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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: The war between David Catania and Marion Barry needs to stop. We all know what a scumbag Barry is without Catania calling him out in Council chambers. Both of these characters are prrof as to what is wrong with our city. Lets get rid of the whole Council and start over……with term limits!! For once I do agree with Marian Barry —-he said DC is “laughingstock” and I can not agree more with him.

    • Yes, and Barry said that without a hint of irony. Fucking bozo.

    • Are you kidding? I needs to happen more. A little (or a lot in this case) of public shunning would do that man good. Why? because he is a vain self obsessed man whose only pursuit in life is to be popular. The less popular and more sidelined he is, the better.

      Complacency is this towns biggest problem with politics. Barry held the title for “biggest embarrasment in DC” for 20 years. He is still in the top 3, although he lost the top spot with Gray and Kwame.

      • Do you really think that if Catania continues to “shun” him that the people of Ward 8 will not vote for their beloved Marion Barry?

        • Agree with Anon. Unfortunately, the only thing that is going to get him out of office is health issues. I don’t root for someone to get sick, but that is the only thing that will get him out of office.

          Hopefully when he is finally done, W8 can elect someone who actually has their best interests in mind, and who can help that ward realize some of the success the rest of the city is experiencing.

    • I have no problem with Barry being called out. He deserves it. Catania certainly has his flaws–he can be mean and vindictive, but he is also one of the smarter people on the council, is extremely well versed in health care issues, and I have no problem with him speaking his mind in this instance. Since he dropped the R from next to his name, I’ve even started voting for him and will continue to.

      • Catania is flat out insane. His immaturity, temper and overall childishness is its own form of incompetence. And, his occasional expertise doesn’t make him any more effective in bringing about good governance.

    • I agree with you on term llimits. We need some fresh blood, new ideas, and less corruption-y people representing us!

    • Barry claimed that Brown shouldn’t be the next council chair after Gray is indicted and resigns (’cause that’s really what the fuss is about) because he has had tax issues in the past. It would have taken a superhuman effort to refrain from pointing out the hypocrisy of that statement – I certainly wouldn’t have been able to resist. While I have no particular love for Catania, his reaction certainly is understandable.

    • Don’t blame me, I voted for Sekou Biddle.

    • Laughingstock?
      Well, Marion should know.
      But I think he misspoke, slightly – what he meant to say was,
      “DC is a laughingtstock, again.”

  • Rave: Baseball. This season and this team have really rekindled my love of the game.

    Rant: The tens of thousands of local residents that will go to the park this weekend and route for the Yankees.

  • Rave: I found the perfect present for my husband’s 40th. He’s going to love it!

    Rant: Busy weekend ahead getting the teen ready for a week in NYC, plus preparing for vacation.

  • RANT: Water has been leaking from the ceiling at the end of the escalator in the Woodley Park Metro since I moved here in 2005. Metro’s best practices solution is a bucket and wet floor sign.

    • Emmaleigh504

      There is also a rotting, dirty rag shoved up there to, I think, try to stop the leak. It’s so gross; I wish I had never seen it.

    • Yes! I moved here in 2010 and still do not see how this is STILL an issue. How hard can it be to stop a leak? Does it take five-plus years? Ahh, Metro. I used to love all the cones that surrounded the area at one point.

      • To the best of my knowledge, the Red Line is taking on water directly from Rock Creek. Perhaps this is why the leak in the Woodley Park metro hasn’t been dealt with.

        This was a big story when I lived here in 2000, but seems to have since disappeared from the news. Has it been solved in the interim? To my eye there is still free flowing water in the red line stations.

        From a Post story in 2001:
        “Every month, Metro pumps about 1.25 billion gallons of water from the subways”
        Layton, Lindsey. “Metro Experiencing Flood of Problems.” The Washington Post 19 Nov. 2001

  • Rant: People are extremely rude at my work and don’t refill the Keurig with water or take the pod out after making their coffee. Not only did I have to fill it back up, which is annoying but fine, but I also ended up with coffee in my oatmeal. Also, very nearly got ran over in a crosswalk this morning.
    Rave: It’s almost Friday and I only have two more weeks of working here after this.

