Dear PoPville – Please Help Michael Joel Hall Who Was Badly Beaten by a Gang

Courtesy of Michael Joel Hall and Michael Roike

Dear PoPville,

Michael Joel Hall, a well-known local Yoga Instructor was brutalized and beaten by a gang near his home (a recent home – his other one burnt down recently!!) on 3rd St., NE – he’s getting jaw surgery right now at Howard Hospital, and he doesn’t have insurance (unfortunately, this is often true with Yoga Instructors..).

The fund set-up to raise money for him is here.

There is a Facebook page set up for him here.

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  • Sending love to MJH. Feel better soon.

  • DC Elected Officials should be ashamed that they let youth gangs permeate our fine city, and that the continued random jawbreakings continue practically unabated.

  • This is terrible. I’m so sorry for the victims. Any more information about the time and exact location of the attack?

    • Exactly. Some additional details of this crime might help other residents avoid the same situation.

  • Send love and prayers BUT SEND A DONATION TOO. Put your money where your mouth is. No matter how small, click the paypal link and donate. Just do it.

  • It was around midnight Saturday night near 3rd St NE, between U and S.

  • s3

    this is one good guy. horrible.

  • Ugh, what is wrong with people? This doesn’t look like a guy who would be out looking for trouble. Hate stories like this.

    • He was with his boyfriend in their neighborhood. Maybe they were targeted – hate crime, possibly?

      • Stories like this make me sick. I really, REALLY hate DC sometimes. And as a gay who also lives on 3rd Street NE (@ H Street NE), I find this story particularly disturbing for obvious reasons. Hope you feel better soon Michael. Such an awful story.

  • Having spoken with both Michael’s, they considered it a “gang” related attack – although not purely for money, the gang (5 or more young men) did beat up Michael Joel Hall and took his Iphone..but they didn’t get their wallets. The motive was to beat them and intimidate them, and possibly take their belongings..they were allegedly kids in their teens or so..

    Right now, MJH supporters are seeking donations – he was a full-time Yoga Instructor and didn’t have health insurance, and thus we are seeking the community’s support. We’d appreciate any donation to assist with the victim’s healthcare costs, here’s the Facebook Page with a link to Paypal to help out –

  • s3

    hey everybody. got to know him back when he was a waiter. this is a really good guy. i mean, really good. true giving spirit and goes out of his way to make everybody around him feel good about themselves. never down, always positive. this is one of those pay it forward moments. even if a buck or two, know that your donation is going to an extremely exceptional guy.

  • Seems like this is the logical result of anti-gentrification hate filters down to the youth. It’s become hip for some people to think they are showing sympathy for the poor who are priced out of DC by hating on gentrifies. By making it socially acceptable, it allows politicians, and the poor to accept this lie that there’s a plan to evict the poor from the City.

    In the 9160s we had the same thing, but it was poor, ignorant white ethnic communities lamenting how they were being pushed out of their neighborhoods by blacks. As a country we made their racist views unacceptable – at least in popular culture.

    No wonder the extreme rage and hate is so freely directed towards gentrifiers like this if they are being told the gentrifiers are part of an unfair, racist plan to push them out!

    • +1000

      Very well put. The anti-gentrification crowd should take some responsibility for fueling the hate that results in these types of crimes. Rhetoric matters. Also, no one wants to address this issue because it’s caught up in race. Better to ignore it or talk about it in broad, pointless generalities about poverty.

  • Awful. I’ve just donated some funds myself, but please make sure MJH applies to DC’s Victim’s Compensation Program which should offer a little bit of financial relief… I had insurance when some punk broke my jaw in Adams Morgan 8 years ago, but I had lots of other expenses that I was able to have reimbursed by the Compensation Fund… Every little bit helps.

  • This is a sad and depressing story to read about. My condolences to this young man and I will try to send a few dollars. However, money is tight for me because I am living on a fixed income. This type of story makes me want to give.

  • I hope he considers filing a lawsuit against DC government for failing to control its violent youth population. I wonder if any of the perps were wards of DYRS!?

  • The game these kids play is called “Pick ‘Em Out and Knock ‘Em Out” I am about to file a FOIA request asking for statistics of random beatings on normal people carried out by young DC teens. That we have crews is bad, that we have kids that break jaws for fun about once a month for the last few years is totally unacceptable. DC Council needs to pass emergency legislation increasing mandatory penalties for such crimes – how about a 30 year mandatory minimum? Oh right, homicide only gets you 12 in this town! Just makes me sick.

    • I’ve lived in DC nearly 8 years and I now know four people who’ve been randomly attacked by teenagers (three of these victims had their jaws broken) on the streets of DC. One attack was near St. Ex, another near the Convention Center, and another during the day in the Shaw metro.

      This is simply nuts. I’d like to see some hard data on these random attacks. The public deserves to know the real extent of this problem.

  • so sad for him. he seems like a sweetheart. i don’t have health insurance either. totaled my car a month ago and cant pay the medical expenses. can yall donate to me as well?

    • No offense, but unless you were at a stoplight and a bunch of thugs came up to your car and beat the crap out of it (and you), your accident is a completely different scenario.

  • You have our love and sympathy, Michael. It could have been any of us. I’m so sorry it happened to you.

  • Dear Michael.

    Sending you my support and warm thoughts. Please recover quickly.

  • Crazy story but even crazier how people will just give money over PayPal because someone put up a picture and a store. There are more legit ways of doing this, I would not give money just because of a story posted on Facebook. Sorry guys.

    • It HAS been on every major news source–tv, print, online, and radio–in the area.

      • this is NOT just a story on facebook. I know these guys and this is truly horrible. Don’t donate if you don’t want to, but don’t seek to de-legitimize this terrible tragedy.

  • I’ve been going to Michael’s yoga classes. He is awesome instructor, but also very bright person. Always happy, always smiling, always inspiring and encouraging. It’s so awful that he was so badly hurt. Wish him quick recovery and support of all his friends. I’ve made a donation but is there a way to send a postcard or anything?

    • If you take one of his classes at a studio, I’d leave a card with them and they can get it to him. If you take one of his fed classes… hmm… lemme think on it.

  • I tried to make a $donation but it would not accept Visa credit card . Any other options?

  • Great News – through everyone’s efforts, we raised 100% of Michael Joel Hall’s insurance needs..he’s doing better too, read on to hear him speak – – thanks Prince of did good!

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