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  • tonyr

    I like that it’s both historic and reproduction.

  • I will be plan to be there. I worked on the boat for about three months as a seasonal hire waaaay back in 1984. It was a great experience, with some real characters as co-workers. And the mules too of course. Almost made me want to work in the Park Service full-time. One highlight was watching the filming of a scene in “St Elmo’s Fire”. The movie chartered the boat all day, not to use but so that they could have uninterrupted access to the tow path all day. Since we were technically working, the staff had to be there, so we just watched Hollywood at work. A full day of filming (with imported autumnal leaves and trained pigeons with an animal wrangler) resulted in about 30 seconds on the screen.

  • halfsmoke

    They should drag it out to the Potomac and torpedo it to create an artificial reef for those giant catfish. Discovery could then do a documentary on the sinking, followed by an episode of Hillbilly Handfishin’ featuring Bethesda Soccer Moms.

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