    • How do you end up with coffee in your oatmeal? Do you use the Keurig machine to make your oatmeal? Or did you accidentally pour coffee thinking it was milk into your oatmeal because you were so distracted by having to refill the water and remove the used pod from Mr. Keurig?

      • I’m guessing the Keurig machine can dispense hot water also, and since it was running through a used pod it became coffee-flavored.

        I’m just realizing now that I mistakenly left the pod in when I used one of those machines at a conference last week. I’m not that familiar with them and thought they automatically removed the pod.

        • When I started my new job, not only was I excited that we have Keurig machines (plural!) but we also have a selection of about 40 k-cups and then the cherry on top is that the machines are self-filling and self-emptying. That is a perk that keeps on giving.

        • Exactly! You can use it to get steaming hot water for your oatmeal except that when there’s a pod in it, it is in fact coffee flavored oatmeal which is really gross. Everyone forgets every once in awhile but you should at least try to remember. I think I was more annoyed that she made her own coffee with the digital screen clearly blinking “add more water” and then did not refill it. This person is really bad about thinking they’re above such activities of refilling the machine. Apparently, it’s the admin’s job to do such things. In fact, this person had enough time to refill her brita pitcher but couldn’t refill the machine. Maybe I just dislike this person so much that I just wanted to rant about her this morning. 🙁

          • I sorta suspected that…much easier to give a pass when you like someone than when you don’t. Your level of upset seemed a little high for the situation, frustrating as it may be.

          • Maybe you should check to see if there’s a pod in the machine before you use it.

          • It’s an extra step if you’re using the machine just for hot water (for the oatmeal). If you’re making coffee, the process is built in in the sense that you have to open the pod holder in order to put your new one in. If there’s one already there, you know to remove it, otherwise plunk in the new one. The same non-thinking process doesn’t happen naturally if you just want hot water.

          • Sorry about your rant, but the coffee in the oatmeal made me laugh. Hope it was at least kinda tasty!

    • claire

      Okay, admittedly, it’s rude for people not to refill a common coffee machine, but… coffee oatmeal sounds like it could be delicious!

      • I was thinking that too! Especially if one were to stir in chopped hazelnuts and dark chocolate shavings… mmm…

    • Good solution would be a personal B30 Keurig. I bought one for my own office on ebay.

    • Sounds awful. Like living in Darfur.

      • You are so right. Actually, when I was writing this, I was thinking about how it would be on one of those blogs like 1st world problems or white wine. At the time though, I was so annoyed that I figured everyone would not mind so much. So sad. Next time, I will rant about the lack of world peace and homelessness, etc…

      • On the surface it might come across as petty but it speaks to a larger issue of selfishness coupled with a general lack of concern for others, which would be a universal problem including being an underlying catalyst for the atrocities committed in Darfur. First world or third, people are people and the problems are the same albeit manifested in different ways.

        • A bit of a stretch methinks.

          • Mayhap. But methinks that you underestimate how easy it would be for a seemingly first world community to devolve into a Darfur type situation simply from a lack of caring for others. As has been noted in various crime posts on this blog, people venture very little to intercede on the behalf of others. I would venture to guess that someone who takes a moment to do something as simple as refill a water reservoir would be more likely to give aid to an assault victim, and on up the chain of increasingly “meaningful” actions.

      • If a problem has to rise to Darfur-level proportions in order to be worth talking about, then this entire blog and probably 99 percent of the Internet should be shut down.

        • you’re right. my comments were pre-coffee and thus knowingly inflammatory. i will go take a nap now.

    • Rave: Freshly ground coffee brewed at home. So delicious. So fresh. Also a nice everyday addition to my compost.

      Rant: The wastefulness of k-cup coffee machines. Used with one time use styrofoam cups and you got yourself a whole lot of garbage. http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000072389

  • Rant: Baby pooped through his clothes and onto his car seat on our way to the daycare. Had to change him at the daycare, and then I was late for work. He had a cool outfit on, too. 🙁 Also, discovered I got spit up on me as I was on my way to work.

    Rave: Today is our Friday. Going to Philadelphia and NYC, while staying in Princeton, for a Father’s Day extravaganza! Any tips (baby friendly)?

