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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • claire

    Rave: Made a really tasty Thai basil stir fry last night using my first harvest of Thai basil from my garden!
    Rave: And now I’m feeling more excited about cooking again. Big plans to make three cup chicken tonight and a cherry pie this weekend.

    Rave: About to start clicker training my cat – she’s independent but really clever and loves treats so I think she’ll take well to it. Any tips?

  • Rave: It’s finally summer!
    Rant: Having to hear people that “can’t handle the heat” complain about it being summer in DC.

      • Ditto. I hate that the streets are not as lively because everyone needs to be in air conditioning. Although it’s nice to have restaurant patios all to ourselves now.

    • I’m loving the heat! I’ve been biking to work every day this week. Last night I did the free yoga by the river, and the day before I took a 90-minute walk. Been sitting outside whenever I get the chance. I also love being outside when it’s cold and snowy– I think everyone would be a lot happier if they embraced the seasons!

      • Sure… but for some people the heat is bad for their health, so it’s hard to embrace.

        It was fun to get melty fro yo last night though πŸ™‚

      • I don’t know about that. People’s bodies don’t react quite the same way to different levels of heat/humidity/cold. It’s great that this weather works well for you, but for those of us who are having a harder time of things, I don’t think it’s just a matter of “embracing the seasons.”

        • claire

          In regards to this, here’s an interesting WP graphic about how our bodies acclimate to the heat (takes a couple weeks for even the healthiest people): http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/how-your-body-beats-the-heat/2012/05/25/gJQAsvvEqU_graphic.html

        • Ok, fair enough. I do understand where you’re coming from because I get joint pain and migraines that seem to worsen whenever the weather changes.

        • I do think it’s mental to some extent, though. The people that complain the most about the weather tend to be the ones who are less open to trying new foods, having new experiences, meeting different kinds of people, etc. I think it’s possible to cultivate an appreciation for eveything each season has to offer simply by being open-minded and focusing on the best qualities of everything life has to offer.

          • “The people that complain the most about the weather tend to be the ones who are less open to trying new foods, having new experiences, meeting different kinds of people, etc.”.

            lol! this is the most arbitrary, anecdotal argument I’ve ever heard. some of the biggest weather wimps I know are the most well-traveled and open minded people I know.

          • Well I never claimed there weren’t exceptions.

          • But you’re claiming this is the rule… based on absolutely no data whatsoever.

          • Well, in the absence of any rigorous scientific studies we must draw conclusions based on our observations. Seems like it would be difficult to get much out of travel experiences if one is finicky about weather, however.

          • It’s easy to say it’s mental when you’re not one of the people who is more bothered by heat than others. Heat has been burdensome for me for years and people used to act like it was a mind over matter thing. Now that I have a diagnosed medical condition, I get more sympathy, but in the past people annoyed me with the comments about how my body’s inability to adapt quickly to heat was somehow a result my not trying hard enough.

            For the record, I love to travel (it is pretty easy to plan trips to hot locations during cooler seasons), try new food, etc. And, not just with myself, but with others as well, my anecdotal evidence doesn’t mirror yours in the least.

          • I guess it wasn’t clear, but I wasn’t talking about people with medical conditions that would make them sensitive to heat. I was referring more to those who don’t want to leave the house when it’s over 80 degrees, or under 40, or raining or snowing or humid. If you strive to be perfectly comfortable all the time you’ll miss out on a lot of great things in life.

          • You were very clear. My point was that some people may have an undiagnosed medical condition that may make them more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. So some of those people whom you think are just staying in for the heck of it may actually have a physical reason to not be outside in extreme heat.

          • Yes – they’re sissies – stick to your guns!

