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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Olympic swim trials.

    • One of my students is swimming! She’s amazing

    • I was there this weekend with a client who is a sponsor of USA Swimming! The average body fat percentage in Omaha has to be about 2% right now with the hundreds of swimmers that are in town! The trials are pretty freakin’ awesome in person — I totally recommend it as a summer trip for 2016!

  • binpetworth

    Rave: emmaleigh made a reference yesterday to Kate & Allie. Just checked Netflix and put a bunch of K&A episodes into my queue!

    Rave: Also rewatching thirtysomething, another fave 80s show of mine, which resonates now that I’m on the upper edges of thirtysomething

    No rants today; life is good.

    • Allison

      Man I turned on Nickelodeon the other day, and the original “All That” was on. Made my day to watch Lori Beth Denberg be hilarious again.

    • My mom took me to a live taping of an episode of Kate and Allie in NYC for my birthday when I was a little kid…I remember thinking that Jane Curtin was pretty dreamy in real life.

  • alxindc

    RAVE: Just another day!

  • Rave: lost 21 pounds!

    Rave again: that after a lifetime of struggling with my weight, I seem to have found a program that works, and the willpower to stay on it!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Vacations
    Rant: Weather will be 90 + thunderstorms every single day
    Rave: Mom’s food
    Rave: Packing= lots of camera equipment, 2 pair of jeans and 2 PoP T-shirts 🙂
    Rave: Had the nicest time watching yesterday’s sunset…

  • Rave: Talking heads wrong again.

    Rant: The preemptive strikes against SCOTUS from the left. Uncalled for and unwarranted.

  • Rant: Some douchebag put a sweater on me!!!

  • REVEL: Obamacare for the WIN!!
    Rave: Great meeting at the U.N. in Nairobi today.
    Rant: Umm…it’s a little chilly. That’s it.

  • Yay for SCOTUS

  • RANT: I really want to go on a vacation. I have not been able to afford one since 2003. 🙁

  • Rave: It’s Thursday!

    Rant: Lady at the gym. I was the only person showering and she came to use the stall next to me, then knocked over my dry towels and said: “Your towels fell,” without apology or an offer to get me a new towel. Not the biggest deal in the world at all, but…… really? They just fell by themselves?

    Rave: OMG I MIGHT STILL HAVE HEALTHCARE THANKS TO…..Chief Justice Roberts?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Rant: UtterlyExhausted

    Rave: Worth it.

    Rant: Still scared and stuck w. life.

    Rave: 3 day weekend.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I’m losing faith in humanity.

    Rant: The new person who works in the office of my building is chronically late (not 5 mins, 20 mins!) and thinks it’s cute. I think she’s a See You Nest Tuesday.

    Rave: I did not bitch her out; I was nice when I pointed out her lateness.

    Rant: She didn’t even pretend to apologize.

    Rave: Sending postcards to a friend who moved away.

    • Bitching her out won’t help either. Give her some consequences. Tell her if she’s late again she’ll be put on probation and if she’s late after that, fire her. If you’re not the one with the power to do that, I’d look for somewhere else to work where bullshit isn’t tolerated. It’s a myth that you can’t get to work on time in this town. I do it every single day.

      • uh, wait… are you even her supervisor?

        • Unless you’re her supervisor, or her lateness directly affects you, it doesn’t seem like it would be your place to call her out on it.

          Does she stay correspondingly later in the afternoon, or is she routinely arriving late and leaving on time? (I can see how the latter would be annoying.)

      • Well, where is she commuting from? It’s easy for us DC residents to say there’s no excuse for being late, but when your commute time can vary anywhere from 25 minutes to 2.5 hours or even as many as 8 (my experience coming in from in Annandale) it’s hard to figure out how much time you need to give yourself. Maybe she’s still trying to get the hang of it.

      • “It’s a myth that you can’t get to work on time in this town. I do it every single day.”

        Ha, that reminds me of the time my mother-in-law, who works for a government agency, was talking to my mom, who works in a public school. “So what happens if you show up late to work?” My mom, after a long confused pause, replied “Umm… I don’t?”