  • Rant: Some ladies in my office have taken it upon themselves to “improve” the restroom on our floor. It started out innocently enough with fancy scented soaps and lotions, but it’s gone totally overboard… there are now two air fresheners (different scents, of course), baby wipes AND Clorox wipes in each stall. I’ve started going upstairs instead.

    Rave: It looks like we’re going to get the apartment I was so worried about yesterday! I’m super excited to move to Mount Pleasant!

    • I find it funny that you’re going out of your way to avoid the presence of scented lotions and disinfecting wipes.

      • Well in fairness that does sound like alot of competing chemicals and scents! MP, congrats on the place in MtP!

      • It’s actually the air fresheners I’m trying to avoid… I’m not usually sensitive to scented things, but having 2 different, full-strength scents in ~10 square feet gives me nausea.

      • claire

        Some people (myself included) are rather sensitive to various chemically scented products. I personally find most air fresheners make me feel dizzy/nauseous and typically have to leave the room after they’ve been used (and people never seem to just spray them once or twice, too, it’s always about 15 sprays so the odor is really strong and lingers, not just in the room, but on my clothes, etc). So I definitely understand MP’s position here.

    • I wish those ladies worked in my office–our bathroom is shared with three other companies and it is getting VILE. I am SO SICK of seeing these women who can’t clean up after themselves (not just your normal #1s and #2s if you get my drift), and the staff who can’t refill ALL of the soap pumps. IT IS GROSS.

    • I hear you, office restrooms can be disgusting. It’s sad people have to put up signs with nursery rhymes to remind people on how to maintain cleanliness but if throughout the day, it becomes subpar, they are probably trying to do what they can to make it a usable restroom and not a vile room. It sounds like they have a lot of chemical options that are competing with someone and as someone who hates the smell (is sensitive) to chemical smells, it would probably make me sicker but their intentions are probably in the right place.

      • Oh yes, I agree absolutely that their intentions were good! I just didn’t think there was a problem with the bathroom before. It was kept clean and well-stocked with TP, soap and paper towels, at least. As for the cracked floor tiles and faulty 80-year old plumbing… air fresheners don’t do much to help with those problems!

  • Rave: Have learned to keep on plugging with the job search no matter how good one opportunity is looking.

    Question: I posted yesterday about my failed attempts to get into running and some people suggested Couch to 5k. I need a good Android app – any suggestions? I downloaded a free one and the GPS was totally screwy. It said I was WALKING at a 5:00 pace. WTF.

    • I use RunKeeper to occasionally track my walks and bike rides. It seems pretty accurate, although it takes a while for the GPS to initialize.

    • novadancer

      I tried the free one for the iphone but I never heard it (even with music turned way down). Perhaps there is a better app for the droid? Now I just use my gym boss (interval timer)

      • novadancer

        hmm. maybe you were referring to a gps and not the app for the c25k. If so ignore my comment! I map my run/walk via gmap pedometer since I am boring and do the same loop each time.

  • jim_ed

    Rant: The owner of Grace Deli at 7th and H NE was killed this morning during a robbery attempt.

  • Rave: This autumnal weather! Did the free yoga in the Yards Park last night and it was heavenly.

    Rant: Need to stop putting off the refinancing process, but I feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

  • Rave: Job interview tomorrow with what I believe might be an excellent career path for me.

    Rant: Fear that interview is only a formality in this day and age and that they already have someone selected for the role….

    • claire

      Fingers crossed that the job isn’t already taken – I hate that places operate like that! I had a friend once get a call a few hours before a scheduled interview to tell her that the job was already taken, but she should come in for the interview anyway… I don’t know if I could’ve been nearly as gracious as she was in the situation. Anyway, good luck with your interview!

      • I hate it too, except – True Confessions Time! – I once was the benficiary of that very approach, many many years ago. So when I face it now, I try to keep it in perspective. But I still hate it.

  • Rave: An unexpected extra night in DC before work trip meant I got to enjoy the beautiful weather (it’s 95 degrees where I’m supposedly heading on Friday), head out to the barn with friends, and eat yummy Indian food after a wonderful bike ride home.
    Rant: Still not sure if I’m heading out to Tunisia tomorrow or not…I have my flight, my bag is packed, and my fridge is still empty.
    Rant: Forgot my wallet and my lunch. Looks like I’ll have to trek home to grab it.
    Rave: Reading the whole Harry Potter series for the first time. I’ve read books here and there and seen the movies (and suprisingly STILL don’t know what happens at the end of the series- no one spoil it for me, please?!) – it’s tons of fun!