        • hi anon. op/response here:

          while i agree that generally speaking, a lot of it is getting your body acclimated, etc, i did that for years never understanding how others around me were able to be more physically active that i could be in the summer….

          it wasn’t until i moved to the deep south and was diagnosed with asthma (which the doctor said i’ve probably had all my life since my lung capacity was so poor), that i realized it wasn’t normal. when i brought this up with the doctor, he gave me a look that was like “duh!” and said that because asthmatics have a harder time breathing and therefore bringing oxygen into their blood, their body is unable to self-cool the way most people are able to.

          just something to think about. i was made fun of for years for being “out of shape” in the summer where there was actually some wrong with me (by the time I was diagnosed, my lung capacity was only 60%).

    • Glad you love the heat, but I’ve always sweat while sitting still when the temperature breaks 80, so summers here are torture for me.

      I’ll try to keep my complaints to a minimum though because I love winter and get annoyed at everyone complaining when the lows get down into the 40s.

  • Rant: My patience is starting to run very thin. I’m not a patient person to start out with.

    Rant: Tried the alternative route that Metro suggested to me after I complained about blue line cuts…took just as long and had to transfer, although I guess it was less crowded. Still it irks me that I should have to pay more, go more stops, and transfer all because Metro can’t get there shit together for the Blue line.

    Rave: Baseball game tonight, although this is the only series I won’t root for the home team. Go Rays!

    • Rant: I’m tired of metro buses not pulling fully into stops and blocking traffic until they’re ready to pull out again… Then the bicycle riders that try to squeeze by the poorly parked buses adding to danger and confusion. What’s the purpose of restricting car parking at stops then? Might as well make more parking, let them double park in the road and allow traffic chaos to be more obvious on Georgia Avenue.

      Rant: People asking me for favors that go beyond friendship. I have my limits of what I’ll do for friends… I’ll do anything for family, but asking a friend to front you money that they’d never return or even return the favor is way beyond the line. And I don’t even like the guilt trips that result from saying no… I’m really tired of imposing personalities these days, these people have nothing good to offer.

      Rave: Closing on a Re-Fi! Finally here after 2 months! Can’t wait to get construction under way. I’ve been hooked on HGTV shows for months now, think I’ve got a pretty good handle on what I want done…

  • Rant: I can’t handle the heat!

  • RANT: It is so hot outside that I just saw a bird dipping his worm. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Can’t drive stick shift!
    Rant: Rental cars outside the US are tons more expensive if you need automatic. Any chance I can learn how to drive stick the same day I pick up the car? πŸ˜‰
    Rave: Who cares, I’ll be on vacation and we’ll figure it out somehow!

    • Emmaleigh504

      You can totally learn the same day you pick up the car, you may not be very good, but you can get yourself from A to B.

      • I was half-joking – but seriously? You think I could? We’re not driving far nor is the terrain very difficult… Maybe I should start watching instructional videos on you-tube!

        • anon. gardener

          it’s not rocket science. You do much more complicated things every day. Driving stick is not a big deal.

        • Do it! It’s a good skill to have and it’s way more fun on those small country roads. Just be ready to stall a few times while you get the hang of it.

        • No. I would definitely not rent a manual car if you don’t already know how to drive.

        • The hardest parts are the start and stops in city traffic if you are just learning. Stopped on a hill at a stop light would be your worst case scenario. If you are out in the open with relatively little traffic, you can do it. Also, there is often a big difference between a larger vehicle and a smaller 4 cyllander. I learned on a larger SUV and the stalling and herky jerk was much greater than on a smaller car.

          • Really not that hard – you can do it – if you’re not doing mountains etc. (I have experience, and Corsica was still tough). Would be good to practice ahead of time however. Borrow or rent a car here get the feel of it.

    • I’ll give you practical advice and say no, don’t try to learn and drive a standard transmission the same day. The rental agency isn’t going to teach you to drive and then allow you to destroy the clutch on their car. More importantly, you’ll frustrate yourself and other drivers when you can’t get out of first gear.

      Last time I was abroad I taught my partner to drive a manual transmission on a rental. I’d much rather he grind the gears and the clutch on a rental than my car πŸ™‚

      • oh yeah– is your trip to a country where they drive on the left side of the road? you definately don’t want to be learning to drivie a stick shift on the opposite site of the road.

