Good Deal or Not? “soaring 13 ft ceilings” edition

This condo is located at 616 E Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“MOTIVATED SELLER! BRING ALL OFFERS!! 2 bedroom (or 1 bed plus den) with 2 full baths boasting 1380 sq ft of living space, soaring 13 ft ceilings, tons of storage with huge windows overlooking Penn Quarter. This stunning home features granite counters, a large pantry and full size washer & dryer. Fantastic amenities include 24/7 concierge, fitness center, rooftop pool, media room & more!”

You can see a mouse on house tour here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $699,000 ($593 condo fee.)

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  • I think this is a great deal. Also, Mouse on House tours should be used more often.

  • How is this “a great” deal, and the condo at McLean Gardens from yesterday with the same sq/footage and slightly lower condo fee such a “bad” deal?

    It is really kinda kooky…one of the top 3 safest, cleanest neighborhoods in town with ample public transit and close to tons of shops, stores, bars, whose condo fee covers large parks, tennis courts, pools etc…

    Versus this nexus of crime, trash filled sidewalks during the day and drunks at night for for 47% more money.

    • Take a look at the comps… it’s great that you personally would prefer to live in a less expensive neighborhood, but that doesn’t mean the general demand is there.

    • If I lived in yesterday’s location it would take me 1 hour 10 minutes to get to work, according to Google maps. From here it would only take me 25. I know being close to work isn’t everything a buyer takes into consideration, but you have to admit this location is a lot more convenient for most people.

      • Yesterdays location was in Cleveland Park. Hardly “less expensive”, more like this place is a complete rip off.

        And how exactly is your commute 45 minutes longer each way from Cleveland Park when it is 4.7 miles away?

        • Well, the easiest way from Cleveland Park is to take the 32 bus directly there (a 1-hour bus ride) and then walk 10-15 minutes. From Penn Quarter I could take any number of buses (a 20-minute ride) and walk a couple of blocks, or I could take a 6-minute Metro ride and have a 15-minute walk.

          Mileage does not always corrrelate directly to ocmmuting time around here. There are people who only live 10 miles outside of the city who need 2 hours to get to work.

          • I wouldn’t want to live in Penn Quarter, incidentally, but my partner and I ended up buying in SE Capitol Hill (which was priced similarly to CP at the time but the location was SO MUCH better).

    • Prices are driven by demand. More demand = higher prices.

  • if the condo fee were lower this might be a good deal. but the fact that there basically aren’t any windows except in the living area really sucks.

  • Well, it’s certainly very…beige.

  • novadancer

    I am stymied why anyone would think this is a good deal. One level for $700k plus the pricey condo fees. That would make this comparable to a $900K house and condo fees rarely stay the same. For a $500+/sq ft (without condo fees factored) I would expect a to die for condo with every upgrade imaginable.

  • it’s too isolated…

    • Do you ever hang out in the area? It most certainly is not isolated. Chinatown is mere blocks away.

      • Yeah, that’s a weird comment. You can’t get much less isolated than this. And the location is ideal for museum-lovers!

  • Is this really almost 1400 sq ft? I’m also going with not a great deal even though the amenities seem a lot more modern than yesterday’s post. (I love roof decks. No bugs, great views)

  • Not clear whether the non-master bedroom has any windows.

    If it doesn’t, it shouldn’t count as a bedroom.

    • It does not have windows, which automatically makes this a no for me. No windows in the bathroom either. I also think it looks odd to have 13-foot ceilings in a long, narrow place. I mean look at all that wall space in the kitchen and halls. It just screams chopped-up-fabulous-old-house-that-now-is-an-overpriced-condo.

      • I’ve never understood the appeal of having windows in the bathroom.

        • Most of the time I don’t think it makes a difference… but a window in the bathroom can be handy if your exhaust fan breaks (or if you don’t have one) and you want to get the steam out of the bathroom after showering.

          • I should clarify—I appreciate a natural light source in the bathroom, which in the case of my house is a skylight (main bath upstairs) and window (powder room off the kitchen where my cats frequently snooze.)

        • I don’t mind not having windows in the bathroom, as long as there’s a fan to vent the place out properly. My last rental, which was an old house, didn’t have a fan and even though we did have a window in the bathroom, the mildew was terrible. The natural light is nice, though.

    • No windows = not a bedroom so don’t list it that way. It is a 1 bedroom + den.

    • Legally they cannot call it a bedroom if there are no windows. Technically it would be considered a den.

  • While it would be amazing to live literally right next door to my office, the lack of windows and natural light would drive me nuts.

  • layout is a little weird. This place would benefit from being a 1 BR and opening up the living room, but the 2nd BR is really small

  • which is shittier, the finishes or the furnishing?

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