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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: There is a dead rat somewhere in the walls of my apartment. The odor is sickening and the 100 degree forecast for later this week is going to make the smell worse. πŸ™

    • That is terrible. Sorry!

    • That happened to me last summer, it was the grossest thing ever. But, a doctor relative of mine told me about this company, No Odor, that makes deodorizers that his hospital uses in its morgue. They sell all different types based on the type of smell. I got a half dozen of the ‘dead animal’ pouches, got rid of the smell entirely in a couple of days. http://www.noodor.biz/

  • Rave: Brace yourselves for this one … D.C. DMV … I submitted an online change of address form and uploaded a utilitiy bill and they sent a new driver’s license to me. I never had to step foot in the place.

    • Nice! I had a great experience getting my license and registration switched over when I moved here from the suburbs. I showed up on a Saturday morning and was expecting it to be chaos, but I was out within 45 minutes and everyone I dealt with was so friendly and efficient. Virginia could certainly learn a thing or two from the DC DMV.

    • This reminded me I needed to purchase a RPP sticker for my car. I was able to do it online…I’m just as shocked as you are!

    • RAVE: I got my PoP t-shirt yesterday!!! Thanks you so much Dan for the delivery!

      RAVE: Going to Cancun on Thursday (and will def. take a pic wearing my new PoP t-shirt!)

    • When I flew to LA last month, one of the TSA guys alerted me that my license had expired. While I was sitting on the plane awaiting takeoff, I was able to use my phone to renew my DC license, payment and all. It was waiting for me when I got back. Technology!

  • Rant: Alero at 13th and U Street is becoming so ghetto. I went there for dinner last Friday night and it was more like a club than a resturant. I think they even had a strobe light blinking. πŸ™

    • I think it’s been that way for a while. I certainly left with that impression the last time I was there, which must have been about five years ago.

    • Little known secret: the prices at the other Aleros are cheaper than the U St one. I personally prefer the Dupont/Cleveland park locations over CH and U St, as they don’t try to be anything more than a halfway decent place to get enchiladas.

  • Rant: Everything I am asked to do at my job seemingly turns into the most frustrating drawn out endeavor and becomes way more complicated than it has to be. *cry*
    Rant: People who can’t follow directions so I have to do everything for them, or show them how to do it over and over again.
    Rave: My boss is going on vacation.
    Rave: Gorgeous weather today.
    Rant: Feelings.

  • Rave: In the battle for administering pills to my cat, I am winning! I’ve taken the bitter pill, put some “Pill Pocket” around it to disguise the awful taste, and stuffed it into my pill gun (piller). So good, I had to share with the other cat people out there! (My feline was avoiding the Pill Pockets so I had to change the game- the pill gun PLUS the pilll pocket works without having to do the towel technique.)

    • I feel your pain. My cat eventually stopped accepting the pill pockets too. He would let me give him them with the pill popper gun (he was on 6 pills at a time) but no one else unless they were a trained vet. Spaz attack. Glad you found a method that works for your kitty.

      • Six pills?! Wow, that would definitely test my technique. I really think it is a miracle I’m able to pull off pilling a cat. The vets make it look easy, but it is FAR from easy for your typical person. For me, it involved planning and watching some how-to videos on YouTube. If only every drug came in a tuna-flavored liquid for their dinners…

        • Allison

          Lol, reminds me how the Target pharmacy can flavor childrens’ medicine: “Let’s see… we have chocolate, cherry, vanilla, and…. tuna. Which would you like?”

  • Rant: New residents in our condo building that tossed boxes randomly in our dumpsters our neighbor’s dumpster, and in the alley. I get it, you just moved in and may not know the drill, but seriously? You can’t take two minutes to break them down and put them inside?

    Rave: Great weather!!

    • I once found a box, not broken down, in my recycling bin. It had come from an architecture firm we share the alley with! I guess they don’t want to pay for recycling pickup and this is how they deal with the occasional box.

