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  • That’s not for sale. That’s called illegal dumping.

    Speaking of which, there is a spot on New Hampshire, in a tiny no-mans-land triangle with 3rd and Decatur St NW, where this is always bulk junk dumped. What can possibly be done about it? The city can’t leave it there, but if it keeps cleaning it up, then there is no incentive for the perpetual dumpers to do the right thing.

    • ah

      +1. Odd collection. Two look a pair (all-season?) and one is a different size and an aggressive summer tread for a different wheel size.

  • Nice buy for a cross fit junkie?

  • At least the “entrepreneur” didn’t use the fire hydrant as a holder for his wares.

  • Possibly a pop-up art installation edifying the need to transition from a mostly foreign oil based supply to a primarily bicycle friendly culture – there-by using less fuel and smaller pneumatics.

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