Dear PoPville – Is There a Way to Report Dangerous Drivers?

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Dear PoPville,

For the umpteenth time, I’ve been dangerously cut off by a car, only to have the car stop a few feet away from me at another red light. As a pedestrian, not to mention pregnant, I was pissed and took a photo of the license plate. I tried googling to find out how to report this guy to police or to some kind of service, but turned up nothing. I went to the DC police website, and you can only make complaints about the police itself or if something/someone was damaged or stolen.

Any chance anyone at PoPville knows of a website or a DC service where these complaints are collected and reported?

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  • To report something like this to the police, you should call 911 and ask for police, non-emergency.

    I wouldn’t have much faith that anything would happen, though.

  • If it was the same person consistently (like a certain Lexus parked in the bike lane at NH, 16 and U), you could try your council member. Their office might be able to do something about it.

  • YEs, your best bet is to call the cops.

  • I’d stay start a tumblr and post the pics. That would be more fun.

  • I suspect your word against theirs means you get nowhere with that. I assume that’s why I see bikers with a camera on their helmets.

  • Ooh, I feel for the person who wrote this in! I was walking in the cross walk on Corcoran, crossing 16th Street, very pregnant, and a SUV from Maryland nearly hit me. My favorite part? The pro-life sticker on the back of the SUV. Oh, irony!

  • This sounds like a great application for a website. How about if someone made it possible for people to enter the license plate information of offenders on a webpage or via a mobile app? Information could be used to track repeat offenders. If we’re lucky, it might not be long before such data could be admissible in court.

    • Such data would never be admissible in court to prove liability because of this little thing we lawyers like to call the Constitution.

      • Why not? Perhaps the posters could testify if their submissions were chosen. Bunch of people fingering somebody for committing a crime…

  • A few months back I was nearly struck in a crosswalk 6 ft off the curb by a car blowing a red light that was so far past yellow that the pedestrian sign was aready at walk. The driver tried to bully me out of her way and swerved around me. It happened on a busy intersection and a cop pulled over the offending car immediately.

    I witness this kind of stuff with alarming frequency in DC. . . the car part, not the dumb luck of a cop witnessing a blatant case.

  • i don’t know how much good this would do… i say, be vigilant and watch out for yourself…

  • Did you try slapping the car? That’s popular around here, and shows the driver who’s boss.

  • brookland_rez

    The police aren’t going to do anything unless they witness it. Shit like that happens in the city. It happens to all of us. You’d best find a way to deal with it on your own. I have a way to deal with asshole drivers. My way depends on the driver, the situation, the location, etc. Best of luck.

  • I wondered about this other day but for a slightly different reason.

    Was driving south on 295 from Arundel Mills and a guy on a motorcycle passed me on the left. I am almost positive he had a gun strapped to his hip but I never caught up to verify that I saw what I saw. While I was digesting this I did wonder that even if I could verify something like that, how that would work to report it or should someone not bother because there would be no way for anyone to catch up to him.

  • If you’re part of your mpd listserv, you could email them and ask what they recommend.

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