    • A woman that lives in my condo building was an habitual offender of the trash rules. We have a trash room with 2 large cans to place trash. Instead of putting hers in the can she just opens the door and sits her bag of trash on the floor. The next person either has to step over her trash bag or put it in the can. Twice I have taken her bag of trash and left it outside the door to her condo so that she will have to step over it to get out. I think she has learned her lesson.

  • RANT: post office at 14th and L locks 1 of 2 entrances well before closing at 5, creating so much confusion for customers trying to enter. Why on earth is this necessary? And they lock the bin by the self serve machine as well, way before closing. So there you are, package in hand, postage paid, having to wait in the line anyway just to drop off the package.

  • claire

    Rave: So excited to buy a new laptop and replace my 5-year-old clunker.
    Rave: After using exclusively Ubuntu for 6 years, I’m going to buy a computer that’s actually made for it instead of having to immediately replace Windows when I get it!
    Rant: Can’t decide if I care more about portability or having a really nice screen (since I’ll be doing a lot of photo editing, movie watching, etc).

    • alxindc

      My 5-year old IBM works better than when I got it in 2007, but I am also getting a new one soon :))) For me backlit LED screen will be such an upgrade, not to mention i7 or a hard drive that will hold all my FLAC music. The only thing missing is that I am not a child, and my parents are not gifting this to me…Ohs well.

    • I got an HP Pavilion about a year and a half ago and I love it! it has one of those shrunken widescreens. I built it through the HP website to have more memory in it during on their laptop sales and spent about $200 less than I would have at Best Buy. Happy PC hunting!

  • RAVE: I got my PoP t-shirt yesterday!!! Thanks you so much Dan for the delivery!

    RAVE: Going to Cancun on Thursday (and will def. take a pic wearing my new PoP t-shirt!)

  • The young man that was killed in Petworth this weekend was my neighbor. His Grandmother showed me pictures of his sweet, smiling face as I child and it gave me such a heavy heart to think about what went wrong in his life for it to end that way.

  • alxindc

    Rave: Weather was awesome in the morning, and my run was extra nice.

    Rave: Having a jar full of skittles makes the work day fly by smooth and sweet πŸ˜‰

  • mtpgal

    Rave: It is gorgeous! Today is going to be a great day and I can’t wait to sneak outside for a few minutes at lunch. πŸ˜€

  • Rant: The irony of people bitching and complaing about what they deem a pretentious, snobby, arrogant (I love how some people pick and choose what is and isn’t depending on if they get their way) coffee shop that makes “douchebag” moves but yet the same people can’t wait to wait in line to pay $6 (or however much it cost) for a cup of coffee/espresso or whatever. Just because you didn’t get your way doesn’t make it pretentious and snobby, it was that way long before that. You didn’t realize it because you were in your element but now that they have shown a level of elitism above yours, you have loads to say…

    Rant: Entitlement. I don’t care if your policy is to not make it a certain way, I WANT IT MY WAY!! Yes, I know I could take my business elsewhere but damnit, that isn’t the point. Do what I say, well because I say so!

    Seriously, if I was the barrista or whomever, I would have said in all seriousness “I’m sorry but we don’t do that here, however, McDonald’s is around the corner, I am sure they will do that for you with no problem”. But then again, I am an asshole right? Feel free to tell me what a jerk I am and this and that…; )

    SMDH at some of you.

  • talula

    Rave: Walked to work and enjoyed the warm sunshine and the cool breezes. Love.

    Rant: Sometimes real life does not measure up to what I imagined for myself. Trying to stay positive, get out of my own head, and readjust my expectations.

  • Forgot my Rave: Dope weather outside. Beautiful!

    Also, anyone know any great places to rent rod and reels to go fishing? Headboats? I just saw this place called Chesapeake Beach Resort and Spa online, anyone have any experience with them?

    I am open to any suggestions, even driving a few hours out.

    Thank you!

  • If anyone lost a child’s bike in Columbia Heights, let me know. I also posted this to the forum, but I’m not sure how many people actually read those.

  • Obvious Rave: The weather!!
    Rant: One particular co-worker that I just can’t handle anymore. I cringe every time she comes near because I know she’s going to ask/tell me to do something. Only one more month and then she’s gone…
    Rave: Mom sent me an AWESOME recipe for a dark chocolate-raspberry banana bread. OMG IT’S FABULOUS!!!
    Rant: Just in a funk, overall. Ugh.

