Batch 13, Beer, Wine and Spirits, Opens in Logan Circle Tonight (Fri.) at 6pm

1724 14th St, NW

Way back in Oct. 2011 we first heard a liquor store was coming to the former Dogs by Day space at 1724 14th St, NW. Turns out this is gonna be way cooler than just a liquor store. I was able to take a preview tour yesterday and it’s gonna be a huge addition for Logan Circle residents. To start they will stock beer and wine.

And when I say beer, I mean tons of it. To start they’ll have 400-500 beers but when they open the upstairs the selection will climb to 1500 beers. The upstairs will also be where the spirits are displayed. That section should open in about three more weeks or so.

So they open up tonight at 6pm and there will be free tastings as well as special guest and cofounder of DC Brau – Brandon Skall. Their Facebook page says:

“Our grand opening is this FRIDAY 7/6 @ 6:00 pm. and will continue on Saturday 12-10pm on Saturday.

this Friday 7-9Pm meet and greet Brandon Skall of DC BRAU, FREE TASTINGS!!!”

But I think I’m most excited about the future of Batch 13 – It’s gonna have a roof deck for special events next Spring:

Check out some more photos after the jump.

Stairs to 2nd floor opening in a few weeks

2nd floor

In addition to beer and spirits, the 2nd Floor will feature this sweet sign

Some old murals that you can see from the future 2nd floor deck.

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  • I’m all for small businesses, but I’m not sure this stretch needs ANOTHER liquor store. There are like 4 or 5 on 14th Street. Good luck to them, though

    • The yuppies need access to $100 bottles of wine + $18 six packs. 🙂

      • yes we do Anon,

        I have all these $50s and $100s and just don’t know what to do with them. In winter I used them to start the fires in our many fireplaces…..

  • A liquor store is opening in Logan Circle? It’s like the mid 1990s all over again!

  • I was really hoping for a Waffle House to go in that location.

  • Something’s gotta give, Cork, Cork and Fork, this place and 3-4 longstanding stores down the block. Even though I am a few blocks away, for some reason I still buy most of my wine and beer from Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Please 14th Street investors, somebody open up a decent pizza place, a good deli, a bakery, good Chinese/India/Vietnamese/Southern restaurant…

    • Have you tried Pizzoli’s? I think their pizza rules.

    • See: Taylor Gourmet, Great Wall. I’m with you on a bakery, though.

      • bakery/scoop shop.

        this gives me ideas. I know the need is there…

        • really? With Whole Foods for baked goods and Pitango and Sweetgreen for frozen desserts, I’m not sure a scoop shop is that useful.

          Now, a day care center….that would be great. At $1200-1800 a kid, it seems like a good business if you can get over the regulatory hurdles.

    • Hang in there…….Matchbox Pizza will be open in a few more months at 14th and T Street

      • Ugh, another chain??

        • Wah Wah – Matchbox a chain, yeah yeah, they have awesome food, christ they’re one of the only places i know in DC that also has some very hard to find whiskeys behind the bar..

  • Free wine tastings tonight from 6-9 as well, specially picked vino to help you beat the heat! PLUS a raffle drawing for a gift certificate will be drawn tonight good for a $250 gift certificate!

  • brookland_rez

    I stopped in and picked up a 6 pack Friday night. Nice store. Most 6 packs of good beer cost $7-$10 there, which is about right.

  • Great, its time we had more options than zero customer service “Barrel House Liquors”.

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