Fluevog Shoes Coming to Georgetown

1265 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

John Fleuvog shoes are coming to 1265 Wisconsin Ave, NW in Georgetown. I’m told this is huge. From the About Fleuvog page:

John and his longtime friend and ex – partner, Peter Fox, go back to biblical times. In those days, such scriptural characters as Methuselah lived to be, quite literally, thousands of years old. John, himself, is thousands of years old and Peter Fox is, in fact, Methuselah. Before they founded Fox & Fluevog, in the ancient biblical age of 1970, they were shepherds. Actually, they worked at Sheppard’s, a venerable Vancouver shoe emporium, albeit a tad on the conventional side. As you can imagine, John and Peter felt a wee bit constrained, selling brogues all day to businessmen in suits and servicing only the occasional hipster. When, one day, the miraculous happened, it was followed by the inevitable: an old warehouse full of turn – of – the – century footwear (men’s & women’s, in mint condition, no less) became available to buy at one ridiculously low price. In a nanosecond, John and Peter were out the door and into their own store, fully stocked with brand new fifty year old shoes that, in 1969, were right in style. Fox & Fluevog immediately became the very coolest place to treat the feet and has remained so ever since. Around 1980, Peter heard the siren song of New York City and moved there to open his own store, specializing in design of Ladies’ (particularly wedding) shoes. John took over the business and built it into the multinational mega corporation it is today, along the way forging his undaunted reputation for the world’s most distinctive shoes.

You can see their shoes here.

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  • *faints*

  • A pair of shoes that I liked on this site were $399. Then I didn’t like them so much.

    • I think a good pair of shoes in a classic style could be worth it. I go through cheap shoes like water, so I try to find expensive well-made shoes at thrift stores. My favorite pair of black pumps have held up for over a year– I just have to get the heel tips changed every 4 months or so.

      Does anyone else find their description really hard to read, though? I lost interest after the first few sentences.

      • Agree. I used to buy lots of cheap shoes that would be uncomfortable and fall apart after a year tops- especially heels for work. I then bought just few pairs of expensive but really well made shoes- in the 300 or so range. I get them polished and tips changed a couple of times a year and they have lasted me for 4 years now and still look great. And they are much more comfortable than any of the DSW cheapies I used to buy.

        Now $399 for a pair of Fleuvhog shoes? I don’t know- some of the men’s styles are ok but I am not a fan of most of the womens shoes.

        • True, I didn’t look at the Fleuvog shoes until after I commented and the women’s shoes are just weird– it’s all chunky heels and thick straps and bright colors. Not classic at all and I think it would be hard to coordinate them with the sort of streamlined outfits most of us wear for work and play.

          • only if you stick to boring corporate washington… spice up your closet.

          • What I meant was that’s an awful lot of money to spend on shoes that aren’t very versatile. Chunky heels and straps look odd with pants, no matter what your style is, so that rules out a lot of outfits you can wear them with. Big rounded toes aren’t sexy or formal, so that rules out a lot of occasions. And of course if you go with bold colors that makes it harder to coordinate with outfits.

            So you’re basically stuck with shoes that you can only wear with skirts or dresses in semi-casual situations, like wandering around the farmer’s market or going to brunch. I don’t know about you, but my city living space with limited storage area can’t accomodate lots of specialized shoes.

      • +1. Frye Boots are in the $200-$350 range. But they are classic in style, handmade from the finest materials, and are so durable they will last 10+ years. The premium is sometimes justified if you are getting a product that is far superior to the nearest competitors.

  • The ladies’ shoes are styled really weird. Chunky heels, thick straps, odd colors. I don’t know if this brand will fly in DC where most business women wear sleeker, more conservative shoes for work — or at least be popular enough to support a pricy Georgetown storefront.

    • You are right. Fluevogs do not pair well with ill-fitting, cheaply made tan suits from Ann Taylor Loft.

      • Or any pants, for that matter. Really I can only see these shoes being appropriate with the “rockability” look. Something like this outfit maybe:

      • I don’t think you have to be an Ann Taylor or Loft dresser to find their women’s shoes ugly and just plain un-stylish. They look like something my frumpy, ex hippy, middle aged mother and aunts would wear. It’s exactly what someone like Hillary Clinton would wear to “funk up” their outfit.

        • Exactly. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • “They look like something my frumpy, ex hippy, middle aged mother and aunts would wear.”

          Ha, when I saw these shoes I was thinking they might appeal to me when I’m older and can’t wear stilettos anymore and want to look more like the Mother Earth lesbian that I am. So I guess there is demographic for these shoes… but I don’t think many middle-aged Mother Earth lesbians shop in Georgetown.

          • Allison

            Best thing ever on my commute the other day was seeing a guy in full suit and tie, but he just had berkenstocks on his feet. I’m sure it was just for commuting (although I’m unsure why men, who wear comfortable flat shoes, need commuting shoes…) but it was awesome.

          • Allison, right on. I hate it when I see hot guys in stylish suits and I’m all like “heey”, and then I see that they have a backpack like they are going to class in middle school. Then I’m like “no, no hey at all!!!”.

    • not everyone dresses like Hillary Clinton. it’s a new day. a new town!

      • It’s not a new day — it’s the 90s. That’s what bothers me about these. They’re not fashion forward and stylish — they’re something I saw two decades ago. Why pay this much money for something that’s dated as soon as you walk out of the store? Spend less money on trendy (soon to be dated) pieces and more on quality, well-fitted clothes and shoes you can wear for years.

    • Aglets

      I love Fluevogs. Can’t wait to have them local….I always make them a stop when I visit Chicago

  • I’ll only shop there if they sell the cruel shoes.

