Checking Out ‘The Avenue’ at Georgia and Newton Pl, NW

Wow, lots of progress at The Avenue coming to Georgia and Newton Pl, NW. Do you like the way it’s turning out? You can see what the 83 unit apartment building looked like in April here.

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  • Looks great, but having lived on that block 2 years ago I can tell you that that stretch of Georgia was real sketch. But its good if you need Oxycodone.

  • Looks nice!

    Anybody hear any word on when the Safeway renovation is going to kick off? Starting to get a little worried that it ain’t happening….

  • You should do a good deal or not rental on The Avenue. 2-bedroom @ $1256 for brand new apts, close to metro, etc. Income guidelines probably fit a lot of non-profits, working class residents, servers, recent grads and interns at 45k. This sounds like an awesome deal, Has anyone tried to apply?

    • you mean the income guidelines fit a lot of section 8 folks.

      i’d love to see a study of how many working people actually end up in these places. what most don’t realize is that “income” includes government benefits, including housing assistance.

  • I thought it was supposed to be 1/3 low-income, 1/3 middle-income and 1/3 market rate

  • “Rh” is correct in a way. Housing such as The Avenue, The Heights, 4100 and another later 2013, all have this income guideline and by fed standards MUST comply to 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 or computation negotiated in contract within Fed standards.

  • this building is the first building in the park morton redevelopment. the residents of park morton will move into this building while park morton is redone.

    • That’s what I had originally read… but given that they’ve got a leasing center, website, etc. set up, I get the feeling that they’re seeking non-Park Morton residents too.

  • 805 sq. feet is tight for a two bedroom. Wouldn’t want to be the roommate that doesn’t get the bathroom.

  • Why would they not put washers and dryers in the apartments but leave the connections? How many renters are moving around with washers and dryers?

    • That’s a good question. I guess it gives the building some flexibility in case decades down the road, the tenants want to convert to condos??

      For a renter who’s planning on staying a few years, investing in a washer and dryer might make sense. But yeah, it is odd to see W/D connections advertised for apartments.

  • The photo makes this place look better than it does up close in person. The brown siding looks like paneling you had in your den in the 70s.

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