2 Women Shot at 1am by 12th and U Street, NW

From MPD:

“At approximately 1 am, Third District units were called to the area of 12th and U Street for sounds of gunshots. Officers found 2 adult females suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds. Anyone with information relating to this event is encouraged to call (202)727 9099 or email me directly at [email protected]

MPD also tweeted:

“3D Shooting //1200 blk U Street NW // (2) A/F shot //1 in the face 1 in the neck //both conscious & breathing”

Ed. Note: One week ago on July 21st two women were shot at 2:45am by 11th and U St, NW. Three arrests were made in that incident.

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  • What is wrong with people? Why is U St. returning to what is used to be 9 years ago, or the new Adams Morgan? Can’t people just go out and have a good time without having to be concerned about this ridiculousness? People getting shot, women getting sexually assaulted, and gays getting attacked, beaten, and hospitalized. Insane. Sick of it.

  • Something needs to be done to shut down a few of the bars on U Street.

    • Can you justify that statement? Did a bar shoot someone? Last weeks shooters were driving a car with MD plates… Maybe we should close the boarders on the weekends?

      • Maybe not just on the weekends. It would help the traffic problems. And maybe Metro’d have enough money to fix the system.

      • I love the idea of DC closing it’s borders on the weekends. Weekdays, too! We should build a gigantic wall around the city. We’ve got a natural moat on the Virginia side and god knows we can easily discourage any Virginians suicidal enough to swim without protective gear in the poopy Potomac. Marylanders will be more of a challenge — they’re a pesky bunch.

        • Totally – because people who grew up/live in PG, Montgomery, Arlington, and Fairfax have less of a right to spend time in DC than the people who moved to the District from other areas of the country in the past five years to trendy, gentrified neighborhoods…

        • I split my time between bucolic Northern Virginia and gritty Shaw. Guess which I prefer? Two guesses for a quarter…

    • I agree…

  • Shot in the face and it’s non life-threatening. Lucky girl. Something is up with that little area. A buddy of mine (with two others) got held up by a guy with a sawed-off shotgun late night on a weekend at 10th & V. Be careful out there..

  • Maybe we can get back our gun control laws!?!?!?

    • Yeah… Really don’t think that’s gonna make any change. People who shoot others in the face aren’t likely to be swayed by not being able to legally have handguns in the district.

    • DC still has very strict gun control laws. Basically, the only change since the Court decisions is that you can own a gun in DC to protect your home, but you must register it with the police and keep it locked and unloaded in your home. Anyone carrying a gun in public and using it in a crime is violating the laws you think no longer exist. I own several guns, all legally registered with the MPD (and purchased 20+ years ago when I lived in a rural area). People like me aren’t shooting people on U Street. Since we DO have strict gun control laws, and people are still getting shot, maybe there are better solutions.

  • I live I live in this area right on 11th & U Streets. I think this area is no different from any other. When you are out at that time of night in any area of the city you are putting your self at risk for danger.

  • It’s folks from Ben’s Next Door and Indulj – I’ve seen the BS every friday and saturday from 1-3 pm when they close and the masses traipse down 12th hootin’ and hollerin’. Sit on my steps or I will start recording it so you all can see the nonsense and misbehavior. Cheap vodka bottles strewn around everywhere so that less money needs to be spent in the bar. Its cars from MD and VA coming in for a good time, not giving a sh@@ about any of us who live there. The gun issue is a more recent and unfortunate development so I hope my fellow locals will start working toward getting a few problem clubs closed down before the shootings result in someone’s death.

    And FYI, the shots last night were fired 50 ft from my front door while I was watching TV on the couch.

    • Less Bens Next Door…more so Alero.

      • I agree. The ABC board should examine a few of these so called restaurants, especially Alero. I refuse to go there because they have become a club. They have a security guard at the front door checking IDs……something you should not need if you are a try restaurant.

  • crazy. my window faces this corner and i fell asleep maybe 15 minutes before this happened and didn’t hear a thing. god bless ear plugs.

  • To add to the editorial note about last weekends shooting at 11th and U….three arrests may have been made but all three gunmen were released until their preliminary hearing on August 21st. Shooting people isn’t threatening enough to the public to warrant holding in jail, or the jail is already overflowing with those that are more threatening. Either way, it’s an upsetting situation to allow gunmen right back out onto the streets.

    • wow, this is truly disturbing even if they are only “suspected” gunmen. Would you be able to cite where you found this info?

    • At this time I feel it is worth nothing that the District’s judicial system is operated by the federal government. All local felonies are prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s office and the judges are appointed by a commission comprised of 7 members, only 3 of whom represent the District: the other four are appointed by the DC Bar, the President, and the Chief Judge of the US District Court.

      Any complaints about the DC judicial system should be taken to the appropriate party: nobody.

  • We are going to have to work now with local business and 3D on a plan to deal with our summer street crime wave.

    • i would think that local businesses would jump at the chance to help… would only help business right? guess you may have to prove that whatever measures were proposed would yield positive outcomes (could be tricky)… but worth a shot!

  • Indulj maybe…Ben’s crowd is a little harder to believe … I often stop by there in Saturday’s and was there last night. It was filled with 30-something professionals who seemed less likely to shout a woman in the face. Think you need to look at other clubs like the old Bohemian Caverns…sometimes the obvious choice is MIT always the correct one.