    • Additional Rave: Might check out Spring Awakening at Keegan tonight – there’s half price tickets, I have no plans, and I’ve been wanting to see it!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: The Sun and all it’s sun shiny ways.

    Rant: Managed to not rinse all the conditioner out of my hair, so now it’s flat and crunchy.

    Rant: Have not found the silver lining yet today.

  • claire

    Rant: Cough that I thought was on the way out just started getting worse.
    Rant: Editing a paper written by one of my co-workers – I feel like I should practically just rewrite the entire thing!
    Rave: Week is more than half over.

  • rave: the apartment under mine is being advertised for rent on Craigslist!
    rant: the previous tenants had a piano, and the current (departing) tenants keep late hours and have a small child, I wonder what I’m in for next? As long as they’re not smokers or enjoy loud music, I should be ok…

  • alxindc

    RAVE: Loving that iced coffee Japanese style that has been making the internet rounds in the last two weeks. For the brave, here is a link: http://vimeo.com/41298356 PS: You can modify and do iced tea as well!

  • I keep finding disgusting food stains and crumbs all over my kitchen hand towels courtesy of my new roommate. She also uses my dish drying mat for food preparation. It makes my germaphobia run completely WILD.

    • Wait, what do you use kitchen hand towels for if not to wipe food and crumbs off your hands? As long as they get washed frequently, I don’t see the issue.

      I share your grossed-out-ness about the drying mat as food prep surface though!

    • I’m so sorry, I had a roommate like this too. Stains everywhere, whole chickens partially carved laying about, chunks of fruit from smoothie making all over the counters….I tried to combat it all with daily bleaching and scrubbing, but after a while I just retreated to the safety and cleanliness of my own room.

      • Ahh! The smoothie making! Don’t get me started. She never breaks apart the blender and hand washes it with or without soap depending on how she is feeling. I have green spinach smoothie crap dried all over my pretty granite counter tops. I’m eventually going to have a talk with her…

    • My roommate is constantly using our kitchen towels to hold his plate/bowl/food in the living room. This leaves us with dirty towels all over the coffee table and nothing to dry hands on in the kitchen. DRIVES ME NUTS!

  • Rant: A certain real estate company in DC who has failed to return my security deposit or give me notice of witholding. And they are ignoring me. Small claims court, here I come.

    Rave: My achilles is finally getting better. May actually go for a short run tonight (the dogs will be elated).

    • How does a real estate company hold your security deposit? Do you mean management company (as in they manage apartment buildings)? Anyway, I’ve understood that they have 45 days to return your security deposit. Don’t know if you fall inside or outside of those parameters.

    • Have you tried sending them a certified letter with a bunch of legalese and quoting from sections of the law? That worked like a charm for me once. Just let ’em know you’ll be taking next steps right away if they don’t respond within 2 business days.

  • Rave: Just saved 85% on an entire bag of loot at CVS. The best bargain was a schick 5 hydro power select razor originally $13.99 that I got for $1.99. I LOVE coupons!

    Rant: The coupons rarely scan correctly when using the self check out line. I always have to wait for a manager to enter each coupon by hand.

    • Rant: people who use the self-checkout when they know they’re going to need the assistance of an employee.

      • With coupons at CVS, using the self checkout is faster than dealing with a cashier. Cashiers scrunitze every single coupon when it doesn’t scan the first time, then they read the fine print, and then when they can’t get it to scan they try to deny the coupon even though it is a legit coupon. Trust me, the self checkout is faster. When issues arise, the manager comes over and enters the coupon amount without fuss.

    • God, I love getting deals at CVS. I’m planning to go at lunch because I have a 25% off coupon and a $5 off $15 coupon. Those are like crack. But, like you, I loathe the self checkout because the coupons NEVER work. Or, if they do, they get caught in the little slot while the robot says “please insert coupons into the slot near the blinking light!”. I just shove a pen in there or something.

