Good Deal or Not? “NOT your traditional 1br unit” edition

This condo is located at 215 I Street, NE:

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The listing says:

“NOT your traditional 1br unit. This SPACIOUS 1BR & DEN flat is for someone who wants great entertaining space, inside as well as outside–enormous PRIVATE YARD/PATIO! Top of the line finishes throughout, 2 GARAGE PARKING SPACES, 24 hr concierge, DOUBLE SINK VANITY & GENEROUS SHOWER in MASTER BR and POWDER ROOM as well. Quick stroll to UNION STATION or all the ACTION ON H ST CORRIDOR.”

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1.5 bath is going for $599,000 ($486 monthly condo fee.)

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  • $600k for a 1 br with a pseudo den in Near Northeast? AND a $500 a month condo fee? Am I alone in thinking that despite nice finishes on the unit this is among the worst deals ever posted?

    • Nah, not by a long shot.

    • Given the abundance of amenities the condo fee is reasonable

      My suspicion is also that those french doors that lead to the private outdoor space are part of a larger secured interior courtyard for the complex.

      • I thought the condo fee was outrageous… until I noticed that the recliners in the movie room have CUPHOLDERS.

  • At first I thought the price was insane, but those two garage parking spaces are worth quite a bit. Plus the building amenities and the proximity to Union Station.

    The apartment itself looks very nice, except a) I’m not a fan of all those pendant fixtures in the main living area, b) the exposed ducting is very ugly, and c) though the French doors are lovely, I would not feel safe having those on ground level. That patio is really nice, though.

  • Beautiful building and great location but I’m not sold that $600K for less than two real bedrooms and two full baths is worth it.

  • I must say, that is one kick-ass condo, one of the nicest I’ve seen on here. But ‘spensivvvvve!

  • I really don’t understand why developers put breaker boxes in plain view, and then leave them unpainted – ugly! I know they need to be accessible, but why not behind a bedroom door, or in the walk-in closet?

  • Def like the kitchen!!

  • HOLY BALLS NO. I bought a 3 story house only a few blocks from there for > 200k less.

    • And I doubt your house has all the amenities this place does. Or a Sub Zero. etc etc etc

      • man, fuck amenities, no one ever uses the gym, or the bar room, or the office area, or the movie theater. One might use the pool, but that shit is open only 4 months a year. Amenities are always bullshit used to justify ridiculous condo fees.

        • Yeah, get out of here with “amenities.” For $200,000 and $500 a month I can buy exactly the appliances I want, cover them in gold and install a gym and pool on my roof.

  • Hehehe…let me think about this. No is your answer.

    The amenities are nice, I will give them that, but that 500 dollars a month that will increase 3-5% a year for as long as you own it, can finance another 100K in mortgage.

    Am I also the only one who cringes at the gaudiness of paying that much for something, and having the ductwork exposed? Yeah, yeah…I know it is NYC hipster to have your HVAC exposed in your loft, but this isn’t a loft.

    It costs money to hide your utilities from view. So they save money by cheaping out and leaving your utilities exposed, and you still pay full freight.

    I would much rather have this 4 bedroom house for 600K nearby that just went under contract (633 F St NORTHEAST), or this 3 bedroom place that just sold for 650K.

  • Nuts. Yet some DINK couple a few years out of law school will plunk down the asking price quicker than you can say “That’s not a den!” All the more reason I’ll never buy in this city.

  • Toured this unit when I was still condo-hunting a few months ago. It is very nice, but felt small. The den is tiny. It has a nice master suite, but the patio is half taken up by dirt/plants and gets little sun.

    The H St. streetcar’s going to run almost right past the building, and a new grocery store’s going up next door, but it still felt a bit isolated. No place is perfect, and considering the quality, the price may now be about right; assuming it sits on the market for a few more weeks, it’ll probably close a bit lower than asking. (It was listed a few months ago for $629,000.) With inventory so low and rates still plummeting, look for prices to keep going up!

  • Terrible deal. $600K for a small, one-bedroom, ground-floor condo in a transitional neighborhood? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m not sure how anyone can consider this to be a good deal.

    Have a look at this real two-bedroom, two-bath condo that just sold near Logan Circle. The list price was the same ($599K). It sold for $609K. Granted it didn’t have two parking spaces, but regardless…

    • Perhaps they are not short-sighted like yourself. Thus building lies in the crossroads on Cap Hill and H Street, an area that is a little beyond “transitional”. Perhaps you should go walk the area before you chime in on the neighborhood.

      • I’ve taken that walk….and it’s a transitional neighborhood.

        I’ve always thought these units to be overpriced. However, people purchased them so others thing differently.

  • So this one has been on the market for about 5 months (apparently they just re-listed with a new agent). I toured it and loved the unit, but felt the price was about ~70k too high (my realtor agreed with me, too). It’s a great location and space, but given that a) it’s not a real den — just an enclave off the living room b) the parking spots are tandem, so it’s really a car and a shed, and c) the high, albeit not entirely unjustified, condo fees make this not a good deal.

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