        • And then mother-in-law, looking surprised that employers would be required to show up on time, replied, “Oh, I could never do that. I need my sleep in the morning!”

    • Emmaleigh504

      I did NOT bitch her out. I did contact her employers because I’m a resident in the building where she works. When she is late it impacts my day negatively.

      She is not occasionally late, she is ALWAYS late. The other people that work in my building have commented on it. They all manage to get to work on time. I manage to get to work on time. I’m also not just talking 5-10 minutes. She’s regularly 20+ minutes late. She needs to leave the house earlier.

      I might have let it slide this time if she had apologized for making me wait and thus making me late for work. But she didn’t, she giggled like it was cute that she was late. She’s unprofessional and needs to do her damn job which includes being at work on time.

      • Ah – now I get it. She is supposed to be providing you with a service but is never there when she is supposed to be. I think this is justified. I was thinking co-worker rivalry.

    • Are you upset because it impacts your job or because she is seemingly allowed to be late but you are not?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I guess I wasn’t clear. She works in my apartment building. We do not work for the same people.

        When I need to get a package or talk to her about something and she is 20 mins late then I am late to work. My job does not like it when I’m late and I get in trouble. So yes, it’s impacting my job.

  • Rant: I was discouraged upon reading that CNN said the health care law had been struck down. Was also disappointed to come here and see people cheering the decision.

    Rave: I just read the New York Times’ analysis: “The Supreme Court on Thursday largely let stand President Obama’s health care overhaul. . .”

    • Did CNN get it wrong at first? That is awesome. I followed it on SCOTUS blog because I knew they would get it right over the half assed legal analysts hired by the main stream media outlets.

  • claire

    Rave: Three day weekend for me starting tomorrow!
    Rave: Universal health care.
    Rave: Hot summer weather + thunderstorms (I know I might be in the minority on this one, but I like it!).

  • Rave: Obamacare upheld!! I take back all of my negative thoughts about Justice Roberts!

  • RAVE: HEALTHCARE!!!!!! sorry for yelling, i’m just so excited, i can’t help myself. I only wish we had this when I was in college and uninsured.

    • I wish we had this a few years ago when I was a non-profit intern in DC and couldn’t be on my parents’ health insurance anymore. I paid $200+ a month for COBRA just in case. Ridiculous..

      • I think you will still have to pay, won’t you? Not sure about the prices but 200 bucks a month sounds pretty cheap in terms of what is available to most people through their employers, Fed Gov notwithstanding.

        • We will all be paying for this. It’s just another tax that will be imposed on us.

          • I don’t mind to pay for a healthier nation and better access. and I don’t even make $250K a year!

          • please tell me you’re not ignorant to the fact that having a great amount of our population uninsured costs the nation FAR MORE than this plan. put your fingers in your ears and sing “lalalalalaaa” all you want, but the math (not to mention common sense) backs this up.

          • We’re one step closer to socialism. Hopefully President Romney will repeal this next year.

          • This is my favorite ‘anti’ argument. SOCIALISM!!!! Because the countries that offer healthcare to their citizens are completely falling apart, there is anarchy, wailing and gnashing of teeth, their economies are crumbling….oh wait….

          • You pay for it NOW. Every time uninsured folks go to the emergency room to deal with minor health problems that have escalated into major ones due to lack of primary care…YOU PAY FOR THEM. I never understood people who complain about how NOW we might have to pay for folks. Really? Who the eff do you think pays for the millions of uninsured now? You do through higher premiums, your taxes, medicaid, medicare etc…

          • MC, ever heard of Greece?

          • Yes I have, but have you ever heard of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Singapore, Ireland?

          • “We’re one step closer to socialism. Hopefully President Romney will repeal this next year.”

            Oh yeah, while we’re at it let’s also abolish all public schools, utilities, road services, police, firefighters, medicare, social security, postal service, environmental protections, antimonopoly protections, federally-funded museums in DC, early childhood support programs, public parks, etc.

