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  • Yeah, that plate of ribs on the website page is really annoying, I would like to grab it off the screen and lick my chops after devouring them. That aside, I love their website, it is simple and the entries look like one of those pages with sticky labels, but it’s organized and straightforward. Good job!

  • claire

    Definitely a great-looking menu! The number of places in Petworth that I need to check out keeps going up…

  • I have so many questions!

    1) What happened to the crab cakes that were on the menu I saw through the window?

    2) Will they deliver?

    3) Anyone know the story behind the new sign? (Seems odd that they’ve had two signs posted before opening, but I’m just curious.)

  • I hope they change the glass at the front of the store, it reminds me of old school carry out shops that used to be there.

  • I’ve been checking to see if they are open every week. They need frequent shopper cards. I cannot wait to spend some money!

  • Please let them deliver! Sounds delish!

  • Where are the vegetarian options? 🙂

    Two words – Awe Some!
    I really need to try this “mumbo sauce” dealie. DC is supposedly famous for it.

  • Are they going to serve pit beef there? I don’t see it on the menu.

  • Where is the so called pit beef?

  • Nice. I’m excited. Can’t wait to try it out when it opens.

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