        • The trip is in a rural section of France – so not much traffic and all driving on the “normal” side of the road and no highways…

          • I know you didn’t mention insurance, but I suggest that you purchase insurance from the rental car company, even if you’re covered on your credit card. We rented several years ago from Avis in France and were in an accident. Avis did not generate the proper paperwork for us to submit an insurance claim to our credit card company. Because we were so far away, this was a nightmare to deal with. Each company pointed the finger at the other, and to complicate matters further, we learned after the fact that Avis France and Avis America are two separate companies, so Avis America wouldn’t help. After Avis France charged us for several grand in repairs, we eventually got them to reverse after sending a nasty letter to corporate headquarters. This took months.

      • I’d agree with anon at 10:41. I just got back from Southern France (I was able to be driven around by locals who know how to drive stick) and on the rural roads we were on, the drivers were pretty fast. Then there would be the tractor that would appear and lead to a lot of passing. Regardless, enjoy the trip – it is a great place!

  • Rave: I no longer ride the blue line, and my trips on yellow/green are better.

    Semi-Rant: It seems to be taking a long time to get the new businesses in Bloomingdale up and running. Also, Progression Place seems to be taking forever. I feel like several huge condos on 14th street have gone up while PP is still being built.

    Rant: It’s hot.

    • shaybee

      Yes to the businesses in Bloomingdale! I know these things take time, for obvious reasons, but every time I hear about a new place coming I want it to open right away! But good things come to those who wait, right?

      That said, I really hope the Thai/Sushi place coming opens soon because I cannot wait.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Today is my fav person at work’s last day.

    Rant: I just noticed a spot on my shirt.

    Rave: Going to lunch with fav person and then happy hour after work.

  • alxindc

    RAVE: I love the weather outside. Change is always good.
    RAVE: 24-hour marinated chicken and some Duvel tonight.
    RAVE: Thursdays rock!

  • Rave: Happy Birthday to our dog today, my bf tomorrow, and me on Saturday (don’t really know our dog’s bday since he’s a rescue, but we decided that today is appropriate)! Celebrating all weekend with lots of good food and spoiling the pup!

  • Revel: moving in with the boyfriend next week! Our year and a half of driving over an hour to see each other on weekends is over!

    Second Revel: After we get everything in the house, we’re dropping everything to go on vacation in Maine! We’re spending a couple of days in Portland, and a few in Kennebunkport- any suggestions on things to see/do? The bf wants to visit the Allagash brewery, and I’ve heard that Portland has a great restaurant scene.

    Rant: Absolutely, positively cannot motivate myself to do any packing right now… may have to bribe myself with frozen yogurt later on tonight.

    • SO jealous of your trip to Maine! While in Portland, take 1/2 or a whole day and take the ferry over to Peaks Island and spend the day walking/biking around. It’s absolutely breath taking (and so small you can literally walk around the entire island).

      • That’s fantastic advice, thanks! That seems like something that is so quintessentially ‘Maine’- those little islands with rocky shorelines… so different from the sandy Jersey Shore beaches of my youth!

    • The White Barn Inn Restaurant in Kennebunkport is expensive, but amazingly good. Also, if you like to shop, go to Freeport for the outlets and LL Bean store. It’s quite an experience.

    • Revel: Being from Maine πŸ˜‰

      Rant: Not able to go home to enjoy the summer weather until mid-August

      Enjoy Portland! Go to the Blue Spoon, local breweries, walk around the Old Port, maybe visit Freeport for LL Bean/outlets & Wolf’s Neck state park, but most important, seriously: get thee to a beach/state park! πŸ™‚

    • I’m from Portland! It really is a fantastic city. Good restaurants are plentiful – and do check out Peaks Island. I’m renting a house there for 2 weeks in August!

    • shaybee

      OMG I AM JEALOUS. I spent every summer until I was 18 in Maine and I love it so much. In Portland, make sure you head to see Portland Head Lighthouse. It’s so pretty and there are some nice walking paths (all paved, if I remember correctly) and old forts from WWII (I think…). It’s really cool.

