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  • Is it really so hard to provide a little more information and some decent photos? (The answer is no.)

  • springroadintoaction

    1350 for a studio in Petworth smells ridiculous, but after seeing some of the prices in the area recently, it’s probably a pretty good deal.

  • My friend, moving to the area from San Francisco, recently asked me: “How am I going to afford to live there?” Oh, you can get a place in Petworth or Mt. Pleasant, I tell her, all breezy-like. Apparently not.

    We’re in a bad way when people from SF are experiencing sticker shock.

  • Based on the kitchen and that window A/C unit this indicates the unit is a reduced price… This in fact is one of the cheapest rentals you can get in the area, but I’m not sure it will be very comfy through the summer heat. The listing needs more pics, an indication of which floor it’s on etc… I hope the apartment listings get expanded, this one listing has been coming up as the only option in the area and it scares me.

  • This is way over priced! There are studios going for this up on Conn ave. Granted, it is further out from the city, but I’d rather know I am coming home to a studio where people aren’t shot every other day and cockroaches don’t run amok.

  • I think the rent is fair but I live on this block and I may be a bit biased. The thing is, the place is literally a half a block from the Metro Station and within short walking distance to 11th Street Shops and Tivoli. And, actually, that side of Rock Creek Church Road is technically part of the Columbia Heights subdivision. The border between CH and Petworth is located somewhere near the center of the street. So, this neighborhood is not Petworth proper. Basement apartments can command this much on this side of the tracks.

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