Dear PoPville – What’s Going on With Tacos Impala Which Was Supposed to Come to H Street?

1358 H St, NE

Dear PoPville,

I walked by Tacos Impala on H st tonight and saw this paper that was put up this afternoon. It is a stop work order that says the violation is “exceeding the scope of permit”. I thought this place was suppose to be open already but looks like they are far from done. Any information on what is going on?

Back in Sept. 2011 we first heard Tacos Impala was planning on coming to 1358 H St, NE. Unfortunately progress has been a bit slow. Back Dec. 2011 they also had a stop work order. I know they were very popular when they were operating out of 1204 H Street so hopefully they will get back on track soon.

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  • Somebody replied to a similar question on frozen tropics last week: “I spoke to Troy Hickman (the proprietor of Imapala Taqueria) a few weeks ago about the restaurant’s progress. He said the big hold-up is that nearly everything going inside the restaurant (tables, chairs, etc.) is being hand-crafted in Mexico, and it’s taking a little longer than planned. But he’s still working hard on the place, and is looking forward to being up and running soon.”

  • I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for the update!

  • Also you can get Tacos Impala every Tuesday down the street at the Pug…and they are delish! and I think only like $2 each? When I was there last they had pork and beef. I am not sure if they are doing other pop-up or mobile things right now, but that one for sure.

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