Renderings of Proposed New Verizon Center Signage

Renderings via Ted’s Take

Thanks to a reader for sending from Ted’s Take:

We’ve worked diligently with local neighborhood groups to allay concerns, even re-doing our initial designs based on their feedback. We have worked to ensure that the signs will have little or no impact on residences in the neighborhood, have agreed to eliminate sound from the signs (our current signs actually have sound incorporated into them), have proposed the formation of a neighborhood advisory group to address any concerns about the signs and have promised to make the signs available to community groups to promote their events. We also would make the signs available to the city for emergency notifications.

You can see how the current set up looks here.

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Renderings via Ted’s Take

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  • Poor Leon$i$. Doesn’t make enough off his Ticketmaster Monoply, needs to try and ripoff he DC Council and taxpayers through other means, too. He’s the same species as Dan Snyder, only more PR savvy.

    • I’d wager Leonsis does more for DC than you ever will. In any case, it’s a sports arena in a bustling downtown corridor. Electronic signage is appropriate and desirable for some of us DC residents.

    • Comparing Leonsis to Snyder shows that you must not know much about either of them.

      The signs look great. Much better than the outdated video screen and ugly vinyl billboards that are up there now.

  • Leonsis is probably more responsible for revitalization of downtown DC from the ghost town slum that is was in the early 1990s than any other person on earth.

    • +1

      I’m certain most people new to this town wouldn’t believe what that neighborhood looked like a short 15 years ago.

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