The Washington DC Homebrew Scene by Elena Chiriboga

Elena Chiriboga is journalism master’s student at Georgetown University

“Homebrewing was made legal in United States under the presidency of Jimmy Carter during the late 1970s. Since then, homebrewing has become a popular hobby in urban communities, giving way to small breweries, craft beer and a DIY movement. This video offers a glimpse of the growing Washington D.C. beer and homebrew scene. Featuring interviews from Mike Tonsmeire, Nathan Zeender and Thor Cheston.”

Ed. Note: The recently opened 3 Stars Brewing has a homebrew store at 6400 Chillum Place, NW open Thurs. 4-8; Fri. 3-8; and Sat. 10am-6pm.

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  • Great father’s day post. Note to wife. Great father’s day gift idea. Buy me home brew supplies please. I promise to take the trash out on times, at least on the days I am not too hungover from my hoptacular new creations.

  • claire

    Nice little video! I’m a homebrewer myself (although I haven’t had a chance to brew for quite a few months unfortunately), and it’s really fun! Well-suited for anyone who enjoys cooking and/or drinking beer. Definitely a bit of a time and space commitment though (if you’re already drinking good quality beer, it doesn’t take much by way of money – batches end up costing about $1 per beer). The homebrew scene in DC is definitely expanding. I’d love to encourage anyone interested in homebrewing to check out the DC Homebrewers! A really friendly bunch. They meet once a month to swap beers and chat.

    • Yes, we are a friendly group. Our next meeting is June 20th at 7pm. Sign up at dchomebrewers dot com for info on location. All those interested in homebrewing are welcome. Cheers!

  • I didn’t know that Carter of all presidents did that. If anyone has a homebrew recipie for Billy Beer, I think a batch would be in order.

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