Vida Fitness Getting Creative in order to Catch Thieves Breaking into Lockers

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From NBC Washington:

Thieves have been targeting lockers and stealing wallets at the Vida Fitness gym at 445 K St. NW, said manager Chris Kopp.

Kopp had posted signs warning would-be thieves they’re being watched by surveillance cameras, but he decided to take efforts a bit further.

He used an old Marine and college prank: putting flour in a locker.

Surveillance video shows a man doused by a puff of flour as he opens a locker.

I’m also curious about the very last question raised in the video – what do you think about video cameras in the locker room?

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  • I’m not sure about cameras in locker rooms. I would need to see more footage first, preferably from the women’s locker room.

    • Sorry. According ot management the cameras are only in the mens room. Odd isn’t the owner of this gym gay? I can’t wait until naked videos of gym members start showing up on youtube! Lawsuit.

      • That’s a pretty heinous insinuation to make about someone.

        • So Kelly5612. Would you be ok if the cameras were in the woman’s locker room video tapiong you changing? These cameras are not placed at the entrance of the locker room they face the entire changing area. You’re ok if they place them in the woman’s room?

          • I’m referring to the sentence, “Odd isn’t the owner of this gym gay?” The line is apropos of nothing, but the poster suggests by the following sentence that because he’s gay the video might end up online. That’s some screwy logic, dontcha think?

      • Yeah ’cause gay men are all about the porn. Of course the owner of a chain of spas/gyms/restaurants would post x rated pics of member’s members on YouTube. What would he have to lose?

  • WTF! Video cameras are in the locker rooms?! Do they mention that to the members? (Bravo on the flour idea, though)

  • I’m ok with it in the men’s room, but having a camera in the women’s room just seems like a lawsuit ready to happen.

    • Seriously? You are OK with this in the mens room but not the womans? That is what some call a double standard.

      Men change in direct site of those cameras i.e. get naked. Who the hell is watching those videos? Its an invasion of privacy.

    • Privacy rights are not gender-based.

  • what exactly did the flour accomplish?

  • I love the reporter in the story saying “this man, who appears to be stuck in the window…” Made my day.

  • Vida on U Street needs to enforce the “no cell phone use in locker room” policy. There are people on phones all the time in the man’s locker room. I’d be willing to bet some of those “calls” are actually video recordings instead.

    • This is in the vein I am talking about. I hear in Vida they are just open and wild with it. To each their own but have respect for other people.

    • Allison

      Based on some of the Craigslist postings I’ve read about VIDA’s lockerrooms, it’s practically a whorehouse.

      • Hmmmmmm…….What section of Craigslist are you going to see these postings?

        • Allison

          Either “missed connections” or “casual encounters.” I read the missed connections because frankly they’re hilarious.

          • Have you seen the Etsy artist who turns Craigslist missed connections into beautiful prints. So gorgeous! The artist’s name is Sophie Blackall.

          • Allison

            Oh noes, my secret is out! ^_^

          • There used to be a show on Logo called “The Big Gay Sketch Show” which had a recurring sketch of “Readings from Craigslist Missed Connections” read by Maya Angelou (or as they always colled her “America’s Treasure, Maua Angelou”) There’d she be (as portrayed by an actor of course) giving seriously dramatic readings of the most crazy Craigslist things, in that grand voice of hers. Very funny!

  • So umm, what was the purpose of the flour and the cameras if dude can just walk out the front door like nothing happened?

    This is only one of the bad things that I have heard about Vida. That place is not for me.

    Lastly, LMAO @ “Watch what happens when I try to yank on this lock, nothing happens” Shomari, you are ok and all but you are no (whatever the old news guy on channel whatever that always cracks me up when he is reporting, I am sure you all know his name).

    • The yanking on the lock to prove how effective it is part made me laugh too! Who knew you could just yank on a regular lock and it would open? Ha ha.

    • The guy gave the front desk his license, so he probably came in either on a guest pass, trial membership or at least without his key chain scanning thing. Clearly he didn’t take anything because it was a dummy locker and he got covered in flour. For them to have a Xerox of the license, he must’ve left it and they showed the Xerox saying not to allow him access again. So it’s one less perp breaking into the lockers.

      The piece says that the cameras were not hidden and that the guys were told they were being recorded. If they have a problem, they could go to a different location.

      • Since cameras are not in the woman’s locker room we will never know if the ladies woudl be equally complacent.

      • “If they have a problem, they could go to a different location.” In the suburbs?

  • I work out at that gym and don’t mind the cameras at all. I seriously doubt the footage would get out and the staff could just come in the locker room if they wanted to see people naked. I am super hot though, so maybe that is why I don’t care about being filmed naked.

    • Maybe you should post some pics here and let us be the judge

    • This is the best comment yet! I don’t know which joke is funnier –
      1. “I seriously doubt the footage would get out…”
      2. “I am super hot though, so maybe that is why I don’t care about being filmed naked.”
      Hilarious – thanks for the laughs!

    • Male staff can’t just can’t just walk in the woman’s locker room and see people naked. However, they can certainly sit in a dark room in the back and watch the monitors.

