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  • Maybe they finally realized that restaurants that don’t serve Mudbugz shouldn’t call themselves Mudbugz? Or that the word Mudbugz sounds pretty damned gross to those of use who don’t know the term?

  • Maybe someone let them know that mud bugs were actually crawdads, and not those nasty insects that kept coming in from the alley.

  • newest DC dining trend – the unintentional pop up restaurant.

  • Only a true moron would open a restaraunt with the word bugs/bugz in it. Also, mud is pretty bad too.

    I think the same thing about the place called Slaviya on that block. It sounds like saliva and that is yet a third thing I would not want in my food.

  • I’m pretty certain it was the same ownership that just threw up a new sign. Marrakech had the worst food and service in Adams Morgan–by far–so if ownership was the same, the fast closing doesn’t surprise me.

  • PDleftMtP

    There were annoying hookah smokers out last night, so I don’t think it’s dead.

    • That is a trend that needs to die – especially in Adams Morgan bars, where it seems it’s either a bro bar or it’s a hookah bar.

      • PDleftMtP

        Preach it, brother/sister.

      • Please tell that to the Bistro 18 owners. What in the hell are they trying to do with that place? Seems like there’s no one in there at 10 pm on a Friday night except the owners and some creepster in the corner. Should have stayed with the “upscale” theme they originally started out with, or the jerk chicken place–both were better ideas than hookah!!

  • hey guys this is the real story. The owner taught he sold it to a “restauranteur” who gave him a $80k personal chk with a balance of $70k for the business. The owner then deposited the check in his acct. which takes about 7 days to clear since the guy took over before the wknd total 12 days, by that time he checked his bank the check was returned insufficient funds LOL. He then called the police, shut the place down and the guy is no where to be found. What idiot would sell a business with a personal check c’mon. NOw since he has to pay rent Marakesh is back doing what they do. Wake up people

  • talula

    Speaking of businesses coming/going in Adams Morgan, does anyone have any info on the Urban Sustainable store on Columbia Rd & Calvert St? Walked by there yesterday and noticed the windows covered up in paper like they were closed down. Website doesn’t have any info. Always found them really nice, helpful people and I bought a lot of indoor gardening supplies there. Hope they’re not closed for good.

    • Uh-oh!

      When that space went vacant, I desperately wanted for it to become a smoothie place, and was a little disappointed when it became Urban Sustainable instead.

      But far better to have Urban Sustainable in that block, rather than yet another cell phone “authorized dealer.”

    • I noticed that as well. I guess there were’nt enough people in the neighborhood who wanted to grow their own hydroponic superskunk…ahem, I mean, tomatoes…

  • “What happened to our mudbugz?” “Well, the exterminator came by, and…”

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