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  • Nice!

    And that looks like a pop-up, taking advantage of the mansard roof thing in the front. Very unobtrusive (at least in these pics); nicely done!

  • Bravo! I bet the neighbors in the attached house are thrilled too.

  • T

    this has been a long time coming. that place is huuuuge. looks great to me.

  • Developer bought it for $500k. Obviously needed to plow even more than that into it to fix it up. But now they’ll probably have, what? 8 units that will sell for $400k+ I bet big profit for the developer.

  • I live right around the corner and have seen this renovation unfold over the last 6 months. No doubt this is a huge boon for this block and a definite plus for the neighborhood – however, it appears that they took several short-cuts/money savers. I wish they had finished the back extension and pop-up off with bricks. It’s hard to see it in the pictures above, but the bump out in the back and the pop-up look cheap and have a very different feel/look than the rest of the building. Also, I hope they take care of the graffiti on the front stairs. I’ve been waiting for the developers to take care of that for a while and am surprised this hasn’t been done yet. Also, the random door on the side of the building (with the little Juliette balcony) is just odd.
    Don’t get me wrong – I’m excited about the transformation, I just wish they’d gone the extra 10%.

    • Man, some people are never satisfied.

      • First impressions are huge, and the first thing I saw when I saw the front were the crappy, crumbling concrete stairs and graffiti. Just because you and I can look past that doesn’t mean everyone or even most people can.

  • It has been so fun to watch this transformation. And Dina is awesome!! So great to see her name on the sign. Best of luck!!

  • brookland_rez

    Generic Home Depot renovation. Blah.

  • Interesting that the same graffito that was on the front of the stoop before the renovation is still there.

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