      In Kennebunkport, make sure you take a drive to see the wedding cake house (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_Cake_House_(Kennebunk,_Maine)) and if you like nature, there’s a Franciscan monastery there with really gorgeous grounds and a walking path along the Kennebunk river, which goes from Kennebunkport to the beach.

      • Wonderful advice, folks! I really appreciate the awesome resource that this daily thread can be!

        • We spend a week in Maine every summer – my parents retired there. Some really good restaurants in Portland, including Fore Street (and the affiliated Standard Baking Co.), Hugo’s, and five fifty-five. There’s another that escapes me, if I remember I’ll post back. Also, if you have time for a trip, drive up to Rockland to the nationally renowned Primo for dinner.

        • Hit up Gelato Fiasco and get the Sweet Resurgam flavor gelato. You can thank me later!

  • Rave: working from home again this morning.
    Rave: taking my kid to the pool again this afternoon.
    Rave: love the summer heat.

  • Rant: Insomnia. Night sweats. Unsettling dreams about smoking crack. Going to be a long long day.
    Rant: Summer was cool when we got “summer breaks”. Now, it’s pretty much useless to me.
    Rant: When it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s about 20 degrees on the bus. I can’t decide which is worse.
    Rave: It’s Thursday.

  • rave: going to fogo de chao with friends for dinner
    rave x2: to celebrate losing 100 pounds in the last 8 months

    • Wow, congratulations on the 100 pounds. That is really an accomplishment to be proud of.

    • Congrats on the weight loss!

    • Holy crap – how did you do that in 8 months?!?! It’s taking me FOREVER to get to 75. I want to ultimately get to 100, would love to hear from you about it if you want (you can email me [email protected]) or post here.

      Always looking for people who have accomplished what I hope to. Good for you – you should be really proud.

      • Slow and steady is best with weight loss. I hate to say it, but 100 pounds in 8 months is not healthy and the weight will probably come back right away.

        • OP could’ve had gastric bypass surgery,.

          • no surgery here. just a lot of time in the gym, cooking 98% of my own meals, and saying no to snacks.

        • Seriously dude? Don’t be a downer.

          Nice job on the weight loss. My guess is to acheive what you did you made some pretty substantive lifestyle changes that will enable you to keep it off (despite Negative Nancy’s comment above).

          • I wasn’t trying to be negative, but rather encouraging to jindc. He/she seems to be doing it right, but it’s easy to get frustrated because it doesn’t happen quickly. Nevertheless, it’s been proven that people who drop a ton of weight in a short period of time are much more likely to gain it all back. So it’s simply not an effective long-term strategy. It’s also hard to get adequate nutrition with extreme dieting. I’ve lost as much as a pound a week, but I was eating 1200 calories a day and exercising 5x a week. To lose more than that you’d really have to be starving yourself.

      • I started my weight loss on September 26, 2011 and have since lost 58.4 lbs and have 35.6 lbs until I reach my goal weight. I’ve gone from a size 18-20 to a size 14 and will soon start purchasing pants in size 12. Aiming to reach my goal weight by January 1st! Would be interested in getting together with other big losers out there like the two of you. As you can see, I’m taking it very slow and steady.

        • congrats! it takes a big lifestyle change to lose like that…and I found that change is the hardest part

        • I’d be interested! Email me? jeserf at the yahooooo Just to share frustrations is helpful. At weight watchers, everyone bitches about the same thing. I like the Points system but am thinking of kicking it to the curb at this point. I don’t know. But totally email me!

      • so the trick to losing that much weight…is having a lot to lose to begin with. Still have more than 100 to go before I’ll be at a healthy weight.

        I would love to say that it was nothing too crazy, but it was a complete lifestyle change–stopped drinking, went low carb, 30-45 minutes of cardio 6 days a week and plenty of extra movement in my day.

        • This sounds like a very wise weight loss program.

