What is the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar? Ahhh – Capital Fringe Festival Starts July 12th

I was wondering about the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent Bar at 607 New York Ave, NW. Here’s more info on the tent:

Festival July 12 to 29
Tuesday – Friday: 5pm to 2am
Saturday – Sunday Noon to 2am
Closed Monday

All Ages Welcome! Dogs and animals of all kinds too!

Meatball Sliders, Classic Burger, Half-Smoke, Classic Hot Dog, Yummy Veggie

Wrap, Hummus & Pita, Chips, Granny Smith Apples…

7 taps for 7 years of FRINGE
Happy Hour specials: 5:00pm to 7pm
Prosecco ON TAP!!!

Bottles/Cans of Beer (12oz)
List Coming Soon!

Wine, sun tea, herb infused lemonade, soda and much more…

And more info on the Capital Fringe Festival here.

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  • A gypsy themed bar? Sounds racist to me!

  • I’m performing in the fringe as a dancer for darlingdance company (www.darlingdance.com). We’re excited to debut a new work at the Fringe and break out two other works that have been performed throughout DC and in Chicago. Most of the dancers call Columbia Heights their home, and we’d love to see our neighbors in the audience!

  • Fringe is tons of fun! I want to put in a plug for Mitzi’s Abortion, which (despite the name) is a comedy that will be at the Warehouse starting July 12. Support local theater and buy Fringe tickets!

  • Allison

    Use of word gypsy so not cool.

    • Is this an example of “hipster attempting to use racism as ironic description doesn’t realize they are racist”?

      Why yes, yes it is. Carry on Fringe folks.

      • They do sound a bit pretentious on their website:

        “Why Baldacchino?
        Baldacchino is a canopy of fabric carried in church processions or placed over an altar, throne, or dais. We view our patrons and all Fringe Artists as fitting such a grand cover… as a Baldacchino.

        “Why Gypsy?
        Well, we are inclined to a nomadic existence and thrive on an unconventional way of life.”

    • I bet lots of people will be offended by this. And if I lose this bet, I won’t welsh on it.

  • that sucks. please change the name of your tent

  • I didn’t think it was pejorative to use “gypsy” to mean “nomadic.” Is it?

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