Red Hook Lobster Pound DC Announces all-new Lobster BLT

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

Well this sounds freaking delicious:

Red Hook Lobster Pound DC is pleased to announce the launch of the all-new Lobster BLT. Lobster-loving Washingtonians who crave our authentic Maine and Connecticut style lobster rolls will now have another enticing option over which to agonize.

The tantalizing Lobster BLT features fresh Maine Lobster, all-natural applewood smoked bacon, crisp lettuce and fresh heirloom tomatoes in our homemade chipotle mayonnaise.

The Lobster BLT will be available for $15 (while supplies last!!) on both of our trucks throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia.

You can find the Lobster Truck locations here.

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  • Is the Chick-fil-a truck in business yet? If so, what is their weekly schedule? I am craving a chicken sandwich!

  • 15 dollars. for a sandwich. You don’t get any bourbon with that or nothing?

  • PDleftMtP

    They’re not cheap, but their regular lobster rolls are really good. Lots of quality lobster, very little mayo or butter holding it all together.

  • Do they have a payment plan for that? I mean, I like them, and I know lobster is expensive, but still…$15 for a sandwich from a food truck?

  • Luke’s Lobster is far superior, not that I’m a lobster roll connoisseur by any means.

  • I read some good reviews so I tried their roll today. The lobster is ok, but there is really very little to the sandwich. It’s like four bites and you’re done in a matter of seconds and still hungry. Add a drink and your around $20 bucks. I tried but don’t expect to repeat.

    • Yeah…the lobster truck has fallen off since its debut about 2 years ago. Prices went up and quality of the lobster went down. Also, all the “tourists” and “people that piss me off at work” always want to eat there.

      Thus I stay away.

      DC slices is my fav truck anyway.

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