Draft SW Ecodistrict Plan Public Comment Kick-Off

Click to enlarge. Rendering via National Capital Planning Commission

From an email:

The draft SW Ecodistrict Plan is ready for your review. On July 19, NCPC will walk you through plans for transforming this predominantly federal precinct into a lively mixed-use community and environmental showcase. Learn details of the plan and share your thoughts in person.

Thursday, July 19, 2012
6:30 – 8:30 pm

District Office of Planning

2nd Floor Conference Room
1100 4th Street, SW Washington, DC
Metro: Waterfront

Event details | View draft plan online beginning July 12

Attendance is free and open to the public. www.ncpc.gov/rsvp

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  • absolutely love that people are working on fixing up this ugly dead zone. Would welcome an avenue of trees leading to the waterfront.

  • austindc

    Oh hey National Mall. Who’s your sexier friend?

  • They should cover all of that brutalist crap in whatever they grow on chia pets. That might be the only way to save the area from its self. Or just knock it down and start again.

  • This area always struck me as ground zero for the Republican post-apocalyptic big-government nightmare. Tear it down and try again. Maybe excavate the community of row-houses that it flattened.

    Although, chia-federal-building would make a nice public protest.

  • I embrace a new DOE building – please do this quickly!

  • Anything’s better than the current L’Enfant Plaza, one of the most soul-crushing parts of DC

  • That tree lined walkway looks like a good place to get mugged.

  • Chia-Fed., please!

  • I appreciate the diplomatic way the rendering avoids showing much of anything at the Eisenhower Memorial site – they’ve just ‘shrubbed it up’ as one of my Landscape professors used to call it.

  • A few trees……a few picnic tables……..and an awesome place for food trucks to set up camp!

  • Yeah, that tree lined corridor looks pretty muggy/stabby. Crime is still kinda bad in the area, as much as I love Arena/fishmarket/Gangplank/Cantina Marina/my friends who liive near there. Hope they keep all the boat slips.

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