El Rinconcito Applies for Longer Hours in Columbia Heights

1326 Park Road, NW

Back in May I mentioned that El Rinconcito had an awesome outdoor dining area at 1326 Park Road, NW in Columbia Heights. More good news – they’re applying for longer hours. They are currently open until 12am and hope to extend their hours until 2am Sun-Thurs and 3am Fri-Sat though the outdoor area would still close at 12am.

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  • The neighborhood is going to fight this tooth-and-nail, you just watch!

  • With neighbors on both sides good luck.Exhibit A “Duffy’s”

  • I don’t live on that block so I have no skin in the fight, but if I did live on the block I certainly wouldn’t want them open that late. My recollection is that when they opened, they weren’t zoned for commercial space. They then ran into trouble with the city, and the neighborhood rallied to their defense because they were one of the first restaurants to go into CH. I think they got some kind of variance. If the neighbors now want some limits on their hours, that would seem reasonable to me.

  • I live on the block. No problem with the hours, if for no other reason than to bring in a bit more post-midnight foot traffic to counter the hopheads sitting in front of the Z-Burger space. In related news, drunken purchases of carne deshilada in my household are poised to increase drastically…

  • Do they want to be a restaurant or a bar? I dine there fairly often, and I like El Rinconcito II as a restaurant, but I’m not sure I would continue to eat there if it starts to feel like a bar….and if the owners start to focus on the beer & margaritas and not the food.

    • I agree. Well, I’ve never been to El Rinconcito, but I quit going to Alero on U Street for that reason. I’m refuse to spend my $$ at a “restaurant” where there is a security guard and someone checking IDs at the front door—-this is what Alero has become.

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