            That would be a much better world, where people drink the “Socialism is a bad word” koolaid. They’d all probably call buttons the devil’s doorknobs too.

          • I saw a great joke about the libertarian paradise, Somalia. That’s where I’d like to live!

        • Federal government benefits aren’t as great as conventional wisdom would have you believe – they’re good, but not as magical as people seem to think. I pay $112/month as a single person under the cheapest Blue Cross plan, and still have $25 copays at my primary care physician and $35 at specialists. My mom’s insurance as a public school employee, on the other hand, was fantastic. I think I paid $5 for everything when I was still covered under that (except the ER copay was $25).

          • Our small company is free for single employees but with $30/40 copays and $50 Rxs. For a family plan it goes up to $800 per month for cheapest, and $1200 for most expensive plan.

          • that sounds pretty magical to me.

          • Yeah, I don’t know who starting spreading this rumor that Federal benefits are something special. They’re absolutely not.

          • Allison

            Hubby & I used to be on the federal employee BCBS plan as well– when we were allowed to switch when the window opens every year, we found out we got more coverage for cheaper under Kaiser Permanente federal plan. They force you to go to certain doctors at their facilities, and get drugs at their pharmacy, but once we settled in we’ve been happy with the service.

          • My employer would charge me $75 a month for my individual and $650 a month to add my wife to our not-so-good plan. Happily, she is a teacher at DCPS, so I actually am on her plan with Kaiser instead.

          • “Yeah, I don’t know who starting spreading this rumor that Federal benefits are something special. They’re absolutely not.”

            If you’ve ever worked for an organization that doesn’t offer health insurance or makes you pay hundreds of dollars a month for poor coverage (I’ve worked for 3), you’d know federal health benefits are very good. Couple that with your vacation/sick time, employment protections, maternity leave (which is still abysmal), retirement, job security, etc. and you should honestly not take that ish for granted. The only place I’ve ever had decent benefits was at a company who competed with the gov’t so had to offer similar benefits.

          • “If you’ve ever worked for an organization that doesn’t offer health insurance or makes you pay hundreds of dollars a month for poor coverage (I’ve worked for 3), you’d know federal health benefits are very good. Couple that with your vacation/sick time, employment protections, maternity leave (which is still abysmal), retirement, job security, etc. and you should honestly not take that ish for granted. ”

            That’s interesting. What industry do you work in? In mine (engineering) I’ve found the private-sector benefits are just as good if not better. Companies would not be able to attract and retain qualified people if they didn’t offer decent benefits.

            The government benefits are probably a good deal for people without degrees who would not be able to get that elsewhere.

          • Dear 3:02 Anonymous who writes “The government benefits are probably a good deal for people without degrees who would not be able to get that elsewhere”

            I work with a government agency where just about everyone has a master’s degree and most have a PhD. For the most part, administrative staff have bachelor’s degrees.

          • “That’s interesting. What industry do you work in? In mine (engineering) I’ve found the private-sector benefits are just as good if not better. Companies would not be able to attract and retain qualified people if they didn’t offer decent benefits.

            The government benefits are probably a good deal for people without degrees who would not be able to get that elsewhere.”

            I have a masters degree and I work in a creative field.

          • Seriously? You actually think $112.00 a month is a lot? As a self-employed person, with perfect health and no pre-existing conditions the best I can do is with CareFirst Bluechoice at $391.00 a month. Plus co-pays for every doctor visit and charges for all meds. Get real.

          • Victoria – I don’t believe I said that $112 is “a lot” anywhere in my comment. I was simply pointing out that the health benefits offered by the federal government, while generous, aren’t necessarily the gold standard that they’re often held up to be. As I mentioned, public school employees often have much better insurance. And thanks for your snarky, rude tone in response to my original comment!

    • For real. I wish this had been around when I was an uninsured adult and got turned down for pre-existing conditions when I applied for individual coverage (with the same HMO I had at my old job. Of course they knew all about my pre-existing conditions, they used to cover me!).

