Good Deal or Not? “architectural gem” edition

This house is located at 2725 13th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Unique opportunity to purchase one of Columbia Height’s architectural gems. Corner lot, impressive facade w/ 3 bays, limestone columns. Interior: exquisite unpainted carved moldings, pocket doors, ornate mantels, 10.5′ pressed tin ceilings 1st level, gorgeous hrdwds, modern kitchen w/ vaulted ceiling/skylights, french doors to deck, GARAGE + 2 car parking, Metro, Target, “AS IS”

You can see more photos here.

I’ve always wondered what this house looks like on the inside. Awesome. This 6 bed/3 bath is going for $1,095,000.

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  • binpetworth

    This looks like an awesome house to host a seance.

    • …but first, you need to stage the murder!

      The furniture needs to be removed before properly showing.

      The staircase and those archways are fantastic and are the only “decoration” needed.

  • Wow – and it seems we’re treading back to the “as is” era.

  • It needs about 500k to 1m of remodeling.

    • Really? Looks great to me unless there are issues the photos don’t highlight (drainage, wiring, roof, heat, etc)

      • A house that size and for the location should go way more than the asking price. There must be something that needs to get fixed.

      • from the photos it appears that this place has hardly been renovated at all. which means all of the systems are almost certain to need serious work to bring them up to modern standards. I’m talking to you, rooms with electrical outlets with only 2 prongs (see also: my rowhouse).

    • Agreed.

      That wood is gorgeous. And the ceilings, too. This place has so much potential to be spectacular. I wish I had a few million $$ to buy/renovate it (maintaining its original characteristics).

  • Very tchotchke-esque!

  • Yes, it may still need some renovation, but the kitchen and bathrooms have been done, which means that the electrical and plumbing may have been upgraded, and those are the most expensive rooms to do. Of course, there could still be a huge crack in the foundation or something…

  • The listing says there’s central A/C… but wasn’t that some kind of wall A/C unit in the kitchen?

  • I really hope that whoever does buy this home decides against giving it an open floorplan. The pocket doors and separate spaces are lovely as they are.

  • I didn’t look at the pics of the interior, so perhaps it needs a lot of work like some commentors said. BUT, does it not seem crazy that a 6br/3ba house with 2-car garage could be this low of a price, when other homes in the area with 2br/1ba & no garage are going for $500K+?

  • It’ll turn into 6 more condos, each sold at more than $600,000. And the traffic and overcrowding of CH will continue.

  • I’m pretty sure I toured this on the Columbia Heights house tour a few years ago. (Does that tour even exist anymore?) Only the first floor was open to the tour, but it was stunning. The pictures don’t do it justice.

    I too hope it isn’t chopped up into condos. The likelihood of that seems to decrease when the property gets above $1 million. The houses near me that have sold in that range have remained single family.

  • This house will probably sell as a single family home since it’s not priced to attract any developers. My guess (I’ve bought/renovated two homes in DC) is that it’s no more than 4000 sq ft including the basement but probably less. Let’s keep it simple and say you could chop it up into 4, 1000sq ft condos at $450 per sq ft (that is a HIGH per sq ft price for the area)you’re looking at $1,800,000 overall. After throwing a very conservative $500,000 in construction, $150,000 in Realtor fees, cap gains tax and misc.. that would be a $50,000 net to the developer–hardly worth all the effort, risk and stress. Even at $500 per sq ft, not worth it.

  • Only 10.5′ ceilings? I insist on 10.75′.

  • This! This is my dream house. I would kill, kill, kill for it. Or pay whatever. Of course, that will never happen, but dang, it’s gorgeous. Sigh.

  • The lot is large, but the house itself is very shallow, and the adorable turret-like spaces just contribute to the lack of usable floor space. It’s been kept in a state somewhere between benign and deliberate neglect; most of the windows need to be replaced/repaired, there is significant water damage to and bowing of the plaster ceilings, and there is long-term mildew/mold emanating from the basement. The staircase needs repair.

    Oh, yeah– the master bedroom is on the third floor and the laundry is in the basement.

    The house has a one-car garage and a two-car parking pad in front.

    Don’t get me wrong, the house has a lovely air to it and walking through it feels like stepping back in time… but!

  • Is this an estate sale? The surface aspects of the home show beautiful original detail, so kudos for that. Some of the possible (and likely) structural issues would be of concern. Some listed (windows, stairwell, mold, water damage), which are costly and this is to get the home in live-in condition. Although I am tired of developers buying these gorgeous old homes to chop up into condos and sell for market-rate premiums, I disagree with the posters who think this place would not be suitable for developers. It seems like this is chalk-full of problems that not many SFH buyers would want to manage.

  • House is already under contract (in matter of days).

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