  • Rant: My ex-boyfriend of 5 years (part of high school and most of college) got married this past weekend. Yeah, it’s been 3 years since we broke up, and yeah he turned into someone I wouldn’t want to be with anyway, but I’m still dealing with some uncomfortable feelings I thought I had moved beyond. Avoiding facebook like the plague because I know there are pictures up.

    Mini-rave: A friend emailed me that corn dogs were served at said wedding. WTF, dude.

    Rave: The weather here makes everything ok temporarily. And in late June!

    • thebear

      Block him from your feed or unfriend him and move on.

      Not necessarily directed to you but I fail to understand why people friend their former love interests if things didn’t work out so great and then become upset over seeing what the person is doing. I’ve friended a few former beaus and then turned around and unfriended them when I saw they were the same or worse as when we parted. No muss, no fuss, no regrets. YMMV.

  • Rave: Rode my bike without a helmet today. I don’t want to start a helmet debate here, but I’ve been reading a lot about why it makes sense to ride without one. I decided to try it on a short ride. Felt really good. I’ll probably still wear a helmet on long rides, but I’ll go without it on short ones.

    • What are the reasons you’ve found for riding without one? Not trying to start a debate either, I’m just curious. I wear a helmet but hate what it does to my hair.

      • Read the book “Just Ride” by Grant Peterson. He (and others) say that a helmet won’t make you a safer rider, and most helmets won’t prevent a serious head injury. He’s not against helmets, but he thinks it’s okay to not wear one and ride safer and more aware of your sorroundings.

        • I guess he has statistics to back it up? I wonder if the advantages of wearing a helmet vary dramatically depending on the circumstances– whether you’re an experienced rider or a newbie, the type of bike you ride, your biking speed, the condition of the roads, the proximity and volume of traffic, the brand of helmet, etc. There certainly are a lot of variables to take into account.

        • I think of it in terms of one of those risk cubes (that many of us have seen at least once in our careers). The likelihood of getting into an accident where a helmet will do any good is extremely low, however, the possible consquences of not having a helmet in those unlikely scenarios are very high. The would put riding without a helmet squarely in the red high-risk level.

        • I became a regular helmet wearer in college after a bike accident in which a woman coming in the opposite direction made a left in front of me. I flipped over my handlebars and onto her trunk and was ok.

          Another recent accident I had involved a taxi pushing me into a curb and off my bike. My head hit one of those fire boxes. I was wearing a helmut and think otherwise, I could have had a serious injury.

          I think most bike accidents do not involve serious injury, but could cause a serious head injury without a helmut—falling and hitting your head on the sidewalk, for example.

          Just a thought….

          • Are you from Seattle? Because I had the same accident. Woman turns left in front of me (I had the right of way), I hit car, head bounces off car, body flies in the air and lands on the street. The helmet broke, but my head was fine. Despite an ambulance ride to the hospital, I basically walked away just very bruised. I always wear a helmet when I ride.

    • You can fall and hit your head on a short ride just as easily as on a long ride. Just sayin.

      • I’m guessing that after a long bike ride you’re more willing to wash and re-style your hair (the only way I’ve found to restore the volume after it’s been smashed by a helmet).

  • Rant: My move to Hawaii didn’t pan out as planned.

    Rave: It was an awesome three month vacation – and I’m looking forward to seeing my friends.

  • Rave – (again) the weather. eating outside, biking to work, heck, if the screens were still up on my old school sleeping porch, I’d probably sleep outside too.

    Rant – it appears that my neighbor’s cancer is winning. How many ways does that suck.

  • RANT: No delicious NY style Pizza Places. I love to eat pizza, but I just can’t find a decent spot other than the DC Slices food truck. There has to be another pizza joint out there, right?

    • Congrats on sharing that cliche with us. No, there are no NY-style pizza places here that you’ll like. Instead there are at least half a dozen other style pizza places that are pretty good. Welcome to DC.