  • i don’t know if i’ve ever seen uglier mens shoes. who’s their target consumer? steven tyler? aside from barney’s limited selection, georgetown is severely lacking in exciting contemporary menswear shops. a trip to nyc is the only way for stylish men in this city to shop.

  • Last thing this city needs is another purveyor of ugly shoes.

  • I’ve been waiting for more hideous, unaffordable footwear options in the city.

  • Wow, I didn’t know they still existed. I remember getting a pair of their shoes in jr high- back in the early 90s around the Doc Martin era. They were really popular for angsty teens then once docs became too “mainstream”, at least where I grew up in Austin, but I haven’t heard about them in years.

    Brings back some funny memories though!

  • Oh the memories.. My first pair of mary janes were Fluevogs. They lasted through my whole punk grunge phase and about 300 shows.

  • I sometimes complain that DC fashion is a little too conservative/frumpy…but I don’t think this is the answer.

  • I don’t doubt that Fluevogs are well-made, but eek, that’s chunk of change for a pair of shoes that are trendy at best and dated at worst. Flared heels and big, bulbous round toes? Heyyyy 90s, I have NOT missed you.

  • I remember driving from Seattle to Vancouver in the early 80’s to get my pointy, pointy shoes at Fluevog’s and being so excited when they opened in Seattle a few years later. They were the it shoes among punks and goths in that part of the world. I was vaguely aware that they still exist but am surprised to see they are expanding. I’m probably too old now for footwear that funky but I may check them out just for fun.

  • OMG, be still my shoe loving heart!

    I have a pair of their “Bond Girl” boots and let me tell you, yes they weren’t cheap, but thru good weather, cold, rain, sleet, snow and slush – they have held up over the years and still look FAB! They have already paid themselves off.

    I know DC can be a conservatively dressed town, but sometimes you just want a little bit of color – and their shoes have it. And the heels on some of their women’s shoes – great for the jacked & cracked sidewalks of DC.

    I know the more cynical PoP-pers might consider my comments a bit over the top with praise… but for the shoe lovers out there [ladies & some gents] – you know what I am talking about, good, fashionable, and well made shoes aren’t always the easiest to find so I am definitely happy to see them setting a store in DC!

  • *drool*
    I’ve knew John was opening a store in DC for a few months now and the excitement is killing me. I will probably single-handedly give them enough business to keep the store open. Such awesome, well-made shoes… I get compliments on mine from perfect strangers *all* the time.

  • jim_ed

    Eeegad those are ugly shoes.

    Although if there’s a better market anywhere in the world than DC for expensive designer shoes that look like they serve an orthopaedic purpose, I haven’t heard of it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Georgetown just became my favorite neighborhood.

  • Fluevog’s are my favorite shoes ever. I am so excited that a store is opening here. DC is generally terrible for shoes (if you want anything interesting) so this is a huge step forward.

  • You people have no imagination! Is it really all banana republic and ann taylor loft on this thread? where are all the cyclist hipsters that are always posting on this site?

    • You can cycle just fine in regular shoes– you don’t have to resort to wearing chunky ones.

    • these are not hipster shoes…these are ugly shoes. hipster shoes (male hipster) are beat up chucks, eras, dunks, etc. or if you’re a hipster with more expensive taste then hipster shoes are common projects, margiela sneakers, yuketen, quoddy, alden etc. this town is horribly bereft of style. trust me…i’m a hipster, at least i’ve been labeled one by my friends – i’ll deny the monicker if confronted in person, though.

    • the aesthetic of fluevog is the complete antithesis to what “cyclist hipsters” are going for.

  • It’s hard to see this succeeding in D.C. I was looking at the women’s shoes at http://www.fluevog.com/code/?w%5B%5D=gender:women&perpage=-1 , and most of them are just too edgy to be wearable to work.

    (Although I didn’t realize until halfway through the listing that some of the shoes come in neutral colors as well as bright ones — it seems like every time that’s the case, it’s the bright-colored one that’s pictured in the main listing.)

  • Oh DC, you make me so so sad sometimes.
    I LOVE my Fluevogs. I used to have to order them from the Manhattan store. Yes, some are overly clunky, but some are just fabulous. (You know, it is ok to take off the slacks, twin sweater sets, and pearls and put on something more fun from time to time.)

  • I don’t work in a business environment and I still think they are kinda crazy! that said, if someone was to buy me Truth Melissa or the I believe Paul I would not mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But overall they all look like San Francisco shoes to me for some reason…

  • Funny that all the defenders of these shoes are assuming its detractors are Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, pearl and sweater set wearing spinsters. Just because you think these shoes are ugly and unfashionable doesn’t mean you don’t like “edgy” or more creative clothing. I am a total clothes snob and almost never do my shopping in DC so agree with you on there not being a lot of fashionable, edgy options here. But please people, Fleuvhogs are not it!

  • Holy cow, those are some ugly womens shoes. Some of the boots are ok. but damn, the “dress” shoes awful butchy.

  • OMG, did anyone else bother to actually look at the Web site? This stuff is definitely not fashionable. This guy is stuck in ~1990, and I’m sorry honey, but 1990 hasn’t come back yet.

    That said, I think they’ll be hugely successful in this town, where the price tag is more important than the style.

  • Women be shopping, women be shopping!

  • Not a big fan of all of the stylings but I’m encouraged by the comments in this thread, which suggest that there really are women in DC whose shoe collections contains more than flip flops and ballet flats.

  • Fluevog will do well with those in the know. They have always had a following with celebrities, rockers, and fashion editors. Washington’s fashion sensibilities have evolved and will continue with the influx of younger and hipper residents. I will know the city has arrived when Barney’s announces a downtown location.

  • christ, tough crowd here.

    i’ve been fluevogging for over 15 years with no intention of stopping. can’t wait for the grand opening.

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