(Was it a) Good Deal or Not? “ITALIANATE JEWEL” edition

This house is located at 819 Q St, NW:

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The listing says:


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath was listed at $639,900 and went under contract in less than a week.

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  • devoe

    What an amazing transformation – I can’t wait til they are done with the build-out on all four addresses – it will be interesting to see who fills the retail/restaurant spaces

  • Yes, someone got an excellent deal!

  • Looked at this place. Very, very nice renovation but the place is tiny (for a house) , only has a very small outdoor patio (with no privacy), and there is no parking. Still, the location is A+. If your comparison shopping was a condo, then this place would be awesome. If you were looking for a house with a little bit of patio/outdoor space, a big kitchen, and parking, then this wasn’t for you, so I passed.

    • Please tell me how many back yard patio spaces have total privacy in Washington DC? Seriously, some reality, please.

      • DC’s got plenty of homes with private backyards… you won’t find much in a ROWhouse, but in a normal detached, you’d be pleasantly surprised. Grew up in one. All my friends did too… everyone I knew had lovely backyards conducive to sunbathing without some creepy neighbor leering

        • In the heart of the city? Please tell me where in the District are all these freestanding, detached homes? I’m not talking about the Palisades, or the monstrous homes in CP?

          • Crestwood certainly has beautiful homes — both detached and attached of various sizes — and we are in the city . . .

          • 16 Street Heights! Great big houses, lots of backyards, total privacy, close to everything. Come on up! Used to live in Dupont..so glad we found 16 Street Heights/

      • they were not expressing concern that it does not have total privacy, they are expressing that it has no privacy.

        • Huh? What’s the difference to you between no privacy and total privacy? I mean either it is private or it’s not, not like a lot of room for in between?

  • this is TINY!!!! DC prices are getting INSANE

  • I think it’s a sweet place. Lucky owners, congrats!

  • Great deal – especially given the location.

  • The listing says the lot is 600 sq ft. Assuming it has a small patio, the total square feet of living space is probably about 1000. That’s really small. There also seems to be something wrong with all of the bath exhaust vents which may suggest some bigger problem that shouldn’t exist for this price.

  • Thanks for the positive comments! It was a tough choice to make for sure.

  • I just don’t see how this is a sweet deal. The living space is nonexistent. Look at the set up of the living room. Really? two chairs can’t fit in the space without someone running into them when walking through the front door. the kitchen is IN the living room…. really?? for $700K?? NO THANKS

    • Well, that’s what places like Petworth, Bloomingdale, and the suburbs are for– people who want more space for the money. This is a fantastic price given the location.

      • devoe

        Who would’ve thought we’d see the day when 9th and Q, directly fronting the Shiloh Baptist Church Memorial Slum Row (SBCMSR) was touted as a great location? Actually I did (although the SBCSMR still needs to go), and given the pace at which the city is moving I would be surprised if prices in Bloomingdale didn’t catch up to this area in five years.

        • THANK YOU!!!!

        • the church doesn’t need to go. it’s a CHURCH. have some respect. the church has been there long before you and your friends deemed the area suitable.

          • It seems that Devoe was referring to the buildings the church is letting be demolished by neglect and not the church itself

          • -1

            Churches shouldn’t be accorded automatic respect. Like any other person, group or institution, they must earn it. And based on the how badly many of the church-owned properties in Bloomingdale are being maintained by their owners, I’m not convinced that respect is due.

          • bloomingdude,

            what issues do you have with the churches? is it just the parking issue or more than that?

      • this place isn’t that far from Bloomingdale and the location JUST got decent (up and coming if you will) because of the O street market renovations underway. maybe it’s because i’m from here and i can’t believe people are paying this kind of money to live in that area. things have CHANGED.

        • i think the longer you’ve lived in dc the harder it is to understand just how nice some areas are today.
          you think to yourself, man i was just there and i saw such and such, and the gunshots and all that. but then you’re like, well, maybe that was a few years ago… hmmm. maybe it was 5 years ago i was there….

  • Given how tiny the place looks in the photos (and presumably if it looks small in professional photos, it looks/feels smaller in real life), I’m surprised the flipper chose to put in such a large laundry closet. Sure, side-by-side machines are nice if you have the space, but when space is at a premium, it seems crazy not to have the machines stacked and the saved space for something else.

  • The DC Real property database has that lot size at 545 sq/ft. I did a quick, but relatively accurate dimmensioning off google earth, and the house is 12X35, or 420 SQ/ft. Assuming 3 full levels, you paid 640K for a 1260 sq/ft place with no parking that is officially in an “eh” location. $505 sq/ft is a pretty ridiculous price to pay. Take a look at the comps that show up on Redfin. You now officially own the most expensive real estate (by a bit of a margin) in the comparable area.

    There are so many other SFH’s in comparable DC locations in the 550-650 range to choose from . But hey…enjoy your house.

    • THANK YOU!