    • I would have been covered by my parents’ insurance if the law was in effect. I didn’t have it for the last year of college because it was too expensive and of course, for the time it took me to find a job and for the employer provided insurance to kick in.

  • Rave: Finished most of the paperwork for a special financing offer from BB&T for our new condo (we were already pre-approved by another bank recommended in the PoP forum, but this mortgage would avoid PMI entirely!!!)

    Rant: The fear of packing and moving finally hit me last night. I’ve lived in my apartment for more than 3 years.. I’ve got a LOT of stuff to go through. Ugh.

    • Yeah, BB&T rocks. I was also pre-approved by someone else but got a great mortgage from BB&T. And they made it happen in near record time.

      • Really? We tried BB&T for our refinance. My partner’s mother has hundreds of thousands of dollars there, and thought she could get us a good rate with her connections. The woman who handled our application was SO INCREDIBLY slow and didn’t seem to know what she was doing. She told my partner her income wasn’t high enough (uh yeah, that’s why I’m on the loan too?). Never pulled my credit score. Kept saying she’d call us to discuss and never did. I guess she didn’t want our business!

      • Holy crap is BB&T awesome. We just got locked in at an amazing rate!!!

    • Here’s a tip from a veteran mover (I’ve moved probably 9 times in the last 10 years). Start getting rid of the stuff you don’t need now when you’re not feeling really pressured yet. Any shoes/clothes you haven’t worn in a year can go… get rid of any kitchen stuff that isn’t necessary (i.e. do you really need four saute pans that are the same size? Etc.) It will save you lots of time and stress when you’re closer in to the actual moving date.

    • I just moved after 17 years in the same apartment…it felt SO good to purge all the stuff and reorganized in the new house–and the trip down memory lane when I was purging was actually a lot of fun.

  • Rave: opening for En Vogue at the Birchmere tonight! Trying to get Dawn Robinson’s digits….

    Rave Dos: performing on Fox 5 tomorrow morning with a vocalist, and then at Chez Billy tomorrow night.

    Rant: performing on the network that not only spews right-wing news, but does so completely inaccurately…

    • I feel the same way when I play events sponsored by or associated with WPFW.

      • I’m intrigued (trolling accomplished!)…sometimes the Democracy Now set gets on my nerves, as I feel like they give bleeding hearts like me a bad news with their “lefty vitriol,” but overall I’m a big PFW fan. The musical programming can’t be beat, and some of the dialogue, while caustic, is still an underheard voice in the media.

        So what’s your conflict with playing their events, just out of curiosity?

        • I don’t like their radical left politics and that they broadcast messages from a convicted cop killer.

          • Free speech homes. The right always claims to love the Constitution until they hear things they disagree with.

          • I’m 100% for free speech. WPFW has a right to broadcast whatever they want. I have a right not to listen to them or support them.

        • *a bad name.

          I assume you are referring to Mumia Abu-Jamal. Plenty of talking heads in the media have committed acts that are illegal or deplorable. I don’t believe that means they have nothing worthwhile to say, however. Sometimes we need to listen to people who are active parts of flaws in the system to learn how to fix it.

          (of course, there is also the consideration that perhaps the conviction is unjust, but I don’t believe that qualifier is a necessary component in the value of someone’s commentary. A guilty man most likely has valuable insight as well.)

          Again, I’m a bleeding heart 35 year old musician who makes WAY below 250k a year…yet I still pay taxes, live in Kalorama, and would be happier to give more.

    • claire

      I’m having dinner at Chez Billy tomorrow night so look forward to seeing/hearing you perform!

      • Awesome! Come say hello…we don’t start until 9 or so, but I’ll prob be there by 8. I recommend the braised pork shank….it was phenomenal!

        • claire

          Darn, I’m doing dinner at 6 so probably will be gone by the time you’re around… but if I see you setting up as I finish up my meal, I’ll stop by for a wine-fueled hi!