    • Agreed…I play regularly at both Ben’s and Indulj, and while neither are at all rough the nights I play, Ben’s is definitely much more of a “grown-ups” bar. Indulj does have “grown and sexy” Gogo bands (aka not bands that bring a thug crowd) sometimes on the weekend, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that brings an occasional ruffian into the neighborhood. Bohemian Caverns is still the same place, and still has a great crowd and live jazz even on the weekends – its the upstairs, LIV, that sometimes hosts more club-like events with DJs, etc. The Caverns is still a gem of a venue for live music, and a piece of DC music history.

      The sad thing is that these bars are being blamed primarily because they have a largely black clientele (which, btw, was basically the ONLY clientele you would have found on U street when I first started gigging in DC 12 years ago), but these aren’t the troublemakers, just like in Adams Morgan the troublemakers usually aren’t the people INSIDE the bars. It’s the people who come to “cruise the strip,” hang out on the sidewalk and watch girls and start fights. Customers buying drinks usually stay inside and cause less trouble; it’s the loiterers who just come for the free show outside the clubs that are the one creating mayhem.

      • It’s a rare commenter who knows what they are talking about, this is one of them.

      • agreed but how do you combat the trouble makers who are loitering outside? A higher police presence or more security at the clubs?

        On another note, I was walking around Columbia Heights Saturday night and passed two uniformed police officers (at separate times) walking the beat. Maybe more of that in U street would help?

        • I agree with you!

        • Enforce the drinking in public laws. Drink alcohol outside, go directly to jail. Just have the paddy wagon there, and put them in the wagon as you round them up. Can get a few dozen every Friday/Saturday night and the word will get out quickly.

          Ultimately we need to keep ramping up police officer #s. It sounds like DC is +200 police officers since 2010. Hopefully as our tax collections keep increasing, this is an area they throw money at. I would like to see another 500 honestly, that should give the numbers they need to really crackdown in areas that they want too.

      • It’s pretty challenging to respond when people bring up race, but I actually think that that those venues were brought up in comments not because “they have a largely black clientele,” but rather because those are the open venues at the location of the shootings.

        • You’re missing the point. Regardless of whether people are pointing to those bars/clubs because “they have a largely black clientele” or because they “are the open venues at the location of the shootings”, the discussion is still failing to distinguish between patrons and loiterers.

  • I gather the Wallach Place folks want to use these shootings to advance their so-called “smart growth” agenda. I’m not sure what a couple of shootings in front of the same well-established night clubs has to do with building the Louis or other large apartments buildings in the nieighborhood tending to young, single professionals. Another way to look at this is that the fact that the recent shootings are getting so much press is proof of how far this neighborhood has come.

  • question about the MPD tweet — is “A/F” African American female? then what would Asian female be recorded as?

  • I don’t think it’s fair to blame a particular bar or restaurant for the actions of its patrons. If there are problems inside the establishment, that’s one thing. But neither Ben’s nor Alero (nor any other such establishment) can control what their patrons do once they leave the premises. They certainly can’t control what people who aren’t patrons do – those who come to hang around outside. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that there are lots of knuckleheads out there who don’t go out to have a good time, but go out to start trouble.

  • Well, the solution to the problem, from a sociological and urban planning standpoint, is three fold:

    First, the area suffers (badly) from physical deterioration. The sidewalks are crumbling (and too narrow to boot), the buildings and parking meters and signs poles are covered in graffiti, and there is trash *everywhere*. Some of this will be addressed by the streetscape rebuild that just kicked off, but the rest needs to be dealt with more comprehensively – the best solution in place here in DC is the Business Improvement District model. Simple answer here: U Street needs to finish the streetscape rebuild and start a BID to clean the area every day. By creating a clean and safe environment, it actually DOES impact behavior in that environment.

    Second, U Street needs to engage the other prong of the broken windows theory and address *actions*, in addition to environment. Philadelphia and New York have both been very successful in tasking the police in certain downtown neighborhoods with actually enforcing the laws, instead of ignoring it because it’s too much paperwork to arrest someone for stumbling around or pissing in a parking spot. All it takes is a couple weeks and an extra ten or fifteen officers on evenings and weekends walking the streets AND the alleys with their eyes open to rack up a couple hundred arrests for public intoxication, public urination, open container violations, and disorderly conduct, and the community gets the message – come here, behave, and have a good time and go home. Come here to cause trouble and you will go to jail. The crowds thin out quickly, but you’re not losing customers – just loiterers.

    Lastly, ABRA laws in the city need to change. The MOST SIGNIFICANT thing that the city council can do to deal with issues in this neighborhood (and many, many others) is to require bars to have last call a half an hour (or more) before they can close for the night. This gives the crowd time to pee indoors, sober up a tad, and then filter out slowly over a half an hour, instead of having all of the patrons kicked out of every bar at 2:59am. Another upside to staggered closing times – it’s a LOT easier to find a cab if they do it this way. That means a lot of people riding home instead of walking because they couldn’t get a ride.

    But, this is DC, so of course they aren’t about to do something that makes sense. Which is why U Street is off my social agenda for a while.

  • why all the complaints about getting out on bail? this country is founded on innocent till proven guilty? and that has nothing to do with DC – thankfully it’s how the whole country works – check back and see if they end up getting a big jail term – if found to be the perpetrators, i bet they will

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