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  • anon. gardener

    Hey, weeds are people too! Personally I’m grateful for any greenery in the city, even weeds.

  • NYC-DC comparison thread! Woo! Where do we start? How about one we can all agree with around here: “At first glance, the Metro appears to be a functional way to get around different neighborhoods of DC, similar to the Subway in NYC. Sadly, it’s a broken down system that primarily serves legions of out of town commuters and sweaty tourists.”

    What’s next… Quality of life, authentic ethnic foods, the arts, entertainment, World Class City status?

    (High Line Park is awesome, by the way.)

  • Slow news day in the City. It must be the start of summer.

    Next thing there will be an article about the cracks in the sidewalk and the beer is warm at some restaurant in Columbia Heights.

    What is wrong with a little urban greenery?

  • PoP’s new feature of the week… “Things That Make Dan Go Hmmmmm.”

  • Native plants growing on rusting rail infrastructure is soooo much better in New York.

  • “You put your weed in there.”

  • Weed on the tracks. Yep, once word gets out, I suspect some Darwin awards will be forthcoming as well.

  • You can get your “walking on a weedy railroad bridge” fix at a few locations, like at the bridge south of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel or the west sidewalk of US 1 crossing Four Mile Run, between Arlington & Alexandria.

  • austindc

    I know it makes no sense, but I would like to see the elevated Whitehurst road turned into a park like High Line. I would also like to be able to take a water slide to work.

  • I already got shot down by virtually every one on this, but I still believe that the McMillan Sand filtration site, if a good-sized portion of it is left undeveloped (not all, but, say, at least 50 percent) and instead rehabilitated while leaving the crazy-cool historic features (including underground caverns) in place, could be D.C.’s own, even cooler answer to the High Line … (and yes, I do also love the High Line).

    • you are a nut job if you think DC will attempt what you propose for McMillan. Please just fade into the sunset….

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