Beau Thai Opening 2nd Location in Mt. Pleasant in Late 2012

3162 Mt. Pleasant Street, NW

Back in March we learned that the temporary Mt. Pleasant library was for lease at 3162 Mt. Pleasant St, NW Rent was asking $10,080/mo. We have a winner – Beau Thai. We took a look at Beau Thai’s menu here.

From a press release:

Today, Beau Thai announced that it would open a location in the heart of the Mount Pleasant neighborhood’s commercial district in late 2012. The restaurant will be located at 3162 Mount Pleasant St., NW, a building that has housed the Mount Pleasant Interim Library since 2010.

Foundry Architects is overseeing the design and buildout of the space, which is nearly triple the size of the original Beau Thai. Foundry principal Will Couch says of the plans, “It’s going to be very cool and functional, engaging patrons and passersby alike with interesting finishes and unique lighting. It will both echo the feel of the Shaw location and also have its own personality and soul. Like the original, Beau Thai Mount Pleasant will feature large scale photographs of the Vigsittaboot family, from whom its recipes

Beau Thai Mount Pleasant will serve the same fresh, authentic Thai cuisine that has earned the Shaw eatery many accolades since its opening in August 2010. It will be open for lunch and dinner and will offer dine in, delivery, and takeaway. Additionally, the restaurant will offer the unique Thai Sunday Brunch that Beau Thai conceived earlier this year. An expansive bar will feature a craft cocktail, beer and wine list, as well as draught beers.

Sound like a good addition to Mt. Pleasant Street?

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  • This is very good news for Mt Pleasant! I love Thai food and can’t wait for them to open!!

  • Love their food at the original location, great addition.

  • good food and they seem to take care of the area around their restaurant in Bdale (they keep it clean)… likely a good addition to any neighborhood.

  • I live right next to Mt. Pleasant but never have any reason to actually go to its downtown strip. This restaurant may change that.

  • This a great, great news! Looking forward to this. Mt. Pleasant is slowly adding nice spots to it’s main street (Flying Fish coffee for example). I just hope it maintains its neighborhood feel – and doesn’t turn into a U Str, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, etc. We already have enough of those suburbanite destinations in such a concentrated area – going to Mt. Pleasant is such a nice reprieve.

    • PDleftMtP

      We have NO risk of “becoming Adams Morgan” – no parking, limited convenience to public transport, and thirty years of rebuilding and redevelopment all around us that have largely left Mt. Pleasant Street a crumbling shell with a couple of bright spots (and no, not just the fancy ones – I love Don Jaime’s and Adam Express, and I’ve bought my share of stuff at the dollar store – but let’s face it: most of the street is just crappy, not “authentic”). Let’s just agree that nobody gets to say “I don’t want to be Adams Morgan” until we’re at least 11th Street.

    • Please explain how Beau Thai is a suburbanite destination? The only one I know of is in Shaw. Are you thinking of Ruby Tuesdays?

      • Sorry. Scratch my comment. I misread your post and thought you were unhappy about Beau Thai coming. Mea culpa.

        Congrats on getting a Beau Thai!

  • Looks great! Did I miss something about the library finally being done renovations??

  • YAY! YAY! YAY!

    What good news. Between Thai X-ING and Beau Thai, the Vigsittaboot’s have rocked my culinary world. So glad Beau Thai 2 is opening a block from my house.

  • Overrated restaurant

    • Have their Beau Thai Chicken and you might be singing a different tune. I’m not generally crazy about chicken, but that dish is fantastic.

    • It may be overrated but it’s the best Thai in dc.

      • And DC’s Thai food is as good as or better than any place outside of Thailand (and even someplaces in Thailand).

        • I’ve been to a handful of Thai places in DC – Beau Thai, Sala Thai, Little Serow, Talay Thai – with differing degrees of success. I would like to try Thai X-ing, but confused on how to make that happen. So as a newish DC resident, have I already hit the great Thai restaurants mentioned here or is there a gem or two I’ve missed?

          • Thai Square in Arlington

          • I would recommend you also try kenlaya on 6th in Chinatown. Busara in glover park in worth a try too. Montgomery county has great Thai places, probably better than dc, but whatever.

          • Busara closed at least four years ago. It was another restaurant after that and now houses the new Town Hall.

        • Uhh what? DC has a fair number of good Thai restaurants, don’t get me wrong, but as good or better than any place outside Thailand?? I’m pretty sure LA tops DC in the Thai department and I found as many good Thai restaurants in San Diego and the Bay Area as here (although perhaps none on par with Thai X-ing).

  • A new restaurant in Mt. Pleasant that isn’t another cheapo takeout joint? It’s amazing and unbelievable!

    • Exactly. Frankly, I’m shocked this got past the zoning board and NIMBY neighborhood association. Good for MtP.

      • My hope is that Mt Pleasant’s NIMBY reputation is changing, at least my ANC rep tells me it is. The main street has so much potential. This is a step in a positive direction.

  • claire

    Really glad to hear they’re doing well enough to expand! Love the Shaw location.

  • Yay!! So excited for this addition to the neighborhood!!

  • This is great news. I, for one, will support them in any way I can. I think that our neighborhood needs new options. And this is a great opportunity because it is not displacing any current resident of the street that may upset some members of the community. I am really happy that Beau Thai has chosen to set up shop in MtP.

  • Great news.

  • Sounds great. Hope it doesn’t impact Pho 14 too much

    • Pho 14 seemed to handle Pho Viet’s arrival pretty well, and its business is obviously doing great since it expanded.

  • I hate reading anyway

  • Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • whoah, a decent restaurant in Mt. P???? awesome!!

  • HOORAY!!!!

  • HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So excited! Now I’ll never have to eat at Tonic again!

  • Woo-hoo! Super excited about this. For the owners: please include a bar (if you hadn’t thought of this before)! I’m happy to eat/drink, but would much prefer the common meeting spot that offers.

    How do we get more things like this in MtP? There are some hidden gems, but …

    Also: I was at Tonic on Monday and the bartender told me Radius is reopening in the fall under new ownership.

    • I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the new options in Mt. P since I moved back two years ago. Provided that Beau Thai’s food and service are as good as in Shaw, my wife and I will be visiting them often!

  • DC has the best Thai food in the US that I’ve experienced. I’ve never had a “bad” Thai meal, just less delicious than others. Now Chinese food on the other hand…

    • This is really true that we’ve got great Thai, and mediocre (at best) Chinese. Meiwah is the only place I’ve liked. Everything else has generally sucked. Then again, maybe I haven’t acquired a taste for Chinese food – but that would just be odd.

  • I promise to do my best to keep these guys in business. Finally, a great place to eat in Mt. P!!!!!!

  • That’s a great building. Can’t wait to see what they do with it.

  • Wow! TWO things to be excited about! A potentially good restaurant (that also does take out/ delivery!) in the ‘hood AND that the library will reopen in early September!


  • Boooo. There is already Thai tanic on 14th and Monroe-ish, and it doesn’t seem to do so well so hey, let’s open another Thai place not far from the other and see how that fairs. So many different cuisines in the world and so few options. I don’t get it. At least it’s not another f@#king bbq place. DC needs that like it needs a hole in the head.

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