  • Rave: Justice Roberts? who knew….but yay for trying to expand healthcare to more americans. Comng from a family of cancer survivors (mom and sis) dealing with my insurance on BRAC 1 genentic screening myself, I don’t want to be denied coverage!
    Rave 2: IVFer here and I am cautiously excited to hit the 12 week milestone today.
    Rant: Prenatal testing results tomorrow. Don’t know what we’ll do if there are major genetic issues.

    • hooray!!! I’m at 7 weeks today. we saw a hb, but still REALLY nervous!

      for what it’s worth, I’ve had many friends and family come back with results that were concerning, but every baby has been fine. especially this “soft marker” crap, doesn’t usually mean everything.

  • Rant: General crappy feeling today stemming from insinuations that I am not getting this job. I’m completely tapped of my energy from this marathon job hunt.

  • Rant: My bf didn’t get the job..again 🙁
    Rave: Healthcare!
    Rant: My ex is getting married this weekend & my parents, aunt/uncle, & grandparents are all going. I haven’t seen or talked to him for years.
    Rave: Life is pretty dang good, all things considered!

    • That seems a bit weird that they would all go, no? Do they like the current BF? How does he feel about the family still keeping up with the old guy? Please feel free to ignore all of my questions.

      • I think it is very weird. My parents & relatives maintained a friendship with his parents (going as far as inviting the parents over for large parties/dinners, etc). I feel bad for the girl more than my ex, I never met her and only saw him once while they dated.

        I’ve thought about submitting my story to advice columns because I have no idea why they don’t see the obvious issue here. I have expressed my concern over inviting his parents and completely disregarding my wishes or comfort level. I brought it up when my mom texted me that he got engaged… (yeah)…. and they seem to feel that the 2 year relationship was so long ago that I shouldn’t even care. The issue I am most concerned about is that I am going on a long-weekend vacay with my current boyfriends family (YAY!) and my mom or a relative will post a picture or something onto social media and my boyfriend’s family will see it and ask…I don’t want to be put in the position.

  • Rave: My amazing boyfriend who sends me my favorite flowers (because I happened to comment on a passing garden during a drive across town) and leaves love notes for me to find in the morning (for no reason at all). I’m grateful every day.

    Rant: Sudden desire to be crafty and productive with the dozens of undone projects at home, but no time to do it before the weekend. Extra unfortunate that a chunk are sanding and spray painting projects – not pleasant (or healthy?) choices given the hot weather we’re supposed to have.

  • Rave: accepted into GW’s Econ MA program, I start this fall!

    Rant: had a glass of red wine last night which led to several odd dreams…

    Rave: It’s my birthday and I’m going to Wolftrap tonight!

    Rant: would like to see Ozomatli on Saturday but it’s going to be hot and I don’t know how to get to National Harbor other than to take a cab (wmata says it would take 2 hours each way by public transportation, no thank you!)

    • I believe there is a water taxi from Alexandria over to National Harbor and back. It may not be quicker than an all-WMATA route but it would surely be more fun. Find a spot to grab some food/drink in Alexandria on the way there and back and it might be a fun outing.

    • Ozomatli are awesome….they put on the kind of life show that re-affirms the power of live music for me. Just go prepared to dance and sweat, and have a blast.

      The other thing I’ve done in the past is get a room for the night at the National Harbor. They often are looking to fill rooms (especially the Gaylord), so sometimes you can get a cheap last minute deal. Share a room with some friends so you can shower, drink, and not worry about transport, and it’s totally worth the extra bucks for a fun staycation. Plus, the national harbor is so bizarre that it really feels like a trip away.

  • Rave: Go SCOTUS!

    Rave: Suck it Attorney Generals of Florida, Virginia, etc. Will you be apologiziing soon?

    Rant: Nothing!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Bonus Rave: My office mate and I have been having fun today. We always get along, but today has had an added bit of goofiness (while still getting our work done).