    • I LOVE CVS. I especially love the new CVS by the Rhode Island Row apartments. So convenient. CVS coupons are great.

      The beauty rewards program is great too!

      • novadancer

        good to know I didn’t realize it was open yet. I also am a crazy couponer at CVS – love the EB deals!

      • man! are you all talking about the same CVS I know? the Crappy Variety Store that is always cramped and marks up their merchandise 200% so they can afford to give you a 25% off coupon every single time you shop? the same CVS that has indifferent pharmacists and employees and frustrating self checkouts? sure, it’s nice to have a convenience store around, but that’s about the only good thing about it.

    • Rant/Rave: Got a CVS coupon for 80 free prints… AFTER I’d just printed photos of my entire vacation. And a 25% off coupon on top of that. Nice to have gotten them, but they would have been more beneficial before I’d made that purchase.

  • Rave: The young woman at the Columbia Heights metro station who called out “excuse me sir, I think you dropped something,” and then handed me four folded twenties and two lottery tickets that had lept out of my wallet when I slapped my Smart Trip Card on the exit machine.

    Rant: Being so old that I think of 20-something females as ” young women,” and that aforementioned young women call me “sir.”

    Related rant: Trying to row with teammates literally half my age is bad enough — my legs are spaghetti by Friday morning — but now I feel obligated to keep up with their drinking, too. This getting in shape is killing me.

    • Great Rave!

      Just curious, how is rowing as a non-20 something? My new city has a rowing club that offers 3 week “learn to row” classes, and I’ve always wanted to try it… I’ve heard it’s really a tough sport to learn, but I would really love to be out on the water while getting exercise!

      I’d really love to find an intense but low-impact exercise, as I’m a little concerned about my knees. My knees are the type that do not do well with running, but are just fine with cycling and other types of low-impact stuff. I do well when I’m faithful about really working my IT bands on a foam roller. Would rowing totally kill my knees?

      • What’s your new city?

        I think rowing as a non-twenty-something is great. My knees are a little dicey, too, and they haven’t felt this good in years. My back is feeling better, as well. and dropping 10 or 15 pounds didn’t hurt. One good thing about being old, boats are handicapped by the average age of the rowers, so old guys who can hold their own (I may be 53, but I row with the unrestrained ferocity of a mere 45-year-old) are considered hot property.

        Learning to row can be a little frustrating — it seems so damn simple, but doing it well (as I hope to some day) is a long process. That being said, my club has a “club” program that allows newbies (after a learn to row course) and those with less time to devote to the sport to get on the water, compete and enjoy some jock-ish camaraderie in a pretty forgiving way. And there’s often beer. The oldest guy is 70 and about 5’6″, and there are several members built more like the Pillsbury Doughboy than elite oarsmen/women. Assuming that my program is typical, pretty much anyone who makes an honest effort can have a great time.

        And, if you get addicted, you can graduate to the more competitive team (which I foolishly did).

        Give it a shot!
        It depends on the program, but our club has a “club” program and a “competitive” program with

        • Sorryfor the idiotic question, but I obviously know nothing about rowing and am wondering how it can be rough on your knees. Isn’t it all upper body work?

          • It’s more lower body than upper body actually. Most of your stroke comes from you pushing off your feet while on a sliding seat. Only the end of the stroke is an upper body/shoulders motion. Also, it’s great for your core and you are basically doing a crunch with every stroke.

            I miss rowing 🙁

          • There are no idiotic questions.

            Well, there are, but this wasn’t one.

            The seats in a racing shell roll back in forth, so when you come up to the start of the stroke you roll forward, bending your knees, and then you push back during the stroke. Think of crouching down and then trying to jump as high as you can (a common land exercise for rowers). Most of your drive comes from your legs.

          • In crew, you’re seated on what is basically a sliding seat. So for each stroke of the oar you start leaning forward at the waist with your knees bent and your seat forward, then you push back with your legs, then through the stroke with your back until you’re leaning slightly back, and then you finish by pulling the oar in with your arms. I’m not sure if that’s clear, but it’s a fluid, total body motion and an excellent workout.

      • What’s your new city?