    • thebear

      Pete’s Apizza in CH or Tenley is close-enough-to-NY New Haven style.

      The Italian Store (Lyon Village in Arlington) is the Gold Standard for NY style in the entire area.

      Dupont’s Pizza (20th & P, upstsairs; not Alberto’s) is acceptable but not always consistent.

      Flippin is just sad. I lived in Brooklyn for a while and *never* had anything remotely like what they sell. (At least not in Bensonhurst or Bay Ridge.) I can’t believe they get $36 a pie at the stadium.

      • When did the Italian Store start selling pizza? I hope it’s better than their sandwiches, which I tried a few times and was always disappointed by.

        • thebear

          They’ve been selling pizza for ages…at least since I got here in 1991. All the other former NYCers I’ve turned on to it concur with it being the best. I don’t know why you think their sandwiches suck…never been disappointed with anything I’ve gotten from there. They are rather overpriced on stuff that is also available at regular markets but that’s the only thing I don’t like.

          • I wouldn’t say their sandwiches suck, but they’re not anything special. A step or two above Subway, certainly, but nowhere near the level of quality you’d get at a good NYC/Philly/NJ hoagie shop. And yes, definitely overpriced. Not worth standing in line with all those silly people for.

          • thebear

            Their pasta fresca and mozz are wonderful, and quite reasonably priced. $6 for a package of pizzelle is ridiculous. So is what they charge for the Cento products…I stock up on their canned pomodori at Teeter or Giant when they have their 10-for-$10 deals…no way am I paying $4.25 for a can. The markets are even $2-$3 a can cheaper for the Cento tonno. I giggle when I see the meno saggio buying baskets full of Cento there.

      • Don’t forget Vace in Cleveland Park.

        • thebear

          Sorry, they’re not on the list for what should be a self-apparent reason. NY style pizza is extremely specific…the only close-enough substitutes are authentic San Francisco or New Haven style. Most pizza claiming to be “New York” may match what they have to the north and west, or out in Suffolk…but it is NOT what we’re talking about. πŸ™‚

      • I just met another Italian-American who grew up near NYC, and we expressed mutual confusion over why The Italian Store draws such crowds. Their food is really unremarkable, and Litteri has better products.

        • thebear

          Litteri has has good stuff but their hours and location aren’t terribly convenient and, until very recently, that was not a part of town most people would want to go to without a car. You are maybe the 4th person in my 20 years here who has ever mentioned it. I only found it by accident when I went to scope out the Farmer’s Market shortly after I moved to town.

          • Yeah, the guy I met lives in Capitol Hill and didn’t know about it either. It really is a hidden gem!

            I also felt obligated to mention the inconvenient hours– although those of us who grew up with old-school Italian stores are familiar with that schedule.

          • Well, one could argue that the Italian Store’s location isn’t terribly convenient and is not an area most people would want to go to without a car. πŸ™‚

    • talula

      I’m a native New Yorker and I second Pete’s in Columbia Heights. Best slice I’ve had in DC. Red Rocks in CH doesn’t have NY by-the-slice style but they do make a delicious pizza. Radius in Mt Pleasant made a decent slice when they were open. There’s a new place in Bloomingdale (Bacio) that supposed to be good but I haven’t tried it yet.

      I haven’t come across any authentic NY style pizza joints in DC, but then again, I haven’t come across them anywhere else outside of the NY/NJ area. But DC does have other decent pizza options.

  • Rant: My parents own a beach house with my uncle. My husband and I are going for a week with the rest of the family in July and my uncle won’t let us bring our two well behaved dogs, even though my parents were okay with it.

    Rant: Now i have to try to find dog sitters for a week

    Rave: I am going to the beach for a week!

  • Rant: Ackerman Security. They wanted just over $1,000 for a relatively basic installation set up and were completely unwilling to budge on their price. I found the same equipment online at various places for about $600, but need to find someone to install it (I am not handy!).

  • Rave: Just discovered the District Taco truck in Crystal City! (Thought of you, Kam).

    Rant: Back from a lovely vacation on the Piankatank River.

    Rave: It was a really nice break with friends I’ve known since childhood.

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