  • Neither rant nor rave but a question/observation. Over the last week or so I have noticed a lot of new a lot of new Street Sense hawkers. Being that I work downtown, I pretty much recognize the regulars but there seems to be (especially today) an influx of new folks that look like they come from parts of the Middle East and Europe (think Spain and the like). I even saw two straight up (American)white kids pushing the papers on people. None of them look destitute by any means. Anyone else notice this or know what is going on? It is the oddest thing that seemingly happened all of the sudden.

    • Can’t tell you why there’s an influx but CAN tell you this: Don’t purchase a Street Sense from anyone who does not have an official SS badge.

      • But of course. From what I could see they did have badges but I don’t know if they made them up themselves or what. I also see the regulars standing right next to the newbies.

        It looks like a hustle to me but I can’t say for sure.

    • binpetworth

      I noticed this today too, Kam. And they (white kids) weren’t wearing the neon bibs the usual vendors wear to identify them as legit. Was wondering if they were volunteers/interns with Street Sense for the summer, or maybe this is some experiential learning project?

      • Allison

        Or they stole a bunch and found an easy way to make cash.

      • Agreed. I was thinking along those lines as well but then I saw more and more people doing it like they were a crew or something. Again, maybe it is some learning exp /internship or something to that effect. This one young lady looked really pissed that nobody was paying her attention, I wanted to tell her that her LV bag (fake or not) isn’t’ helping her cause.

    • It looks like they may be participating in their Vendor for a Day program.


      That said, none of the people I saw had the vest on as the kids do in the pics. Also some of the people that I saw looked like they were done with school so….

  • rant: our dog will have a TPLO surgery on Monday 🙁

    rave: having saved enough money to afford the procedure.

  • to the peeps focused on the prices, a Five Guys burger and fries are $11. So not a big price differnece, and look at what you don’t get at Five Guys.

  • Rant: I heard back about the international development job. No go. I’ll shut up about it now.

    • claire

      🙁 Sorry to hear – hopefully something even better will come your way soon!

    • talula

      ugh that blows 🙁 Been following your rants/raves about over the past few weeks and I’ve been routing or ya.

    • Thanks ladies…that means a lot. Luckily I have a (very slow moving, but moving!) Plan B, which is now Plan A. Plan C is to get a new Plan B into motion. Or go to grad school, since that seems to be the missing link.

    • Allison

      I’m sorry ew; if it makes you feel any better, there are quite a few times where I was devastated to not get a certain job at first, and then once I landed the job I actually got, I was SO glad I didn’t get the first one.

  • Rant: Just can’t seem to stop procrastinating! I’ve been working on the same damn thing alllllll day!

    Rave: Had a 30 min dance class over lunch! Felt great to stretch and move. Although my skirt was a bit of a hinderance.

    Rant: My dad died from cancer 7 years ago. Most of the time I’m fine, I feel like I’ve settled and grieved and accepted this. But then today, the Boyfriend calls and is upset because his dad has diabetes and will have a gastrobypass to reduce the risk…………..and I just want to tell him to suck it up. He has every right to be scared and upset, and logically I know this. But when it comes to emotions, I just want to pull the, “But at least your dad is alive!” card. At least I recognize this…?

    Neither Rant nor Rave: At my small group tonight we’ll be discussing Erikson’s theory of development and how our parents screwed us up when we were young. Should be interesting.

    • Your boyfriend is just starting out on the road you’ve already traveled and as you know, it’s a lonely and frightening thing. Would it help if you reminded yourself how you felt when you first found out that your father had cancer? Or how it felt the first time you realized what your father was facing? That’s where your boyfriend is now. I’m not slamming you – I can sympathize with how you’re feeling; both my parents have been dead for many years, and I sometimes find it hard to hear friends’ complaints about visiting their mother in a nursing home, or taking time off to accompany their father to a doctor appointment, when I give the world to be in their shoes, with my parents still around. But still I’m happy that they haven’t gone through the loss, yet.

      • yeah, it’s slightly alarming that your reaction is to have a competition over this (even if it’s only in your head). ideally, this news would make you want to reach out and support your boyfriend.

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