        I think rowing as a non-twenty-something is great. My knees are a little dicey, too, and they haven’t felt this good in years. My back is feeling better, as well. and dropping 10 or 15 pounds didn’t hurt. One good thing about being old, boats are handicapped by the average age of the rowers, so old guys who can hold their own (I may be 53, but I row with the unrestrained ferocity of a mere 45-year-old) are considered hot property.

        Learning to row can be a little frustrating — it seems so damn simple, but doing it well (as I hope to some day) is a long process. That being said, my club has a “club” program that allows newbies (after a learn to row course) and those with less time to devote to the sport to get on the water, compete and enjoy some jock-ish camaraderie in a pretty forgiving way. And there’s often beer. The oldest guy is 70 and about 5’6″, and there are several members built more like the Pillsbury Doughboy than elite oarsmen/women. Assuming that my program is typical, pretty much anyone who makes an honest effort can have a great time.

        And, if you get addicted, you can graduate to the more competitive team (which I foolishly did).

        Give it a shot!

        • Thanks! I think I will!

          I’m relocating up to Baltimore at the end of the month, and the Baltimore Rowing Club seems to have a similar setup- they do the Intro to Rowing, and then they have a coached “open sculling/sweep” as well as the more competetive program.

          I’m not the most athletic type (and more plump than not-I’m a former college swimmer gone to seed), but I’m not really looking for major competition- I just want to be in a fun team-focused atmosphere, and to have a sport where I can keep my weight down.

          • Sounds like a great fit. But be careful — it’s those ex college jock types (I rowed sporadically in college, when I wasn’t being thrown out) that have an alarming tendency to drift into the competitive programs ;).

            Good luck, see you at the Charm City Regatta next year.

  • RAVE: Last night my boyfriend took me out to dinner at the Georgetown Waterfront and we had a spectacular evening! The temperature was perfect, loving this spring/summer weather!

  • hey IVFer, wondering how you’re doing. you around?

  • Rave: My front gate got featured on PoP!

    Rant: It has been ridiculously hard to get across New York Ave the last few mornings- anyone know what’s going on?

  • Rave – Throwing a Mad Men party and finding an outstanding Draper decanter set.

    Rant – Still not having a garbage can from the city

  • Rant – After 20/20 vision all my life, I had to face up to the effects of aging eyes and went to get an eye exam.
    Rave – the doctor confirmed it is just regular aging, and all I need is reading glasses.
    Rave – I can see the bar menus at dark happy hours again!!

  • Rave: one more day of work. My folks are coming in to town – helloooooo fancy food show. And they can see our new condo, which rocks even if not fully furnished!

    Rave: Army birthday celebrations at work. Georgetown Cupcake made a tank out of 5,000 cupcakes. It smelled like yummy.

    Rant: early a.m potluck at work – lugging in healthy stuff to work when people really just wanted 4lbs of bacon. Yogurt, granola, fresh fruit. Yummy. But not when the other options are monkey bread, grits, bacon. DAMNIT! My goal to get to 75lbs down by labor day continues. Stupid potlucks!

  • RANT: Anxiety is getting the best of me.
    RAVE: It’s my Friday today and tomorrow I’m headed to the beach for the weekend. And the weather is suppose to be picture perfect!

  • Rave: A roofing company apparently made a mistake, and came and put a new roof on a flat section of my house, and also fixed a small leak and put a new gutter up.

    Rave: I didn’t ask them to do it. Thanks!

    Rant: Feel bad for them. Was planning on having my dad over to do the work next weekend. As I didn’t ask them over, I will certainly not be paying for it.

    • Hmm, interested to see how that turns out. Do they have the right to come and “undo” what they did? I would make sure I have all of my bases covered just in case anything comes up, ya know….outside of that, lucky you. I wish I had that problem, I have to get roofwork done as well.

      Speaking of that, anyone know a good roofer (sp) and windows company?

      • They did a good job. When these guys send me the bill I would be happy to refer them! 🙂

        I just called my neighbor and asked him to call the police if they come back. We have a deck with no access from the back yard, so they would have to use a ladder (again) to get up there. At this point, if they try and take it off, I would say it is vandalism, theft, destruction of property, and trespassing. Or some combination of those 4.

