Good Deal or Not? “light on three sides” edition (reader request)

This house is located at 1311 10th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Rare 2bd/1.5 bath home in Logan Circle/Shaw Art District! Remodeled with gleaming hardwood and new floors throughout. Great open floorplan with spacious living & dining rooms. All new windows with light on three sides. Fabulous backyard/deck for entertaining and gardening. Close to all metro lines, downtown, galleries. 2 blocks to upcoming O Street Farmers Market and new Giant.”

You can see a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $579,000.

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  • Strange deck/brick/lawn thing going on in the back

  • Cute house, but I have a couple of comments. 1. It’s a bit overpriced given the location. 2. The backyard is a bit busy. And as cute as that little grass strip is, it seems like a shame the owner will have to buy and store a mower or weed-wacker for such a small space. Not very practical.

  • pending already. decent square foot 1300. not bad.

  • devoe

    As far as I know there is no “upcoming O Street Farmers Market” – there is only a Giant that is being plopped in the shell of an historic market building.

  • The kitchen stove, that colorful ceiling fan upstairs, and bathroom tile could easily be upgraded to add value… I think the price is a bit high for a house with not many frills. I would have gone with a bit more of a high-end renovation to make the property worth the money. The location is great, but I’d open out that fence to allow for a parking space behind the house too, then the property would be undeniably sold quickly.

  • Cute place and I think that neighborhood is on the upswing. At today’s rates I’d buy it.

  • “Shaw Art District?????”

  • Great alternative to a condo. I could spit to my office from here.

  • Tell the O Street Crew that monkey says hi.

  • Hate that the Kitchen flooring is different. It really breaks up the flow of the house.

  • $445 a square foot is pretty decent.

    And it’s under contract in less than 7 days–seems like the market thinks it was priced right.

    Good for the seller for using Redfin as their agent–bet they saved a bunch of money on their broker fees. Just goes to show you that a good property that is appropriately priced will essentially sell itself.

  • Toured this house… great potential but needs a ton of work. What you can’t see from the pics is that the kitchen is falling apart (press-board cabinets that aren’t even hung level etc), the floors on the entire second floor have some of the most serious slope I have seen from a “renovated” house, and that back yard is crumbling bricks with a make-shift deck slapped on top. Will be curious to see if this can pass appraisal/inspection. Someone will be able to save this cute house, maybe not at that price though.

  • Trust me, the house is no where near 1,300 sf.

  • Probably a good deal (since it’s under contract), but dang it’s narrow. I think the living room is as wide as my foyer. Also, using beveled wood for wood flooring is a bad idea. Think every piece of dust, rice, funk getting captured there.

  • Just to reminisce. This house was such a disaster in 1990’s. The back corner wall was falling down and neighborhood artist Michael Carr (RIP) rebuilt it on his own hoping to buy it. I think it was somewhere like $500,000 less than it is now and even then we thought he was crazy. He lived in the alley behind this house and used to throw water on the prostitutes from his balcony. He did projects like try to get DC to secede from the USA, and drew body outlines for every murder in DC one year. I was an outline but couldn’t bear to lay in the alley so I ‘died’ against a wall.

  • Sold for $627K all cash in 3 days.

    • Wow, if that’s true, whoever bought it got ripped off. As a homeowner in Logan glad to see prices over in Shaw are this high. A bit worried for my friends in Shaw that “O Street Market” is going to do what Target did in Columbia Heights: Turn it into a suburban mall with crime & loitering.

  • what kind of moron would buy such an ugly house?

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