        • Good for you! That kind of effort takes an enormous amount of discipline. My husband lost about 100 pounds over a couple of years, and in the process we changed our lifestyles completely. (I’m also down 35 and counting!) Keeping the weight off is a lot of work too, making this whole lifestyle change thing even more important. We’ve slowly adopted a philosophy of pursuing continuous lifestyle improvement and seeking out new athletic challenges to keep us going. It gets more fun, the fitter you get! Best of luck to you.

    • WOW – congrats! Any secrets to share?

    • gotta say, that’s an interesting way to celebrate weight loss. :-O

      • the joys of a low carb diet…Fogo de Chao is a perfect celebration meal (skipping the rolls, of course).

  • Rave: Bought a dress on one of those flash sale sites. I LOVE it! I’m wearing it now! I love days when I get to wear new clothes.

    Rave: Wallaby greek yogurt. I didn’t like greek yogurt until I tried this one.

    Rave: Everything!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: testifying in favor of affordable housing in the City
    Rant: wearing non hot weather clothing
    Rave: great gig w my band last night!
    Rant: sleepy…
    Rave: restarting p90x!
    Rant: pain
    Rant: pain

  • Rant: I keep thinking today is Friday.

    Rave: Was awake enough this morning to go to the gym before my alarm went off! Hope I can keep the early AM workouts going, because I am in no mood to exercise when I get home.

    Unsure: Going to an adult “tupperware style” party for inappropriate things on Saturday. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. Have anyone else gone to something similar? Pre-rave: I’m getting a bit sloshed before I go to this thing!

    • I went to one. It kinda had a bachelorette party feel with games, etc. After all the fun the consultant sat in one of the host’s bedrooms and each guest went in one at a time. I thought this part was a little weird because she wanted me to tell her about what I liked (sexually), and then she recommended products for me. I ended up purchasing something that I never used, mostly because I felt like I had to.

    • I’ve been waking up earlier too– unfortunately I think it’s because of the early sunrises which will start to get later from here on out.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I went to one once. It was kind of weird and kind of fun. The salesperson didn’t ask me any creepy questions, she was more like, “did you see anything you liked?/interested in?’

      The only thing I wanted cost like $150! And I only wanted it because it had a rhino on it. I wasn’t going to drop that kind of money on something for my rhino collection that I couldn’t display.

    • MsNesbitt

      I’ve been waking up for morning workout all this week, too! Getting up early is definitely hard, but I love that I get it out of the way so I can enjoy the rest of my day without the guilt trip of thinking about going to the gym later. the only thing I’ve noticed is that my eating patterns have to be completely changed to accommodate this new schedule. Lots of grazing foods throughout the day to keep the hunger pangs away!

    • I went to several in college. They can be fun, but it really depends on the group of women there and on the host. They are certainly more fun when drunk and often involve alcohol at the party, as well!

  • Rant: It’s really hot outside.
    Rant: I have a bad feeling that the A/C in my house might need repair. Last night the thermostat kept showing the actual temperature as 79, no matter what temperature I had the thermostat set for. (I usually have it at 78 or 77 in the summer.) And it felt more like 80.
    Rave: Hmm… getting closer to the weekend?

  • Rave: The CSA that we joined. I love not having to shop for produce and it has started to force me to cook all sorts of new things (like last night’s leek-filled mini-quiches), but I haven’t got a clue what to do with the kohlrabi we got in our box this week.

    Rant: Not being able to throw away my plans for the day in favor of enjoying the heat. I’m seriously mourning my lack of a summer vacation.

    • One of my favorite parts of joining a CSA hes been discovering new veggies and ways to cook them! If you can bear to turn on the oven, you can cut the bulb-y part of the kohlrabi (after peeling off the tough outer skin) into cubes, coat it with oil, and roast it. You can also eat it raw. I like to blanch the greens and have them with a soy/ginger dressing, but you can prepare them like any other greens.

    • claire

      I haven’t made this myself, but I saw a great little recommendation for making slaw out of kohlrabi. Peel it, then grate it and add oil and vinegar and your favorite slaw seasonings – could make for a good side or eaten plain as a salad.

