw suite currentyl rented at $1260/mo. .. Upstairs is paying $3200.”

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $779,000.

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  • Wow, not with those appliances… $620k, final offer.

  • A comp sold around the corner a month ago for $739K but it had fewer baths and no in-law suite /income unit. A few of the houses along 13th that are gorgeous have sold at this level, and they’ve only gone up in value in recent years, so this one is probably priced competively. Personally I think it needs a little lipstick on its front facade.

    • If you were going to spend $700k in this market, I’d much rather go a little further north and buy 2 houses (the same size) for $260k and put $90k in each of them for a much better investment. There’s no way I’d spend over $480k for a house that size unless it had gold hidden in the attic (or if it was in Georgetown) (no offense).

      • No offense taken. It’s the market in that particular neighborhood that’s driving prices there anyway. I wouldn’t spend $500k on that place either. Plenty of fixer uppers in prime locations which offer incredible value by comparison.

  • I toured this. The parking is something of a joke; the back yard is so small that you have to parallel park a small car into a space that looked really challenging to get into given the width of the alley. The house was ok inside but seemed very small with especially limited storage. The baths upstairs were unremarkable. The basement unit was especially tiny and smelled of mildew. It only got light from the window and door in the front. No rear windows in the basement. IMO, this is fully priced and takes into account the potential rental income. I can see why an investor might be interested, but most owner occupiers will see the nearly 800K price and believe, rightly, that they can find something nicer and more livable for that price.

  • The noise on this street is a big negative! It is a pretty major thoroughfare. Hope they have upgraded to double pane windows.

  • When is stainless steel and granite going to lose its panache and go the way of avocado green and almond.

    As a cook, I don’t like granite for counters — it is hell on knives and anything breakable. I prefer very out-of-favor Corian.

    I may be old fashioned, but I also believe that appliances, bathroom fixtures, and bed linens should be white. It is just so simple and clean.

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