What Do You Think of the Columbia Heights’ Giant’s New Window Display?

Dear PoPville,

I was at our newly-remodeled Tivoli Square Giant this evening and was disappointed when I noticed the new ads they’ve put up completely covering the front windows. I hate when stores do this; at best it’s a really silly corporate branding decision. I always thought that being able to look through the windows into the store did a lot to liven the streetscape.

I also prefer to be able to look into the windows. Maybe it won’t be permanent?

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  • It looks like it’s blocking all the sun/light. Why would that be an improvement?

  • horrible!

  • I gotta believe it’s temporary. They’ve got a big “Welcome to Our Grand Reopening” banner up there too. I guess just touting the remodel (which is DEFINITELY an improvement) . . .

  • A lot of chain retail stores’ designs nowadays don’t lend themselves well to front window displays. Look at CVS. If you’re lucky, a few windows might be open … to the cashier’s backs. Off the top of my head, I don’t know any chain grocery stores that make an effort to have front window displays.

  • i don’t like it because it means you cannot see if there are huge lines or not, you have to actually go in…

    technically brilliant but it is so frustrating!

  • I am of the opinion that it stinks. I hope it’s only temporary.

  • My view is this: Being able to see into the store (and out of the store) is a public safety issue. I’m not saying the area is not safe. I’m sharing what the police long ago told me about numerous signs in store windows – they are terrible idea.

  • did it turn into a strip club?

  • Often stores cover their windows to create additional shelf space and effectively increase the usable square footage of the store. I’d guess that by covering the windows Giant can put a Redbox, Rug Doctor and Coinstar at the front of the store without worrying about what they look like from the outside.

    Agree the window coverings are ugly.

  • This, along with the flags and signs out on the sidewalk, seemed to be temporary and related to the reopening they began pushing this weekend. At least, I hope.

    I bothers me that Giant didn’t properly care for the trees it used to have planted out front, which are now dead and gone. I like that they filled the boxes with shrubs, but I assume they made some public commitment to maintain trees in connection with their permitting. Anyone know the story here?

  • One of the checkers told me that they did it to reduce glare and heat in the front of the store – customers and checkers alike were complaining.

  • This is terrible – someone should notify the DC government – this has to be a violation of their zoning approvals!!!

    Time to shop elsewhere — and show them that we do not accept this suburban crap here. Safeway’s just down the road…..

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