Dear PoPville – Wine Bar Still Coming to 1635 North Capitol St, NW in Bloomingdale?

1635 North Capitol Street, NW

Dear PoPville,

Does anyone know the official plans for 1635 North Capitol Street? Progress has been slow on this building, but recently it has been picking up. It looks pretty good so far. I had a brief conversion with a contractor right after the storefront was installed. He said the place was going to be a wine bar.

Back in Aug. 2011 we looked at a Craigslist ad mentioning a wine bar coming to the retail space at 1635 North Capitol St, NW (former Borf building.) Has anyone else heard that a wine bar was still planning on coming to that space?

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  • I’d be very curious about this. While 1st St NW has been making some major headway just a block over at North Capital things have been immensely stagnant.

  • Now that most of the area surrounding 1st and Rhode Island appears soon to be declared unsuitable for human habitation (or become Sea World’s newest urban attraction), I would consider this part of Bloomingdale a much smarter investment for businesses coming to the area.

  • This building and the firehouse have been big disappointments. Seems new owners did as much work as they could afford and let it sit for several months.

  • I would gladly take it off their hands. I was researching putting one across the street, but of course this was in action, so I halted. People are wasting good property!

    • There’s a permit issued for a cafe across the street, next to the flea market. Is that you?

      North Capitol is RIPE, get in on it and open up something!

  • This is still movi g forward, however slowly. The firehouse is completely stalled. The city should take back the building and reissue an rfp

    • Agree 100%. Can’t believe he got a sweetheart deal from the city. I remember in one of his posts he complained about needing an unexpected 10k. Dude was working on several million dollar plus projects and you don’t have that small amount of spare cash lying around? I knew nothing would ever happen at that point…

  • According to our ANC rep at the last Hanover Civic Assoc meeting it will be a 2 story wine bar with apartments for rent on the top floor. i think she said it would be open by this fall

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