“Coyote Spotted in Cleveland Park Area”

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From the Cleveland Park listserv:

“I saw a coyote this weekend on the corner of 39th and Rodman by Rock Creek Park. I just thought all of you with cats or small dogs might want to know.”

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  • fox are on the capitol grounds as well. love ’em squirrels!

  • I spotted one in Mt. Pleasant a few years ago. Hooray for adaptable natural predators! I wish we had a nice coyote family in my neighborhood, maybe do something about these rats.

  • Guess he finished up in RCP and is looking for some new prey!

  • saf


    They’ve been seen in Petworth too, although it was a while back.

  • yeah, Rock Creek Park makes a nice little highway for the creatures, connecting the heart of the city to the relatively open spaces of upper Montgomery County.

  • I believe that I saw one last night cross from Rock Creek Park into Crestwood.

  • I’ve seen the remnants of a deer eaten by coyotes on the field.by the Kennedy street entrance and seen one over by catholic u.

  • Coyote my ass, it’s probably just Milhouse…

  • I live in McLean Gardens, a block away from this sighting. Several neighbors have spotted mountain lions recently…wondering if this was a mis-identified mountain lion, or whether we’ve also got coyotes. In any case, maybe these beasts will scare away the Sidwell kids & parents that speed super fast up and down 39th & Rodman. One can hope!

  • Birdman: in case you happen to revisit this page. thank you for that. you just made my day.

  • I saw a coyote with a huge black spot on its left hind quarters walking towards the Quebec House Apartments on Quebec Street on August 3, 2012. I was sitting on one of he benches outside the Quebec House, the wrought iron bench down by the opening of the Park. It was about 9:00pm He/she was sniffing for food. I was fearful but stood still until it crossed the street up a littler further from where I sat. As soon as I saw it I froze and hoped it would not pick up my scent. The spot on its hnd quarters was troubling I saw it clearly in the street lamp light. As soon as it crossed the street up farther from me, I bolted to the other side of the street and ran until I could cross over tothe front door of the Quebec House 2801 entrance. Be on guard at night.

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