VeraCruz Art Gallery and Bar Coming to 2106 Vermont Avenue, NW above Duffy’s

2106-08 Vermont Avenue, NW

This could be interesting. VeraCruz will be located on the 2nd floor above Duffy’s at 2106 Vermont Ave, NW (near 9:30 Club.) From a liquor license application:

New Multi-Purpose Facility. Art Gallery dedicated exclusively to interior murals. The gallery also will serve as an art bar with a food program influenced by the diversity of Latin America as seen right here in the DC Area. The beverages and food programs will be centered on the best beers, spirits and affordable food from countries ranging from Mexico to El Salvado to Peru and beyond. With live entertainment and cover charge. Total Occupancy Load is 49.

More info as it becomes available.

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  • This sounds great! Seems like a nice cozy spot for some great food and beer. Can I request Pisco Sours and Cusquenas available all the time?

  • Dang, at this point it seems like every vacant space in the Florida/Vermont triangle is filing up. I remember a time when it seemed like Duffy’s was in the middle of nowhere (in terms of what other bars and restaurants were around it).

    • i know exactly what you mean.

    • still got that big vacant building between the auto garage and Duffy’s neighbor

      • True, but considering in the past year or so almost all the other vacant building are in the process of being filled in with places like the Brixton, Satellite, the unnamed methodone clinic cum bar, the new taco garden, the spinning gym, not to mention the Dickson, American Ice and Dodge City which are all relatively new – I would say that the area has changed dramatically and pretty fast.

  • this sounds fantastic.

  • What’s the deal with that nasty, 1980’s DC gov’t building at the intersection of Florida and 9, down just a bit from Nelly’s?

  • This is going to be run by the same guy who runs the Dunes in Columbia Heights, I believe. City Paper had something about it recently.

  • this description reminds me of the b.s. that some developer’s lawyer was trying to spin about turning the old Platinum space on F Street into a “museum” that oh by the way would need a liquor license to run until 3AM on Friday and Saturday nights.

    An “art gallery” doesn’t need to cite its intention to charge a cover charge on its liquor license.

    Just saying. Not necessarily opposed to this place, but something feels off about the congruence between their public statement and their actual intentions.

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