Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Georgetown

This rental is located at 3661 Winfield Lane, NW:

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The listing says:

“This grand townhouse is located in the heart of Georgetown community, walking distance to Georgetown University, Georgetown mall, Georgetown University hospital, international high school, restaurants, French embassy, Georgetown mall, Georgetown university, the shopping center, and Wisconsin and M streets. The interior of this unique townhouse was redesigned by a local architect.”

This 8 bed/6 bath is going for $10,000/Mo.

Well if you split it 8 ways…

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  • Somebody looking for renters to cover their mortgage? What would the price of a house be where the monthly mortgage is 10,000? I’m sure well into the millions. If that’s the case, you sure you want to find 8 renters, likely students given the proximity to Georgetown.

    • A one million dollar house finances for $6,000 a month, maybe less if your interest rate is good. For a $10k house, I’d expect less blurry photos on the listing.

    • Zestimate: 1.3 million
      Rent estimate: 4,700

  • I don’t think this is being offered to students or group home type renters.

    There are plenty of high level diplomats and executives who will be here for a short time (1-2yrs) and can easily pay that rent. I know the Prince of Spain used to live in that neighborhood when he was studying at Georgetown.

    • That’s what I was thinking too. Although I’d stage it and take some non-blurry pictures if I were trying to sell it to a prince!

    • But with 8 bedrooms, of which it doesn’t look like any of those bedrooms would be for potential staff. It seems like too much house, even for a diplomat or someone on short tenure. Besides, those photos are awful, if you’re trying to market it to a high-level audience, why go the totally unprofessional way?

  • I can’t believe someone hired an architect to do that interior!

  • Ahhh, Georgetown – the western suburbs. I do not miss living over there.

  • Students living off campus frequently continued to double up in rooms, especially if it was their junior year. (Almost all the on-campus housing is two to a room so juniors don’t know anything different.) So if you had 16 people living here it’s really quite affordable….

  • So is this near attractions in Georgetown? Because the ad really doesn’t say.

  • Only 6 unrelated people can live in a single residence at the same time. See the Georgetown Apostles:

    • ha! I was at a lot of those Apostle pool parties. Really, it’s only illegal if you’re found out. Our pool parties were very noisy (and late, and drunken), and unsurprisingly were busted. The Cloisters don’t have enough outdoor space that you’ll be regularly interfering with your neighbors. I wouldn’t suggest packing 16 in, but 8 is definitely something you can get away with since you’ll more often than not be handling entertainment needs away from home.

  • The listing mentions “Georgetown Mall” twice, a place that has been almost vacant or totally vacant for at least 18 months…

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