    • Come on, play nice. Someone bought the place already, it’s not nice to try to make them feel badly about it now after the fact. It’s small but it’s cute and cozy. You say “eh” location but that’s a changing. Maybe you’re biased against the expansion of development in this area (and rah rah for it updwards ) but no need to come and make someone feel badly and try to instigate a sense of “buyers remorse.”

      • You’re kidding right. They purposely put themselves out there and contacted POP to see if they got a good deal. They didn’t, by a margin. If they didn’t want to hear it, then they should have kept it to themselves. If all they wanted was an echo chamber then asking people for their opinion is the wrong way to go about it.

        But, if legitimate and factual information hurts the supposed adult sensibilities of the OP, then fine.

        “Good job, you are awesome and Donald Trump ain’t got nothing on your real estate savvy”.

        • What makes you think that the buyers submitted this to PoP to put it out in the village to see if this was a good deal or not? You may be more savvy in how this stuff works and maybe that’s what happened here. If that’s the case, I am sorry and I would agree then it is open to comments because if you put it out here then you are looking for an honest critique. I didn’t see or maybe I missed where this entry indicates that it was reader (or buyer in this case) submitted. I think PoP usually identifies it as such. I think when the buyer doesn’t submit it intentionally, it’s a different ballgame and maybe trying to incite buyer’s remorse is not the way to go. Our approach is different. When you call this an “eh” location (which is fine because that’s your personal opinion) but the truth is many of the neighborhoods (with few exceptions) discussed on PoP people are speculating about the value now and in the future.

        • people skilz iz hard.

  • From a strictly $/sq. ft. perspective this is not a good deal. The place IS tiny. That price could have commanded a much larger property merely 3-4 blocks to the east, which negates any location advantages (and I’m talking Shaw/Ledroit proper, not Eckington/NoMa). If the owners love it for some “intangible” reasons, then they bought the house they wanted. But objectively they paid at the tippy top of the price range for the area. Of course I fully expect that 5 years from now it will have retained it’s value, but so will *much* larger properties in Bloomingdale/Ledroit/Shaw/Truxton. Regardless, love it for what it’s worth to you.

  • We went to the open house because we bought a somewhat larger house, with a little yard for a bit less money several months ago, and like to see what’s going on the market in our neighborhood. My thoughts: the neighborhood is fantastic (clearly biased here), the renovation is well done, but that’s not going to change the sq footage of the place – it’s a small house – but, not everyone wants or needs a huge home. The staging shows that you can get a couch, a couple chairs, and a small dining room table on the first floor, and that’s great! Welcome to the neighborhood, buyers, you’re going to love it.

  • Cute place, but the price is freaking nuts. And I’m from here, too.

  • Can’t wait to have new neighbors in there. It’s a surprisingly quiet street near the geographic center of the city, with great neighbors, metro access and an avalanche of development coming.

    No doubt, that price reflects today what the O Street Market/Addison Square will make the neighborhood in a few years. If they’re holding on to it for more than 3 years, they won’t lose money, and right now that seems to be the price of admission to the neighborhood.

    Welcome to Shaw!

  • I am the guy who bought the house. There are lots of interesting perspectives on this. My motivation stemmed from wanting to buy a fee-simple house (no HOA fees) that was relatively small (unlike a lot of the house flips in Petworth, for example). I also wanted to be near the Metro and strongly considered the neighboring houses in my purchase. In my six-month search, I came across really well-done houses, but many were neighboring extremely blighted properties. The City Market at O project presents tremendous potential for the area, which is already on an upswing. The price factor for me is on par with some new construction condos in the area–minus parking (considering square feet too). It is definitely a condo alternative versus a property for someone who wants a much larger house with a bigger backyard and front yard. The only thing I gave up is parking. I have lived in the U Street and Columbia Heights neighborhoods. Next is Shaw and I am excited about it. Looking forward to connecting with people in the area!

    • it’s a great area that will be getting astronomically better.
      congratulations on the purchase.

    • Buyer, why did you change your mind?

      • Sometimes price and quality are at polar ends of a spectrum. Based on what I found out in the process of purchase (inspection), the discrepancy between price and quality arose fairly strongly–strong enough to raise red flags that perhaps not everything was taken care of that needed to be–matters that go beyond making things look nice on the surface.

        • We’re first time buyers and you’ve hit on something that makes me nervous – the home inspection. Were these issues that were identified to you by the home inspector, or did you ask additional questions? Did you know the home inspector to be of very high quality? Esp. with renovated houses, I know that the quality of the work can vary greatly, and I worry about not knowing anything about the process of home inspection and not knowing what to look for/ask.

          • I am not a first-time home buyer but am new to the home inspection aspect as this is the first time I took advantage of it. Last time I bought a house, I didn’t use a realtor so I skipped some of these steps. And, I bought a new construction place (condo). However, this round I went with the home inspection, especially because I was considering a house flip and there were elements that are quite old that I felt needed review. I trusted the home inspector because he was very thorough. He himself pointed out issues that perhaps you nor I would know about. The quality of work can vary, yes, so that is why a home inspector is good to engage in the buying process.

  • Looks like the house is back on the market. Wonder if home inspection revealed something, or if buyer changed his/her mind…

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