    • I had this kohlrabi “problem” too! If you google “kohlrabi empanadas” you may come up with a few options that also use summer squash – I had never made empanadas before, and I remember it being pretty brainless (and delicious)!

  • Rant: The courtyard behind my apartment is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. I’m not enjoying my balcony like I should because I’m sick of mosquitoes getting into my apartment every time I open the door. Also, they’re really bothing my dog, poor thing.

    Rave: The funny look she gets while she’s hunting them down in the apartment. Hilarious.

  • Im really annoyed the fountain at 14th and Park is not on. Anyone know why?

  • Rant: I swear I am caught up in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in regards to our (my wife and I) daily drama with one particular meter maid/nazi (don’t mean to offend anyone). Everyday my wife comes to pick me after work and this overzealous “Lil Precious” looking teletubby always has something to say, ALWAYS!! I could see if we were violating parking regulations but we clearly are in the right on this one. I am starting to think she enjoys harassing because she clearly knows our car. It is cool though because she is messing with the wrong one. One thing about DC is that you never know who knows who or who is connected to whom.

    My wife picks me up after work every day and “STOPS” (car running, she is sitting in the driver seat) in a “NO PARKING” zone. It takes me about one or two minutes to come downstairs (but sometimes even that is too long). As soon as the meter maid waddles down the street, which is normally the time my wife pulls into the spot, she bust out with “You need to move or I’m going to give you a ticket, you can’t park here…” So my wife on a number of occasions explained to her that she is not parked, she is stopped and is waiting for me. You would think a decent human being would be like “OK cool” or at worst “you got 5 minutes”, esp given she see us damn near every day and knows exactly what is going on but noooooo not “Lil Precious”. Lil P wants her to keep driving around the block until I am downstairs or to find a parking space. Sometimes my wife doesn’t want to even deal/look at her (justafiably so) so she just drives away and comes back (which if you know 13th and F during afternoon rush hour, is no easy task). I told her that you don’t have to do that and maybe that the meter maid is ignorant to what “no parking and no standing” really mean. The next time, my wife explains it to her and Lil P is pretty much clueless. All of this and she doesn’t even know the difference but is harassing us seemingly every day.

    It is so bad that even the valet guy sometimes lets my wife pull into the valet loading area so she doesn’t have to deal with teletubby and she still says something, totally unbelievable. Even the other day, I was waiting on the curb across the street from Lil P and my wife pulls up and stops the car, gets out so I can drive and I hear something from across the street. Yep, you got it, Lil P is across the street, yelling, you can’t do that…I just look at her in disgust, wave her off and ignore her. I mean what was her purpose in yelling to us across the steet when I am clearly standing, waiting there and getting in the driver seat in what took all of 15 seconds?

    Last night, I see the D. traffic operations people and I go say something to them thinking someone in charge may be there, just to make sure I am not crazy. As soon as I start telling the stories they both look at each other and laugh saying they know exactly who she is (one even states we call her Little Precious hence where I got it from) but that she works for DPW and not D. but I should definitely get her name and badge number…He even comes and looks at the sign with me to make sure and agrees that she should not be saying/doing this.

    I will be getting her name and badge number during our next episode and making a call to a certain somebody I know over at DPW. I don’t even like getting people in trouble or putting them out there but if she would just chill out and be a decent person to people that clearly just want to go home after a long day it would not be happening.

    Rant: Let’s just say the spicey salsa I had late last night was the worst idea ever.

    • Could be worse. I used to pick up my partner from her office near a hotel where a lot of taxis would linger. The cab drivers were always screaming at me for taking “their” spaces and demanding that I “show them respect.” As if they owned the street.

      • Nah, that isn’t worse. You were in a dedicated taxi zone it sounds like. No parking spots are for people to get picked up. That is the whole point. If they didn’t want anyone stopping they would have a sign that says no parking/no stopping.

    • Your wife is violating the law every time she “stops” there (read: parks, regardless if she in the car). Get over yourself and follow the rules like everyone else.

    • Or you could just circle the block.

