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  • I’m confused– was this taken at Lauriol? If so why didn’t you ask someone while you were there? I’m sure the staff would be able to explain.

  • Would be a shame if they got rid of the pitchers though– the promise of a frosty, swirly pitcher shared with friends was that ever persuaded me, against my better judgement, to go to Lauriol Plaza.

  • Half Pitchers maybe?

  • What about whole pitchers? Those things were disgustingly expensive, and incredibly delicious. Had a great girls night a few months ago there over some full (not half!) pitchers.

  • Was there last night. It is half pitchers that are gone. DC ABC decided that to many people were drinking the half pitchers as a drink. Now you have to get a full pitcher and get sloshed.

  • I couldn’t be happier. Maybe the PG Country crowds will decrease, and people/cabs will stop double parking in front of an IN my alley (fingers crossed). Great News!

  • totally overpriced at $27.95 per pitcher. But I’m biased since I really really hate this place. A lot.

  • I really hope PoP’s title for this post was a nod to the missing words in both the photo and the OP’s question. If so, well done!

  • So I need to buy 2.5 glasses of margaritas instead of a half pitcher? That’s about as foolish as only selling cigarettes individually with the thought that no one would smoke an entire pack…

  • DC is a nanny state.

  • God I hate this place. Nothing there is that good, and it’s always packed. So sad that those engaging in brunch at 3:30 can’t get this expensive option.

    /Get off my lawn

  • The half pitchers were perfect to split with a friend over dinner. The food may not be great, but I do enjoy their swirls.

  • I live in the neighborhood, I doubt this will actually curb the drunken crowds. I go to Lauriol occasionally (but only on weekdays), and noticed the last time I was there that people had personal half pitchers and were drinking directly from them. Also, there has been a significant increase in police presence this year. So I guess I’m not that surprised that some changes were made.


  • maybe this will cause people to reflect on their decision to go there in the first place. i can get overpriced, crappy mexican food anywhere but eating it without the benefit of being intoxicated by margaritas is simply not an option.

  • I literally just polished off two pitchers of margarita about a half hour ago. Delicious.

  • Anybody know the agency that supposedly created this regulation? (I don’t think DC has an “ABC”) I suspect the restaurant is adopting this rule to mitigate problems they themselves have noticed with roudy customers who drink half-pitchers, and then cause troubles with their neighbors.

  • Everybody calling this place expensive must be comparing it to taco bell.

  • I think it’s also because people, (like myself) would order the half pitcher and just put the straw straight into it and drink from the pitcher. It violates some measurment law. With the full pitcher, the ritas are poured into 12 oz mugs. My 2¢

  • Good. Now that the half-pitcher menace has been dealt with, ABRA can get back to their important work of not letting Adams Morgan businesses apply for patio licenses.

  • I’ll miss the 1/2 pitchers. They were a nice way to split the frozen ones with a friend. With a full pitcher the frozen margaritas turn to mush. My favorite is the frozen margarita swirled in with non-frozen sangria.

  • It’s not really that hard to deal with stupid regulations. Offer a special deal for whatever the price of the half-pitcher is as however many individual drinks you need for the cost. Serve those individual drinks in a pitcher – bump up the tequila as needed. There is no regulation over how many ounces of liquor can be in an individual drink.

    • What makes you think this is a “stupid regulation” rather than the restaurant itself restricting pitcher sales (and cowardly trying to deflect criticism onto the all-too-easy target of government). There is no “ABC provision,” and if ABRA had instituted a new regulation, I think we’d hear about it on the news, given the recent publicity over New York and Bloomberg.

  • Are they still allowed to serve Long Island iced teas? I bet they have more alcohol than a half pitcher of margaritas.

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