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  • WTF are these guys talking about? That place is nowhere near NY Avenue.

  • Isnt this right near where that sad story of the hold out against the development took place? He was going to start a pizza shop too…

  • That is one hideous font.

  • I thought we were going to get a sandwich shop there instead? Seems like too much pizza for the area with Fuel at 6th and F. Regardless, I refuse to go until they manage to cram another lame cultural reference into their sign.

    • And at least two more exclamation points!!

    • @Nicoli — I believe the sandwich place (The Carving Room) is still heading into that space. This is the smaller storefront right on the corner, while the Carving Room was (is?) headed for the larger space fronting 4th Street.

    • I’m going to wait and reserve judgement. I only hope that this is not another in a string of painful disappointments like Fuel and 3 Pizanos. If he can bring us something that even remotely resembles a slice from Joe’s I will be happy.

  • Great!!! Now I can really still feel like I’m in college with a pizza, sub, and hot dog option on every corner. DC, please stop striving to be so square!

  • brookland_rez

    If it’s really NY style pizza, there’s a market for it. Having grown up in the NY area, I miss authentic NY style pizza.

    On the other hand, if it’s just another half-assed attempt at NY style, then I predict it won’t last long.

  • why would they say forget about it on their sign?

  • I was wondering if you’re hiring for your new restaurnat in washington,D.C, how do I go about apply for a kitchen position, such as, dishwasher/prep person, I can only work , I can only work during the day time hours for now, Thank you.

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