        • I’m not understanding your posts. You never had roof work done then you find some random, unsolicited roofers fixing the mistake and may come back for more work? And you’re not sure if you’re going to get a bill? Are you sure they’re legit and even doing real repairs to your roof? I don’t understand the line of events here.

          • So we had a small leak, and a missing gutter. We came back last night, and found that a random company had come over, done 12 man hours worth of work, installed a new gutter (good quality work, I inspected it) and then put a new flat roof over the top of our existing work (also looks to be very good quality)

            We think they were supposed to do a neighbors house, or perhaps our Pl instead of St etc.

          • I understand now, thanks for clarifying.

          • Hmmm, 12 hours? Seriously?

      • Just for reference sakes, I just spoke with my neighbor on the phone, if they come back, they are going to be calling the police. If they attempt to remove what they added, I will certainly be in worse shape, as they will damage what was already there.

  • Rant/Rave: Had an unexpected 3rd interview for the int’l development job today. They asked me pretty much the same questions as last time, but with a different person. I didn’t necessarily feel so good after it, but maybe that’s because I’m anxious for the process to be over and was hoping they were calling me in for an offer.

    Rave: Thursday is almost Friday.

    Rant: I’m attempting to spend $0 for the next 10 days. We’ll see how THAT goes.

  • Rant: What’s up with “you are posting to fast, slow down” message I am getting lately. How can I post too fast if I have only posted once? It has been going on all this week. So frustrating because I have to type my whole post over.

    Rave: The construction/road work or whatever is done at least on the westbound lane of H st. NW @ 2nd. It was pure hell having to get behind all of the people getting on the highway. Now I can get in the right lane and go right past them and get downtown much faster.

    Rant: People that line up behind other cars when there is another empty lane going the exact same way. You people annoy the hell out of me and hold up traffic, there are two lanes for a reason. People getting on 395, I am looking at you! Freaking lemmings.

    Rant: People that don’t know how to merge. Merge DOES NOT MEAN STOP!

    Rant: The concrete barrier at H st and 4th NW going eastbound essentially bluntly cutting off an already akward turn lane in the middle of a crazy busy intersection. It causes cars to hard merge (esp if you don’t know it is coming up) in the middle of an intersection that already has its fair share of accidents and cars that often block the box.

  • Rant: I’ve lost two friends within the last three months. One to cancer and the other to a sudden stroke. Both were just in their forties. Sadness upon sadness. Take time out to enjoy life people. You just never know.

  • Rave: Having dinner with my sister this evening after a trip to Lunar Massage. I’m getting kind of sick of our usual dinner options in Adams Morgan–anyone have a good suggestion for a low-key place with wine by the glass?

    Rant: fun wake-up call at 3 am by booze-fueled roommate trying to pack. grumble grumble grumble.

    • My usual options are Napoleon for mussels – portions are huge; L’Enfant or sitting at the back patio at Burbon.

  • A friend of mine that I have known since middle school passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. We weren’t the closest, but I was always very fond of him. It’s just so sad. He died a few months before his 30th birthday. Rest in peace, friend.

  • Rant: I have no idea what the police chase (on foot) down 15th St. was all about last night! Ran right by me, then the chasee headed into Malcolm X Park and I headed home. Anyone know what happened?
    Rave: I just saved 15% on car insurance (wink).

  • I’m sorry but I can’t remember the name of the new medical facility I think near Mt Vernon Square or the convention center. Can someone tell me how this works. It’s not like a typical doctors office where you have to be a patient, you can walk-in and they can help treat some conditions? How does payment work? Do they accept insurance? Thanks for anyone who has tried them out.

    • claire

      Are you perhaps referring to Metro Immediate Care http://www.metroimmediatecare.com/ ?

      If so, it’s an urgent care center which means it falls somewhere between an emergency room and a regular doctor’s office. They have a list of the sort of issues they can deal with (basically, anything less bad than a broken bone, anything you might need an antibiotic prescription for, and even general physicals). You can make appointments or go as a walk-in, and they can usually see you rather quickly. They do take insurance (you can check on their website) and also, I think, offer discounted rates for those paying out of pocket.