      • You must not know the area. And why do that if we are not violating any rules? Just to please some overzealous meter maid?

    • Hey Kam, this is way off topic but can you give me a heads up on here the next time you notice that District Taco has the fish taco special?

    • Sounds to me like she’s just doing her job and your wife is making it difficult for her.

      • What part of the job is that? If is says no parking, you are allowed to stop there otherwise it would say no parking/no stopping/standing. People on this site really lack comprehension skills. What don’t you understand?

        If I am wrong, please inform me how.

        • It’s at least mildly wrong to repeatedly trash someone’s body, condescend to them, and threaten to contact “a certain somebody [you] know at DPW.” You sound like kind of a jerk, honestly.

          • Agreed – you may be right, but making fun of overweight people is wrong. You come across as being condescending and intolerant.

            Why not do as someone suggested and have your wife call when she’s a few blocks away?

          • So basically your point is that you don’t have a point. And I have never been anything but nice to her even though she has a stank ass attitude and gives me a hard time. Yeah, I made jokes here but that was for the story. Where in my story does it say that I said anything to her? WTF are you talking about? Lastly, if you dealt with someone that was dead wrong every day, you might be annoyed too. Quit being so damn sensitive.

          • Ale,

            You sound like a person with common sense and see the difference. True, I wrote venom in MY RANT but that does not mean I was wrong about the parking situation. And for the record, I have been nothing but nice and plesant to her while interacting. What I wrote was for the tone of my rant.

    • It sounds like the meter maid is being much more of a stickler than necessary… but it also sounds like you and your wife are making things harder for her than you really need to be.

      Why can’t your wife call you when she’s x blocks away, so you can already be downstairs by the time she gets there?

      • You are either missing the point or are not reading the full story. I said that there has been instances where I was outside and waiting and she has issues.

        Lastly, she is wrong, plain and simple. Why do I have to circle a block or do whatever, when that is not what the rules are? To simply satisfy her? Seriously?

        Maybe not you but a lot of you are a piece of work, if it was anything else, you all would be citing rules and such and how we have to abide by them…


        Lastly, why hasn’t she ticketed us yet? Why is she known to everyone who works the area?

        I get that I was being an ass when I wrote teletubby and Lil P but that doesn’t take away from her being wrong.

        • Is this happening in a lane that otherwise would be open to traffic? If so, I think the meter maid is totally in the right and your wife shouldn’t be stopping there because it forces all the other cars to move over a lane to get by. That just makes traffic so much worse.

          If that’s not the case, and there are other vehicles blocking the lane, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. I do agree with a previous poster though that the solution is for you to wait downstairs so she doesn’t have to sit there.

          • Not at all. It was in the unloading/loading zone. And again, if you read the post, there are times when I am downstairs and she still has issues.

  • Rave: Interns I share office with this summer had to leave early today! Peace!

    Rave: We installed our window AC unit!

    Rant: Cost of electricity on a limited budget. Debate is whether we turn AC on high to cool room off quickly & then turn it off/lower, or keep it on low to more slowly cool the room? Other debate: Should we keep it in living room or move to smaller bedroom? Any ideas on what’s most cost-effective? (Our first summer living in old DC rowhouse). Thanks!

    • The room is going to cool at the same rate regardless of how low/high you set the temperature.

      • Maybe I should have worded it differently. One of the people I live with thought that doing it one way would be more efficient, use less energy, and therefore save us money. Me, I figure we’re probably going to be cutting into our food budget to pay for electricity…

    • Put a small fan on the floor to draw cool air from whichever room you decide to put the unit. Surprisingly efficient.

      • anon. gardener

        We have one relatively small unit at the back of our rowhouse set to 72, on energy saver mode, 24/7, with a box fan in the doorway sucking the cold air out of that room and into the rest of the 1st floor. it stays pleasant, even in these temps.

  • Rant: My boss fired another person this morning.

    Rant: That’s more paper work for me.

    Rave: Today is my Friday!

  • Rave: In the above wieght loss discussion, nobody spelled “lose” “loose”!

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