  • If the cameras are turned on after hours I have no problem with it. But I gymmed at Results and there were ALWAYS 3-4 women who stripped bare in the locker room.

  • I’m not particularly modest, so it wouldn’t bother me as long as the video wasn’t distributed outside the club. Not that anyone would want to look at an old geezer like me anyway. Frankly, I would like to feel like I can take valuables to the gym. It’s a hassle to leave everything at home.

  • How did the thief get the lock off the locker? If there was no lock, the victim is an idiot (yea.. you heard me!) for leaving his valuables in an unlocked locker. If there was a lock, it seems they could improve them to the extent that everyone would hear someone using a crowbar to break it off.

  • There are multiple things wrong with this:

    1. if you are using such a flimsy lock (or no lock at all) that some scrawny kid can literally pull it off with his bare hands, then you need a slap up side the head. Decent combo locks cost all of about 4 bucks in Target. Get one.

    2. Cameras in the locker room? How is that even remotely legal?

    • It’s private property. They can probably get away with doing a lot of things that you would not like.

  • Yup. A gym is not for working out. It’s to be seen working out. Bunch of voyeurs – they should not mind the cameras at all.

  • Cameras in a locker room? How the hell can you expect that footage to NOT get out?

    Anything that is electronically recorded lives on forever.

    I’m not a member, but if I were, I would end my membership the moment I saw the signs… they do have signs, right?

    That said, I’m someone who believes in not getting naked at the gym…

    • too many negatives… I’m a person who believes in not getting naked in the locker room.

      Go home and shower. Wear your gym clothes to the gym or strip down to your underwear, if you must. But the nakedness is just bizarre. And the willingness that some people have to just get naked and walk around, wtf? Its like the highlight of some peoples’ day is to go to the gym and quickly remove all of their clothing.

      Well, jokes on you now, because all it takes is one disgruntled employee and your ass is going to be on youtube.

      • Some of us work out during the day and don’t want to come back to the office smelling funky. Now for the dudes who just walk around with their junk all out – NOT COOL!! Cover the F up and stop using the blowdryer to dry your junk. Also, stop shaving in the damn steamroom. Have some freaking etiquette.

        • Guys walking around nude doesn’t bother me, but I’ve always found the crotch blowdrying to be really weird. I mean, why is that necessary?

        • Guys blow dry their junk! That is hilarious. And also really really disgusting.

        • What?! i had no idea guys did that!

          • Let’s be clear, “GUYS” in general don’t do that. It is totally nasty. “THAT GUY” (we all know who he is) does that and doesn’t care. He also just walks around naked, sits on the bench naked, clips toenails and is otherwise usually just old and disgusting, though not always old but usually older. LOL!

      • The nakedness is just bizarre? My gym has showers. Not sure how one is supposed to shower without getting naked. I suppose it’s possible but not too practical.

        • Plus, Vida has swimming facilities. There’s gonna be some nakedness. Everyone needs to get over their Victorian revulsion for nudity and accept the fact that a locker room is, in fact, a place where people are briefly nude while changing clothes.

  • I have been victim of this sort of crime. It turned out that they could open the back wall of the lockers. It was messed up.

  • So cameras in a locker room are okay but an anonymous full body scan at an airport is a problem?

  • This seems like the worst business idea ever. Vida should not be held responsible for thefts from unlocked/poorly secure lockers (most gyms have that notice), but they certainly will (and should) be held responsible for this infringement of privacy.

    I hope Matchbox is selling enough pizza’s to pay for the forthcoming lawsuits.

  • Is it possible to get these cameras and flour installed in the city council?

  • As long as a sign is posted making it clear that the cameras are present, I wouldn’t have a major problem with it. Don’t many stores monitor their dressing rooms? I see signs posted about this all the time.

    If members weren’t made aware of the policy, of course that’s a problem.

  • Wow, am I glad I ended my membership there. I’m a woman and I got naked in the locker room while changing because that’s what locker rooms are for. They’re also supposed to be semi-safe spaces, and that involves not having cameras recording your naked body. I don’t care if you’re male, female or otherwise – everyone is entitled to a reasonable expectation of not being recorded while in a toilet, changing room or locker room.

    Footage will absolutely be used in ways management didn’t intend. It is guaranteed that those with access to the footage may include one or more weirdos who believe they won’t get caught watching/keeping/sharing/jerking off to it. Better to just not record in the first place and post signage that says management is not responsible for members’ usage of flimsy locks.

    Plus, with Vida’s rates, part of what you’re paying for is a nice locker room. If I have to go home to shower and change… then what exactly is the point of paying the primo prices?

  • I’ve had a locker I was using in a gym (not this one) broken into while a lock was on it. All the thief had to do was rip the metal latch, that the pad lock goes through, off the faux wood. I stopped locking things up after that. He was targeting lockers with locks. Now I just dont bring anything into the gym other than clothes I’d be okay with losing.

  • Did anyone watch the news story? Best laugh ever….

    “We went to the address listed on the license and talked to this man, who looks like he’s stuck in the front window…..”

    Oh man!

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