      I’ve been twice before (once because a doctor’s appointment got canceled and I needed a new prescription written ASAP, and once because I thought I had an ear infection and was flying in a couple of days) and made an appointment both times (once through their online system and once over the phone). I was seen very promptly, everyone was very friendly, and the doctors seemed knowledgeable. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone needing a quick doctor’s visit!

      • Claire, thanks so much, that’s exactly what I was thinking of. Appreciate all the information you provided and I will look at their website, it’s exactly what I was thinking of. Oveall, you were pleased? You can use them even if you already have a GP (you said that you used them once because one of your appointments was cancelled). Do they have specialists, you said you went another time for an ear infection so I was wondering if it’s an ear specialists or a GP? Again, thanks for your helpfulness!

        • claire

          I was definitely happy with the experience both times I went! Yes, you can use them even if you already have a GP, although I wouldn’t recommend using them as a replacement for your GP – they kind of fit a different niche for when you need to see the doctor now (today or tomorrow), rather than in two weeks when you can get an appointment with your GP. I don’t think they have specialists (I’m not positive on that), but the doctor who looked at my ears seemed very knowledgeable (wasn’t an ear infection, after all, just really bad allergies clogging up my ears). I imagine if it had been a less clear case, he might have referred me to a specialist.

          • Thank you! You are a real asset to this community. Your posts are always friendly and helpful.

  • Rave: what a great looking gate. Must have been a professional crew or at least a professional painter!

  • Rave: New season of Burn Notice starts tonight.

  • Rant: My neighbor set up his charcoal grill a few feet from my window. I’ve asked him to move it further away, because he basically smokes us out. He refused! We’ve got soot smudges on our trim from his grill. It’s not like I asked him to stop grilling, just to stop polluting my house! (And in the meantime, he’s got it as far away from his own door as possible.)

    • I deal with this same issue- any time I want to enjoy the weather and open my windows, my next door neighbor is out grilling and all the smoke comes into my home. I too have talked to them and they’ve said they’re not stopping…
      Sorry I can’t help but know that I feel your pain!

      • Thanks. It’s really annoying, isn’t it? I’m sure those fumes are toxic. I am thinking of investing in a large, industrial-sized fan to blow that crap right back at them. Passive-aggressive? Maybe… but clearly, neighborly courtesy has failed.

    • How much time does he spend grilling? I’m sure it’s annoying but can’t you just close the windows while he’s grilling and then open them when he’s not?

      • Several times a week in the spring/summer. And with these old row houses, unfortunately smoke still gets in thru who knows what cracks and bad construction jobs. Maybe he also just sucks at grilling, because it goes on for hours.

        But seriously… three feet from my house. That’s just a-hole behavior.

    • Go with the fan.

      But that will elevate hostilities.

      • We have a charcoal grill and use it a few times per week…in our fenced in back yard and away from both mine and the neighbors houses…it can a be a bit smokey at first, but what could we do better/more neighborly?

  • Rave: Today is my Friday and headed to the beach on vacation.
    Rave: Kiddo is out of school, summer school start time is more flexible, and since my work starts late, no more having to rush out for dropoff at 8:30.
    Rant: Summer beach body more of a beach ball body. Maybe I can use next week to jump start a new workout routine.

  • Rave: dinner at Mintwood tonight! Suggestions anyone?

  • Rave: Food Truck Thursdays in Crystal City!

  • Whatever you do – don’t pull out that rag – who knows what will pour in!

  • Rant: Came to work this morning to find that YouTube is now blocked. It wasn’t yesterday! How will I ever get my music?

    Rave: PoP isn’t blocked!

  • Allison

    Rave: Uh, it’s mah birthday! Took the day off work, had a margarita with lunch, and it’s SUSHI NIGHT! Yeah-eah!

  • Rave: Getting a new bike tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rave: The weather.
    Rave: Riding said bike in said weather.
    Rave: Tomorrow is Friday!

  • Rant: You lost an Ipod Nano on Irving st.

    Rave: I found it. Ask PoP to connect us – and be ready to name your playlist – especially audiobooks.

  • Rant: I heard on WTOP today, D.C. ranks #6 with bed bugs in the United States. I am very paranoid about bed bugs because I seen one in my apartment several weeks ago. Other tenants in my building have had serious problems with bed bugs.

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