Dupont and Union Station Jamba Juice Now Open – Georgetown, Chinatown Locations Coming Next?

Union Station

Yesterday I got a tour of the two new Jamba Juices that are now open in Union Station and Dupont Circle. Full Disclosure: I got tons of free smoothies.

The DC area Jamba Juice franchises are owned by tennis great Venus Williams.

The first two in DC are just the begining. I was told that we can expect two more coming relatively soon – likely in Chinatown and/or Georgetown. Also they have small kiosks that they are hoping to place in government buildings soon as well. Oh yeah – they also may launch a street cart soon as well. Stay tuned.

1333 19th St, NW – former Ben and Jerry’s space in Dupont Circle

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  • Is that Justin Timberlake in the first picture?

  • This is why Americans are so fat. Fruit juice is loaded with sugar and is basically cake in a glass.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Actually that’s not true – they are very upfront with their nutritional info:

      • I don’t understand how their calorie counts can be so high. When I make smoothies at home (fresh fruit, ice, a scoop of whey powder and maybe some almond milk) they’re in the 100-150 calorie range. Are these smoothies just really big, or do they have a lot of added sugar in them?

      • I’m no nutritionist, but damn, that’s an enormous amount of carbs and sugar in those drinks!

        • It’s not a crazy amount of sugar considering you’d get just as much from a few pieces of fruit. But if you’re eating the fruit instead of drinking it you’ll feel fuller and more satisfied.

    • I pretty frequently get Robek’s which publishes their nutritional facts. A regular size smoothie is as filling as any other lunch, and has very low calories, sugar content, etc with plenty of vitamins. Robek’s and Jamba don’t use fruit juice for the most part they use fresh squeezed fruit, which yes, has sugar but it’s not the processed Minute Maid fruit drink you buy at Safeway, which is the real offender here.

    • It’s like those calorie-laden Starbucks drinks. If you treat this as a small meal or dessert you’ll be ok. But if it’s something you grab on a daily basis because you’re thirsty then it’s not very healthy. 300 calories is a lot for most people to be consuming as a beverage. For me to maintain my current weight (I’m a small woman and I have a desk job) this would consistute over 20% of my calories for the day.

  • Allison

    Yay, jamba is so much better than Smoothie King. I made the mistake of going to SK the other day and paying like $6 for the smallest, most tasteless smoothie ever. Might have just been what I ordered in particular, but blegh.

    • I agree. I haven’t had Jamba since I lived in NY but I always enjoyed their smoothies. SK is overpriced and all of the smoothies taste the same.

  • I am so stoked about this! I have been waiting for this for years! GREAT NEWS!

  • Most of their smoothies are heavy on banana as a base and taste awful as a result.

    • Now this I do not like one bit. Bananas must be the least expensive fruit, because a lot of places put waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much banana in their smoothys.

      Also, a very nice blender would pay for itself in no time at all if you made all these at home by yourself. Without all the weird by-products and buckets of sugar that Jamba might be adding.

  • *salivates*

    I need to get myself to the Dupont location!

  • But when will Einstein Bros open in Union Station?? Or roti??

  • Grew up with Jamba, was decent. Then Robek’s came to Tenleytown and found it’s much better. Robek’s also has fresh squeezed juices, and tart yogurt swirled with fruit using this funky machine.

  • “Sure, the guy in the $600 banana suit…COME ON!”

  • awesome! love jamba juice and have been awaiting its return since it closed up within the P street whole foods. Yay, Venus!

    • Curious? What do you get a JJ?
      And is it a snack, lunch, dinner? I don’t get it…if you want something sweet with a lot of calories why don’t you get some ice cream.

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