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  • I misread this as “Tevyeh” and assumed Spike was opening a Fiddler on the Roof themed restaurant.

  • kind of over the wine bar thing. they should make this place have more of a low-key cafe feel. staff is friendly, food is good, price point is fair, i just think they’re trying too hard with the wine bar thing. you walk by, you see double wine glasses on each table and it doesn’t feel like a place you want to pop into for a bite, hang out with friends.

  • Love it. Well worth the prices, food and wine selections are great, and it’s nice to have something of this quality outside of the usual neighborhoods.

  • I work just up the street and am already a big fan. The espresso drinks are on par with Chinatown Coffee Company’s, minus the pretention and a dollar or so. Staff is friendly and eager to please, and the food is fresh, tasty and a little different from the standard fare. I hope they make it – seems like they’re balancing being a breakfast place, lunch place, coffee shop, and wine bar, so I hope it’s not more than they can handle.

  • Still working out opening kinks but as others said very friendly staff, a more low key atmosphere than several of the other wine bars in town and with a much larger selection of wines by the glass. Though they need better signage on the outside. And also, why do all wine bars in DC only provide one wine list to share among an entire table? Why not just print more?

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